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  1. Guido

    Any worse bridge?

    posted this before somewhere else - here is a good home for it.
  2. Guido

    Pernambuco Sound Post

    Jerry, do you know who restored the viola? My violin has a WE Dolphin bridge on it. I think Dolphin learned with and worked for AE Smith 1917-1928 in Sydney, before he established in Melbourne.
  3. Guido

    Pernambuco Sound Post

    I have a violin with such a dowel inside, seems to be spruce. The previous owner got it in Sydney in the 1950s. There seems to be no indication for the necessity of such a reinforcement; maybe it's just a precautionary measure for Australian conditions.
  4. Guido

    LOB calliper vs over the arch

    I guess I can just measure the Stad poster for the calliper value, can't I? (Which will be a while...)
  5. Guido

    LOB calliper vs over the arch

    I remember having come across this and related discussions around the question whether he used only one mould for all his violins. In summary, I seem to remember that the longer (and also wider in the lower bouts) instruments seem to come form his later period whereas the Kreisler is a rather early one.
  6. Guido

    crack filling

    Any experience with Zweihorn/ Durofix crack filler? Is it very similar to Deft?
  7. Guido

    LOB calliper vs over the arch

    Didn't you know that I had the one and only del Gesu mould in my private collection of artefacts. But, yes, the length of the mould is probably the weakest link in the above equation. I had done a bit of research on this a while back and just from memory, there is some good info publicly available, incl. images from a CT scan of the Kreisler. 344 was the number I took away from the exercise, but I'm happy to revisit and/or learn more.
  8. How much is the difference? Does the following fit together for the del Gesu Kreisler? Over the arch: 358 (from Roger Hargrave's article). "Callipers": Mould 344 + Ribs 1mm + overhang 3mm = 352 I would not have expected the difference to be so large... anything wrong with the above?
  9. Guido

    crack filling

    I've just redone an old crack on a top, running the length of the body. It was half open (for a long time) and half glued badly out of register. I have opened it, cleaned it, and managed to glue it in register now. However, some wood fibres near the outside (varnish side) are missing, leaving a bit of a gap in places. How would you go about 'filling' this?
  10. Guido

    New stop length?

    Do you mean in building a new instument and possibly upscaling all other proportions?
  11. Guido

    Wirbelschneider - still around?

    Another factor: The Herdim is easy to get. On the other extreme: I've been in touch with Berbuer over the phone and email over a span of several months now trying to get one w/o success yet.
  12. I'd call a 352 on the small side and a 356 pretty standard. Large is 360+ in my book. Also depends on the model; Del Gesu tends to be smaller than Strad...
  13. Guido

    Any ID what this is?

    Thanks BF. I was 80% on Vogtland but somehow had a French feeling about this one. The scroll isn’t what I’m used to from Vogtland. And then I struggled to tell the corner blocks and the rib joints apart between BOB and outside mould. would thecentre notch on the back plate always be BOB?
  14. Guido

    Any ID what this is?

    Not sure what this is. It's not Mittenwald or any of the other Fuessen based schools, based on what I think I know regarding construction. But I struggle to see if it is BOB or outside form. I'd speculate that the button may have been modified to fit the heel of a new neck.
  15. Guido

    White glue drop on paper label- removal

    I see '48', too. And I don't think I could constrain myself to leave it alone. You've had some experience taking the scalpel to the '4' - why stop? I think it would take only a very tiny shave to achieve a clear reading of the full year.