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  1. Ideas about my new friend please?

    I would focus on playability and otherwise minimise investment. Reducing your string angle seems to be the priority. The modern equation of higher sting angle/ higher tension/ louder instrument is not always true and less tension seems to work well with some instruments.
  2. Ferdinand Goth - Schonbach?

    ... and then there was a Willi Goth, born 1913. Could that be Ferdinand's son? At least, Goth seems to be a Schonbach violin maker family.
  3. Ferdinand Goth - Schonbach?

    I have a violin labelled Ferdinand Goth, Schonbach, 1939. Has anyone heard of this maker (if it is a maker)? Could it be the son of Wenzel Goth (died 1909)?
  4. Book Recommendations

    What would be a recommendation for a reference book on German violins, preferably with lot of good photos? I've got the Zoebisch books on Vogtland, what else is nice? Is Hamma a must-have? Or rather go with 3-4 focused books for certain schools/ areas?
  5. Markie Id

    Best bought here - you can submit your order online and then call an pay via credit card. For sales outside EU they also drop the GST, which is included in the prices you see. The book/s focus on Markneukirchen/ Klingnthal though. For Mittenwald and other areas I'm still looking for good references myself.
  6. Markie Id

    Good books on Markies in particular are: Zoebisch - Vogtlandischer Geigenbau Vol 1 and Vol 2 ( in German). Volume 1 (up to 1850) has poor quality pictures but great info, volume 2 (after 1850) is much better and richer on pictures (I wish it was the other way around). My copies are out on loan with a friend and I won't see them for a couple more weeks. Vol2 is probably the best chance you have to find something on your maker.
  7. Book Recommendations

    Looks like "The American Violin" would be the pick over the Wenberg book? Does anyone know if any of the two covers Arch Kested?
  8. Where from?

    ... your violin could have such a through-neck. The top plate has no cut-out that would usually be there with a mortised neck.
  9. Where from?

    Could it be Dutch?
  10. Dodd - German or something better?

    Wear; looks like a long thumb fingernail.
  11. Book Recommendations

    Ok, I have ordered my Derber copy now, too. That means both Roy and C&J won't be a consideration for a long time to come. Maybe Roy after I have bought many other books...
  12. Book Recommendations

    These guys do: Not sure if Germany is ideal in terms of shipping costs for you, but it will certainly be a regular customer there by the looks of it.
  13. Book Recommendations

    I thought it might be beneficial for other to have some of the scattered book recommendations and discussions in one place. Apart form getting some recommendation myself this should be another purpose of this thread. So far I have bought a couple of books that have been recommended here and there. Resources that I have and I'm happy with are: - Zoebisch: Vogtlandischer Geigenbau Vol 1 and Vol 2 (German). Volume 1 (up to 1850) has poor quality pictures but great info, volume 2 (after 1850) is much better and richer on pictures (I wish it was the other way around). - Strobel: Useful measurments - Strobel: Violin maker's notebook - Stagg: Bow making and repair On order are (as of today): - Hopfner: Franz Geissenhof und seine Zeit - VDG: Pfretschner Ausstellung 2010 - VDG: Nurnberger Ausstellung 2013 On the immediate shopping list are: - Blot: Liuteria Italiana vol 1/2/3/4. Are there any books you love for whatever reason? I think I'll want to have a look at Brian Derber's Manual of Violin Making, and maybe Meyer's Berliner Geigenbau at this stage.
  14. Book Recommendations

    I would like to buy some violin and bow related books. X-mas is coming. What are the essential must-have books for: - Reference/ Identification; - Making; - Restoration. What are your personal favourites and why? Also, any books out there you'd consider a waste of money?
  15. @BassClef There was a thread a while ago, something "plunge" or so, where someone got some junk on ebay and got all excited - for a long time. Makes for some good reading. It has many or all of the answers you seek.