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  1. i am aware of the asking price for this cello ,having found it online, the cracks under the feet of the bridge seriously affect the value in Australia the cello would be worth the asking price if the top was not cracked, as it is, and without further investigation i would suggest it is worth half the asking price
  2. if the crack on the top plate has been glued ,and is solid ,it would be definitely worth a set up to see how it sounds .......
  3. "the button first,varnish,f hole fluting and edge softness,use of black,purfling,and the date" .............anything is the sum of it's parts. Thank you for the quiz Andreas
  4. it does not have the typical GG carved into the button this could be a nod to copy.......
  5. the button first,varnish,f hole fluting and edge softness,use of black,purfling,and the date
  6. it may have come out of a strad, but is it original?
  7. cellos from this era are less common than violins and should be saved if at all possible
  8. Eloffe


    google.......... On antiques of German origin, you may sometimes run into the word Geschützt printed or stamped onto the piece. Pronounced "guess-shutst," the term is an abbreviation of gesetzlich geschutt, a German phrase that translates as "legally protected" or "copyrighted." The term is similar in meaning to the English terms patented or patent-pending, or to the French term depose. In conversation, the usage might sound like "The eBay seller stated the Geschutzt mark on a cast iron frame was that of a German metalsmith, but Brenda knew they were mistaken." The earliest that the term Geschützt was used was 1899. Therefore, any number of authentic antiques of German origin may not have this mark its absence can suggest an even older age for the piece.
  9. if you are replacing the fingerboard you could destroy it
  10. some of the better JTL models would come close in performance not as close in finish and varnish
  11. Eloffe


    try upward pressure on the bridge end of the fingerboard and check for separation from the neck
  12. its like getting in to drive a car you are not familiar with, adjust the seat and the mirrors before setting off.