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  1. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder thank you for the information. It's very helpful to someone with no knowledge of violins. I struggled at the French horn in high school.
  2. The label looks to be in German for a French maker --- Vuillaumea rather than Vuillaume --- It's interesting and there are no numbers or year on the label. What does Trade instrument mean? Apologies for my lack of knowledge. Thank you!
  3. My mother's father played this violin. I never knew him and she recently passed away. I would love to know the history of this instrument. Photos here. Thank you so much for your honesty and expertise http://email.photobucket.com/wf/click?upn=71gpQnDR9yiZ1TWxBLkRopwG1-2Bv2RpCaVY2rFzWloUe1qoqq-2FuO1edyvspJUWIo69yJIdwFr38wfv0NrH6XBxuPERSkjUjAr9l5sBDrNwrHFSC3SPc2F3I-2BWMuKlC07k_OeVjfVLKXFYLJcyhplEWsST8HWw9VX5lr13Ukw7qU1E1YP7K-2FDaP57bZea9QbjExIk9qUmD6r-2FBb8fX4fvSrQLv2tvrQQyAum-2BUdHJdzOowvj1iBCKEPm3vjXKJDCVy8yRJb9bu4M0L-2B-2FdM9WBU1oiwMBn5EWtmSb-2Ffrq97M-2FNCNsOAuufU6HYtB4WzrwF2IPX4fn-2FqiQ1O7wNIVr-2BrJOzT9-2Fo-2B2aLGV72DN1xSH-2FQ8Hu9jfmmUP3k9Mvaum-2BJ3am45-2BFBA3j4NJ5qaTfkZkPg-3D-3D