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  1. They go as far as putting fake strings on, too. These are fake Obligatos.
  2. Yes it it. But with an original through neck construction that’s quite common even with these relatively young fiddles second half 19th century.
  3. Yeah, cos it was originally a one-piece back. Muah-ha. I could also imagine the darker overcoat might be later addition and the light honey colour underneath was the original appearance which would be quite typical for the times before the end of the 19th century. In this light I might give it a couple more decades of age and would say second half of 19th century.
  4. Interesting what people pick on while not mentioning the sound post crack, the bass bar crack or the crack running the length of the back.
  5. That explains the gloss. It has been moenninged.
  6. Buying this at a dealer you should assume the a-peg crack to be repaired (probably an inlaid ring on the inside). You may want to clarify, but its a minor thing in any case. The violin looks like it could be; but these are notoriously difficult to be sure about.
  7. Final piece of info on the OP bow. It comes in at 59.7g (with 3.40g of silver wire instead of 1.0-1.5g of tinsel).
  8. BTW, if you don't like mis-matched metals between mounts and grip, fake gold goes well with fake whale bone :-)
  9. 49mm at the bottom, 46.5mm at the stick, with the heel rising 19mm from the stick. I guess if it doesn't pass muster as a violin bow it will be a viola bow.
  10. There are various variations of brass alloys, with more or less copper, zinc and maybe something else. “Tombak“ is another name to google. Not sure if it’s the same as pinchbeck or slightly different.
  11. Guido

    Violin Bow Repair

    The solder is still fine, just one winding came off. Takes about a millisecond to trim off and move on.
  12. Yes, but it was designed with tinsel in mind and never intended to have a wire. Also, even if it's not really relevant, I measure the difference between tinsel and wire as 2.0g-3.0g depending on the diameter of the wire and the diameter of the stick for a 7cm winding. That would be 64/65g for the bow. Granted, it may still be a viola bow for a small viola. As I said I can't quite shake the thought.
  13. For scale, here is a comparison with my trusted Pfretzschner.
  14. Wow! I thought I had seen a few bows, but never saw anything like that! Maybe some of these are viola bows? That's actually a thought I had and still can't quite shake with the OP. It would weigh 62g with hair, so I sort of dismissed the idea.
  15. Thanks, understood, that's good to know. On this occasion I was also quite limited in my selection of pearl, as most of my blanks were too narrow. I had to make do with one of these (some are more plain on the flip side).
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