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  1. This is an unused bow from my late father's collection that has been infested with some species of carpet beetle. You can see the shed skins and debris left behind. The adult beetle(s) might have escaped and flown off to cause mischief elsewhere. The eggs are impossibly small and I am anxious to destroy them all before rehousing anything from his collection. I am planning either to use a permethrin product designed for clothes and tent applied either to the velvet linings of cases or to peices of cloth inside the case. Does anybody have experience of doing this? I am presuming that when it is dry the product will not damage varnish or horsehair.
  2. Thank you for the very useful advice. Yes I am in UK. Treating instruments in plastic bags sounds ideal. I used to watch my dad fix violins but his opinion was that I should learn to play before taking sharp tools to them. That never happened. He left a lot of instruments that he never fixed up and I've been trying to teach myself basics practising on derelict instruments. If I lower humidity in the cellar with instruments still there it is safe to use an electric dehumidifier and how gradually should I reduce it. Is 50% humidity at 17oC ok?
  3. I wouldn't want to pass anything on with a latent problem. As I said above I want to eradicate the woodworm before moving anything out of the cellar.
  4. My father was a luthier who made and repaired instruments in his cellar. For the last ten years of his life he was not very active in the cellar. I found fresh woodworm holes in the neck of an unfinished viola, the neckmof an old violin and some old bits of violin and cello. I think they came from an old cricket bat he must have bought in a charity shop and left down there. Before I move anything out of the cellar I want to kill any woodworm. Please can anybody advise me on the best way to do this without damaging the instruments?