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  1. I'm quite aware and sorry, I didn't mean to sound defensive.
  2. I find Czech makers are generally very professional and often rather "clean", and more recent generations seem to have no shortage of professional tuition to continue the tradition. My violin on the other hand is actually quite idiosyncratic for lack of a better word. I was thinking towards Budapest, where expression seems a bit more free; but I lack any meaningful experience with that corner of the world.
  3. I note that probably upwards of 99% of all violins posted on MN recently have been stripped and revarnished. This one here, I would argue, has not been altered and is simply the makers attempt at some shading.
  4. I agree that any construction method can be made to look like another type, but at some point I have to wonder: the easiest way to fake an inside mould construction would certainly be to simply construct the violin on an inside mould. But of course then we might call it a fake outside mould, coz, hey, its got to be fake somehow, right?
  5. One of my favourite annoyances. Decent violin loses ID in favour of turning fake Italian. This one is signed and dated to the inside top, so maybe the ID can be recovered? It's a long shot for sure, but maybe someone recognises the style of the violin and/or the signature. I got the violin in Germany and suspect it may have come from Eastern Europe. Couple of points to note: - Inside mould construction with back pins cut away half by purfling and linings let into blocks. - Edge overstand rather large and somewhat variable. - Purfling strip at the lower rib se
  6. ...just been reading in Jalovec's Bohemian Makers (rather than just looking at the pictures for a change), and was wondering if the OP violin could be rural Czech? Unlikely an area of expertise for anyone?
  7. The seat cluster and fork crown are highly unusual for 1971. Looks rather modern to me.
  8. Guido

    Lyra Frog

    Thanks BF for the wealth of knowledge. Here is a very nice CF Glass for reference.
  9. Guido

    Lyra Frog

    I have seen lyra-instead-of-eye from a few good German bow names, including Nuernberger. They were a bit more elaborate and had several strings on the lyra... This simple one on an of-course-its-the-usual bow I have not seen before. Even though rather irrelevant in the scheme of things: has anyone seen this particular lyra before and knows anything about it?
  10. Guido


    I’ve been there regularly. Pity.
  11. Anyone else come to mind? Maybe any connection between makers? Or some classic to take inspiration from? Or just random individuals here and there who may have just smoked their cigar from the wrong end that day? I agree it looks decidedly odd to say the least :-)
  12. This looks odd. All eight corners are like this. Some idiosyncrasy that someone recognises?
  13. Seen a couple like that with a Schuster label.
  14. They have been around for a long time and labelled violins in a million different ways. They are, btw, still around and if you ask nicely they might be able to tell you something about your particular violin. Else, as Brad said, they are nothing special, also they traded a variety of grades.
  15. Some will just glue it back in place and charge very little, some may question why it came out in the first place and do a new neck set, which is rather expensive. The latter mayor may not be appropriate in your case. I would reasonably hope for a simple glue back in.