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  1. I always enjoy starting with a long list of initially interesting instrument and then use the opportunity to research the respective makers and figure out what is what or not. On Bignami I learned, apart from the fact that he was frequently faked incl brands, inlays and all, that he took pride in the selection of his wood.
  2. Guido


    Looks French to me; but at the time there were some French looking Markneukirchen instruments, too. The flat scroll eye is the only feature of a box-ticking nature I can make out.
  3. Thanks Jacob. I did some swearing at the fingerboard fitter on behalf of the developed world. But then again, I have to be thankful, as he also made a basic set-up mistake, leaving the musician frustrated and offering the violin for cheap.
  4. I guess these short and upright, rather Stainer-esque ffs give an impression of age, don’t they?
  5. As I said above, I'm not quite sure about the neck set. I may have to look a bit harder (again). It is morticed and nailed, can't see a heal graft, unsure about a head graft (I know that seems hard to believe). There seem to be break lines in some light angles which corresponds to where you expect them for a head graft but the grain seems to be uninterrupted or exceedingly well matched.
  6. Looking at this violin I think Mittenwald first half or maybe early 19th century - probably anonymous work for an early Verleger. But of course I'm just guessing. What are some observable indications regarding Mittenwald (vs. other Fuessen schools) and age? P.S. - The linings have obviously been replaced in a crude manner and for what reason I cannot see. The lowers are run over the blocks and the top ones are run into the blocks in a lacklustre manner. But one can still see the cut-outs of the original linings (with a tip) in the blocks. - The neck is morticed into the top block but there is also a nail (see photo). I cannot say with certainty is the head is grafted or not. A friend of mine thinks it is, I'm not so sure. But just looking from a "distance" the neck is flamed while the head seams plain. - LOB 358
  7. Looks like it needs quite a bit of work, which, if done properly, is likely to exceed the value of the violin. Some fixer-upper might buy it on eBay as is for a couple hundred.
  8. Guido

    Bogus Label Fun

    I reckon that says “Gotha” but I was seeing various numbers there for a while :-)
  9. Guido

    Bogus Label Fun

    Brushes of increasing stiffness, then moist and finally quite wet q-tips. The writing became clearer when moist (when I took the photos) and faded a bit more again as it dried again.
  10. Guido

    Bogus Label Fun

    Haven't noticed. Where?
  11. Guido

    Bogus Label Fun

    Then I started to carefully clean the label. I think I can make out Friedrich Bindernagel xxxxxxxxx xxx Gotha I assume its a bogus Fahrkarte... but what do you think and can someone read more or something different? "Fiedrich" and "Gotha" seem quite clear. Bindernagel is a bit more guessing as there was a chap of that name in Gotha (not sure his name was Friedrich though).
  12. Guido

    Bogus Label Fun

    I have this illegible label in the old Saxon violin. Took some quick pics of the violin, too. Sorry that the auto focus seems to have preferred the bushes in the background. Looks like typical Saxon work to me. The saddle cut out in the rib indicates a rather narrow original saddle. The scroll looks somewhat different to most I have seen and might be slightly interesting.
  13. Guido

    Nice one for ID

    And here is an outdoor, Australian spring sunshine impression of the varnish. I would describe the appearance of varnish as somewhere in between. It has a good amount of red tones but is darker than it appears in bright direct sunlight. Does that look more like it should though?
  14. Guido

    Nice one for ID

    The subject of nail shape and placement is probably not going anywhere, but different makers seem to have different ways of doing this and it might be a helpful feature, i.e. one more box to tick on a list. When I think “nail” something like the attached comes to mind (Geissenhof). The lower placement and the neat round head in mine seemed a bit unusual for what I have seen... until I coincidentally came across the Stainer the other day. @jacobsaunderswould any of the 3 JC Leidolffs you have around still have the original upper block?
  15. Guido

    Nice one for ID

    Not grafted. So if the scroll belongs, the neck is original. The attachment looks like in the first link I posted to the orpheon Leidolff. And there is, well, a nail.