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  1. Eloffe

    $$$ value of sound $$$

    thank you all for your opinions ,very much appreciated i will return the cello with a firm offer ,it is new to the market in time if it is still available i might succeed i suspect i will be just softening up the dealer for someone else to come in above me in the mean time in intend to try more cellos in that price range
  2. Eloffe

    $$$ value of sound $$$

    thanks Martin it's a small full size cello, German circa 1810 ebony thumb nail very fine neck graft , plain medium grained top plate with small wings lightly flamed back all the wear to suggest an active life in the past plain well executed f holes no fluting light brown-yellow-red oil varnish on yellow ground on appearance alone in retail setting [where i come from] i would expect to see it for 8-10,000 dollars it plays as well as some i have tried worth 50-70k
  3. Eloffe

    $$$ value of sound $$$

    I am seeking your opinions please on what is most likely a common problem if an otherwise plain looking old trade instrument is offered for sale and clearly has seriously exceptional quality of sound how much extra do you pay for the sound quality ............ in my case the asking price is 3 times what i would value the average expected price for a similar looking instrument i have tested it new and old worn string sets and it still performs exceptionally
  4. Eloffe

    New Helicore strings 'Octave'

    not haves - has She has a cute accent
  5. Eloffe

    Real Purfling?

    it is real, if you look closely at the right hand side 25mm from the edge you can see clearly that the grain in the wood on the back does not extend through the purfling
  6. Eloffe

    Cello sound test

    play by drawing an arc with the bow movement [rather than parallel with the bridge} the touch of the bow on the string should be a pull or push rather than a press
  7. Eloffe

    J Panormo cello?

    one sold in 2015 for close to $60,000 USD
  8. Eloffe

    Cello patterns

    in my humble opinion, there are too many variables that affect the sound of different instruments, the shape or model is only one of them
  9. Eloffe

    Help identifying Hill bow marking

    found listed online ......... W E HILL & SONS Buy/Sell Hill Bows The Makers Contact us tbv4056W E H & S, violin bow by Frank Napier, c1929 Frank Napier Zoom Previous Bow | Next Bow Details Violin bow, stamped W.E H & S by Frank Napier c1929
  10. Eloffe

    At it again...

    unlikely bidder "wins" Bidder Information Bidder: d***l( 23) Feedback: 100%Positive Item description: A very fine and rare old Cello - Violoncello Bids on this item: 1 30-Day Summary Total bids: 1 Items bid on: 1 Bid activity (%) with this seller: 100% Bid retractions: 0 Bid retractions (6 months): 0
  11. Eloffe

    What's the Name of Your Violin?

    i don't name violins but i have named a cello "Monty" and i know a double bass called "Mortimer"
  12. Eloffe

    Input needed colophony + nitrocellulose?

    How about moving all this to a guns R us website
  13. absolutely brilliant thank you
  14. Eloffe

    orphan violin

    the corners look french the boss on the scroll and the f holes look german and the varnish could be czech South East Germany is my best guess
  15. Eloffe

    Mathias Placht Bow Help

    i have a trade bow stamped WOLFRAM with the same frog, slider, nut and thread i am guessing it came from the same place as yours