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  1. Has anyone ever seen the label "Andreas Pfretzschner"?
  2. Well, it's hard to describe with the Dominants... they just sounded kind of dark and sandy. The Helicores are more ring-y. I like that they are brighter - but I just like the description "sweet" I guess to describe the sound I'm looking for. Also, I have a more responsive violin and so I've seen what that feels like, and I've been noticing that it's a bit more work to get the sound i want out of the German fiddle. I do understand that's in large part a facet of the violin itself, but wondering if different strings would make a difference - either way.
  3. Hello! Brand new here and not very advanced player. I have an old E. Martin fiddle that I'm partial to. It was described to me as very "bass-ey". It has to my ear a nice ring to it. I currently have a set of Tonicas on it. I play only for myself; I don't need more power or volume at all. I would like this violin to sound as "sweet" and be as responsive as possible. I don't like the way Dominants sound on this instrument at all. I was considering Pirastro Violinos on this next because I read this: "Pirastro Violino - Orignally marketed as a student string, their price, while hardly prohibitive, is not insignificant. However, of all the synthetic strings, these are probably the "sweetest." What they lack in projection, they make up for in sweetness. If you have an instrument that needs taming, or has plenty of power but not an interesting tone, these strings are worth a try." Does anyone have experience with these? Does anyone have any string recommendations for me? Thank you!