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  1. sadly any value this violin had was destroyed by interference with its original varnish
  2. if u r an oz go to violinery or string centre
  3. Eloffe

    New violin ID

    well done ,looks well worth the risk,please let us know how it sounds
  4. how about a photo square on of the lower rib with the endpin in the middle of frame please
  5. Eloffe

    f hole mystery

    very helpful,thank you my dilemma is whether to get it restored or leave it as an interesting object the advice i have been given is that it is unlikely that a restorer would not take it on unless they owned it due to the open ended nature of the work
  6. Eloffe

    f hole mystery

    Thanks for your replies did the Allemannische Schule continue to make bass violins up to this period or would you call my instrument a wide bodied cello
  7. Eloffe

    f hole mystery

    bass violin not double bass
  8. Eloffe

    f hole mystery

    update on what i have learned about this instrument I showed this instrument to a visiting Baroque performer who is a graduate of Cardiff Uni and The Royal Academy specialized in Baroque cello she identified the body and form as a bass violin [the neck being more recent] wikipedia suggests only 2 makers of bass violins Andrea Amati and Gasparo Da Salo i see a strong similarity between the next two images the first being a bass known to be made by Gasparo Da Salo and the second being my bass violin What do you think?
  9. I have often thought that there is a good chance some of the Australian hardwoods and boxwood could be used brushbox and bluegum might work for bows i have an acceptable violin made by Thomas Richards in 1936 made from tallowood and queensland maple
  10. peg spacing's are too even compared to other examples
  11. then.......... what about the time i wing stalled my hangglider off Bungan Headland plummeted 150ft towards the base of the cliff pulled out turned to land on a small rock shelf covered by surf i reckon that puts shaping a violin with a spoon into perspective
  12. thanks for the sailing tip i could have put that to good use many years ago