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  1. What's the Name of Your Violin?

    i don't name violins but i have named a cello "Monty" and i know a double bass called "Mortimer"
  2. Input needed colophony + nitrocellulose?

    How about moving all this to a guns R us website
  3. absolutely brilliant thank you
  4. orphan violin

    the corners look french the boss on the scroll and the f holes look german and the varnish could be czech South East Germany is my best guess
  5. Pechenart, Violon "L'idéal"

    i think George Jetson played on one of these
  6. Help violin ID

    send the the violin to china for restoration and set up they will do it for way less than 600
  7. Soundpost thickness, should I worry?

    i have just re-installed a soundpost and noticed the endgrain is set at 90degree to grain in the top plate [the violin is old with high arched top and back-sounds good] all other sound posts i have seen have the end grain running with the grain in the top plate is there any benefit in setting the end grain one way or the other
  8. Corner block ID

    I have seen some Scottish violins with strange neck mounts pegged and screwed
  9. i think i have worked out where you bought it from [ssc] and from the trees growing in your back yard you are living somewhere on the east coast of the island continent in a sub tropical zone if i am right i have dealt with the same establishment and they are one of the best outlets i know They will consign your instrument or trade up in my experience their valuations and prices are accurate and fair
  10. there appears appears to be very little sign of usage for a violin of that age
  11. Unwarping a bridge??

    put it in a microwave oven set on medium 45 seconds then straighten
  12. dead A string

    the English populated the modern world from its own ranks with pilgrims or convicts , one of them had a better sense of humour
  13. dead A string

    Very helpful thank you
  14. dead A string

    Ok Pilgrims I'll change it when i have sufficient posts