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  1. I have found Ebay pretty tough lately to find anything of quality to bid on i have done very well in the past.......anyone out there who has observed a similar experience?
  2. so in Gands case it was a thing,.....cool and thanks my best guess of my violins origin would be 20th French its back seam being cleated and body length is 360mm ,unpainted peg box no point in trying to photograph what i am inquiring about because the wings are so finely matched it is this feature that prompted me to inquire thanks again
  3. I have an unlabeled violin with a 3 piece top , it has a broad centrepiece of fine grain spruce with an equally fine grained winged piece on either side they are so finely matched it took me some time to notice it the treble side wing is broader than the bass side apart from saving smaller pieces of tone wood i was wondering if there is any further advantage in matching fine grain across the top by deliberately winging an instrument is this a thing ? could it help identify a maker? Thank you in advance........
  4. square shoulders look like a HOPF model
  5. sadly any value this violin had was destroyed by interference with its original varnish
  6. if u r an oz go to violinery or string centre
  7. Eloffe

    New violin ID

    well done ,looks well worth the risk,please let us know how it sounds
  8. how about a photo square on of the lower rib with the endpin in the middle of frame please
  9. Eloffe

    f hole mystery

    very helpful,thank you my dilemma is whether to get it restored or leave it as an interesting object the advice i have been given is that it is unlikely that a restorer would not take it on unless they owned it due to the open ended nature of the work
  10. Eloffe

    f hole mystery

    Thanks for your replies did the Allemannische Schule continue to make bass violins up to this period or would you call my instrument a wide bodied cello
  11. Eloffe

    f hole mystery

    bass violin not double bass