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  1. Guido

    Who can read and recognize this NAME?

    Well, if you don't even know what I was talking about (two times) then there is probably nothing there and maybe it was just a shadow on one of the photos. You seem to be happy enough in your own world anyways.
  2. Guido

    Who can read and recognize this NAME?

    Only saw one pic that seems to show small label fragments coincidentally, while you were showing the wood patches glued to the inside back.
  3. Guido

    Who can read and recognize this NAME?

    Anything to be recognized on what I presume might be the original label? On the c-bout rib.
  4. Guido

    Rafael Carrabba question

    Ah, the one that was offered to you for $10,000 straight out of the Amati Affordable sack here: So the search is over? You got your violin and now just need it restored?
  5. Guido

    Something to keep MN'ers busy for a few days

    My point was more about Bromptons claiming it to be by Georg Klotz on what appears to be their very own expertise; even w/o referencing to what the Hills may have seen in it. It might be forgivable in a sense that this nicer-than-many Mittenwald violins should justifiably command a good price; and seems to need the help of a name for that matter. But it is not helping in improving the quality of accepted attributions over time.
  6. Guido

    Seeking info on how to sell. Newbie...

    Be aware that with violins eBay is full of fraudulent sellers and hence buyers will be wary and apply a risk discount on instruments which are actually not an attempt to monetise garbage. This may be fine with the Hopf and if you get $200 instead of $1,000 so what? But if the Roth viola is a decent authentic example you’ll shoot youself in the foot.
  7. Guido

    Something to keep MN'ers busy for a few days

    I fully agree. And it stood out for me, too. Really nice. I still find it brave to declare an individual Klotz w/o much back-up. Apparently even Hill were a little hit an miss with German violins at times. The Mittenwald Museum has a Georg Klotz from the same year, which is nicer still. Despite many similarities, the museum reference example seems to be a different outline (narrower waist) at first glance.
  8. Guido

    Something to keep MN'ers busy for a few days

    Conditions reports are one thing. Tarisio and Amati certainly do a better job here, but one should not expect a 'retail' situation at auction. I was more concerned with the (optimistic) attributions (given that they are not trained luthiers and hence know nothing, lol). One example on the current auction could be lot 203, A violin by Georg Klotz. I don't think many people in the world would be brave enough to name an individual member of the Klotz family these days without very good reasons (after decades of declaring just about every Mittenwald violin as one Klotz or the other and thoroughly muddying the waters).
  9. Guido

    Markn/Schönbach Dutzendarbeit violin

    Thanks for linking to this Jacob. I'm just wondering: The point of reference here is the 'Average European Wholesale Price' from which the other prices are derived. Where is and who participates in the 'wholesale market'? One may assume that dealers and shops are the buyers... but who are the sellers? If it's not the traditional auctions anymore these days?
  10. Guido

    Something to keep MN'ers busy for a few days

    I have found Bromptons descriptions to be on the optimistic side. Anyone else with a similar impression?
  11. I'd say the violin is around 1920 from Markneukirchen/ Schoenbach. This type of commercial purfling is rather unattractive, otherwise a half decent violin for what it is. I haven't seen a bow like that before and while that is 'interesting', it doesn't look particularly well made. A good picture of the head might help, and some pictures from different angle rather than what is 4x essentially the same picture above.
  12. Guido

    Seeking info on how to sell. Newbie...

    Ups, sorry, posted the wrong link above (will delete).
  13. Guido

    Seeking info on how to sell. Newbie...

    P.S. Both "brands" have a certain popular appeal, in particular the Roth. And you may find a luthier willing to sell it on commission. That would probably maximise what you can get for it.
  14. Guido

    Seeking info on how to sell. Newbie...

    Post some good pictures and I'm sure people will come forward with opinions. Be aware that opinions will differ and a realistic price often depends on your local market (as entry level instruments would be mostly sold locally). [ EDIT: Deleted a wrong link to photo taking instructions. See link below from Violadamore ] A good Roth viola from before WW2 can be worth between $5k and $10k I'd say and there would be international interest with auction houses willing to take it on. You can search for Roth violins (of which there are plenty) to get an idea. If your Hopf is a mass produced trade violin it could be $300-$1,000, but some better/older Hopf violins can be sought after and may fetch several thousands, too. Here is some info on all things Hopf:
  15. Guido

    Worth Repairing/Restoring?

    +1 Minus the upper corner blocks which IMHO you have no reason to make and fit at all.