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  1. the set-up is a variable ,the violin is what it is
  2. A Very Stable Genius
  3. that is what i thought, i just was wondering if i had missed something thank you for your reply
  4. i recently purchased this violin , i don't recognise any distinct model in its design any ideas? thanks
  5. the pegbox is not grafted it has be cheeked (new wood on the outside) it is no older than the early 1800s
  6. i would check to see if there is a rattle from a rattle snake rolling around inside
  7. looks like someone has stepped on this text..........
  8. if you study violin identification for ten years,handle and closely examine thousands of instruments ,and can play at a level to bring out the best qualities in individual violins -you might have a chance
  9. I have 2 cellos i play regularly ,German-made copy of a Strad cello c1920 approx,and the other is a 1936 Italian i find the Strad copy blends beautifully in ensemble and orchestra and the Italian cello is better played solo That said, every instrument has it's own voice
  10. do any of you have any experience with this brand of strings .....GALLI I once put a set on a violin ,that a friend purchased while we were on holidays no other strings were available from the local music shop,from memory , they were said to be handmade in Italy . they seemed acceptable at the time ,but i had nothing to compare,and the violin was nothing special thank you in advance........