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  1. Guido

    Violin ID

    To my eye (beware, half blind) the violin could be Mittenwald or any of the Fuessen derived 'germanic' schools, probably late 18th century, maybe around 1800. I don't see the Guarneri model. For me it seems to be loosely based on Stainer, but as I said, I'm half blind. As a couple of indicators I see a rib joint (half guessing as it is quite dark) that indicates an inside mould construction; and a flame pattern on the lower rib that could well have been a one-piece lower rib originally. At least there appears to be no centre mark on the back plate. Please check the scroll fluting for a further indication and see if the c-bout linings are let into the corner blocks.
  2. Guido

    Violin ID

    The first answers you got suggested that it looks like a Juzek. You have subsequently revealed that it has a Juzek label. What else are you looking for ???
  3. Guido

    Fitting tool handles

    First time buying tools and handles separately. Any advice on how to bring them together? Heat? Glue? Bigger hammer?
  4. I can't see a neck graft on the pictures posted.
  5. Did you have the bridge fitted? It looks like its on backwards... or already badly bent forward.
  6. Guido

    Violin with Two-Layer Plates

    I'd think it wasn't 'constructed' that way but rather 'repaired'. Larger patches are a common technique. I have not seen it taken to this extreme degree though. Rather horrible to see. Hart to tell what is original and what is not, but the violin appears to have been constructed on the back and could be a low grade violin from Markneukirchen/ Schoenbach or somewhere from the mountains behind Salzburg.
  7. Guido

    Interesting old violin

    Sorry Peter. I tried to be funny and failed. I don't think the violin has anything to do with Saxony. I was (trying to) add to Glenn's statement that "Most people feel comfortable writing off everything a 19thC German so you and Peter R have thrown a spanner in the works by introducing some facts. LOL."
  8. Guido

    Mathias Kloz copy (ID an Value help)

    Regarding value I'd fully agree with BF and might add that the cost of repair to a reasonable standard can easily exceed what you will then get for the violin. As it is, I think if it was on ebay in Germany you might fetch 200-300 Euro, and in economic terms this is likely your best avenue. Alternatively, you could try to have a luthier asses both the instrument and the repair cost under the premise that he would repair the instrument and then sell it on commission.
  9. Guido

    Interesting old violin

    I am very amused. Just wondering why no-one has suggested yet, that the top isn't original to this Saxon box :-) I'll be very keen to learn where exactly it is from. One doesn't see ffs like that on a flat arch very often.
  10. Guido

    Viola strings

    No Karneols for the violas?
  11. Guido

    Arnold Bone (1913- 2001 ) bow maker

    I'd think that settles it for me. Makes sense. Last wild theory could be an unmarked bow (apparently there are unmarked bows by Bone) that was later marked by the owner with the maker's name - very far fetched. And the workmanship shown on the bow doesn't seem to be of the standard of Bone described above. Anyhow, it's always nice to honour some of the lesser known makers and bring them back o memory.
  12. Guido

    Arnold Bone (1913- 2001 ) bow maker

    Sorry, I was distracted. Should have posted some pics of the bow itself early on. Here they are:
  13. Guido

    Arnold Bone (1913- 2001 ) bow maker

    Surely "Bone" was meant to signify the quality of the player's hand, as proven by the wear pattern:
  14. Guido

    (Re) Refinishing a Violin Top

    Looks like a largely lost cause. I'd try to leave as is and put some French polish over it, possibly with some colour, hoping the colour will be more effective on the light areas than on the dark. Hard to say w/o seeing the rest of the instrument.
  15. Guido

    Arnold Bone (1913- 2001 ) bow maker

    Sorry, just some casual googling seemed to indicate he was born in Canada, but yes, his place of birth, South Ryegate, Vermont, appears to be in the US.