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  1. Eloffe

    Another violin ID quiz

    Old violin House-China
  2. Eloffe

    Dodd, English or Germany?

  3. Eloffe

    Which violin to choose

    none of those violins are worth anywhere near $15k
  4. Eloffe

    Single instrument auction

    all instruments with speculative investment potential will rise in value, there is such a surplus of investment funds [private and commercial] that compete for performance growth that they will increasingly see the better early violins as an appreciating asset
  5. Eloffe

    New find

    can you please explain the significance of the delta
  6. Eloffe

    Ornati copy by Mario Gadda?

    at least he was not a very stable genius
  7. Eloffe

    f hole mystery

    also.............. back length is 755mm [lessbutton] button is original designs are ink or paint [not inlay] back is one piece, not maple, very plain even grain ribs appear to be cut down in height assuming the side designs were symmetrical
  8. Eloffe

    f hole mystery

    photos as requested, the scroll while in itself is very interesting is not directly related to the body i think the idea that the f holes have been enlarged is very likely given the notches are not even thanks for your input so far and in advance for any more
  9. Eloffe

    f hole mystery

    that is a possibility that has not been considered before thank you
  10. Eloffe

    f hole mystery

    After extensive research on-line and in various publications I am unable to find any maker"s f hole pattern that matches this one i am hoping someone on this forum may be able to recognize the style or maker
  11. Eloffe

    Should I remove fake label

    i don't think there is any point in removing the label,it is a common enough fake easily dismissed by anyone with a little knowledge and part of it's history now
  12. Eloffe

    Viola strings

    Karneols for viola.......i have had a problem with the g strings failing instantly when replacing [twice]
  13. Eloffe

    Violin ID Quiz

    WP09 - Nestor Dominique Audinot £16,450.00 Sold or Reserved Specification Product Code WP09 Sound Clip Play / Pause sound_09.mp3 0:00 0:00 Volume Product Information The label is inscribed: Signed to the left of the label, numbered 306 and dated 1883. This instrument has a certificate of provenance from Jean Jacques Rampal Expert Près La Cour d'Appel de Paris. A superb violin by Nestor Dominique Audinot, son of Leopold. Nestor was born in 1842, he worked with Sebastian Vuillaume in Paris from 1863 to 1868 and succeeded to the business in 1875. His violins were mainly based on the Guarneri model and all show fine attention to detail and exquisite craftmanship. This example is in almost mint condition which is quite remarkable considering the age of the violin. The back is two piece of strong diagonal flame, the length is 14 inches (355 mm.) Set up with fine quality ebony fittings, Obligato strings and supplied in a new case. The violin has a beautiful rich lyrical tone with a real touch of class. A very special violin, for collectors and players!
  14. Eloffe

    Violin ID Quiz

    Alfred Acoulon
  15. Eloffe

    Violin ID Quiz

    Charles Jean Baptiste Collin-Mezin