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  1. You can also try to place the bridge slightly off centre to get the bass foot closer to the bar.
  2. Ditto. Noting this is better quality than the first two; and these sometimes play rather well.
  3. I think cellist sometimes use a clear film of sorts on some parts to protect the varnish. I don’t know details but maybe you can check it out.
  4. Those are all octagonal. Having done some searching myself, there are plenty of people who can’t count beyond 6. There is apparently one modern, artisan bow maker using hexagonal sticks, but I haven’t found any in commercial production.
  5. Very helpful, much appreciated.
  6. Anyone seen any online tutorials on how to best do a (faux) whalebone lapping?
  7. That's not it. If you try it, you will understand my hesitation to spell it out :-)
  8. It distinguishes ivory from all other materials, but I suppose elephant and mammoth would be the same (not having tested mammoth).
  9. If you give it a little polish it will be keen to leave a white trail even on 4000 micromesh. Then, if you have a smell of the material on the micromesh, it will be extremely distinctive and strangely familiar, possibly with a gender bias.
  10. Do you know more about Goldin, its composition and use? And the time frame of its use? I would suspect it could be a troublesome material as it really looks quite convincing when polished. The hexagonal shape must be quite experimental then, if not even you have come across something like it. On the other hand, they did seem to mean it, making a matching hexagonal button for it! And also, whoever produced it, didn't position it at the very entry level, as it sports a genuine ivory face and had some remnants of genuine whalebone on it. But I guess these materials were not at all special back then. One feature of interest I'd like to re-visit: the screw that fixes the underslide. I have often seen the use of only one screw in this position at Bubenreuth trade bows. However, the OP bow seems older. Have you (or anyone) ever seen the underslide fixed with only one screw like this on a pre WW2 bow?
  11. It’s was only about half of the black left on the bow, no white, no leather. But it would be interesting to know about the bow
  12. So how is this for example? Its all black but has a greenish middle under black light.
  13. Is there a way to tell if whalebone lapping on a bow is the real thing rather than a later imitation product?
  14. The face has returned a positive test for ivory. Some better pictures of the wood and head after some more cleaning and in better light. The head still looks a bit rough :-)
  15. Btw, now that you had me double check and count facets… the button is hexagonal, too!
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