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  1. 2 set also exposed corruption practices between some teachers and dealers in a post ….. Exposing Dark Secrets of the Violin Industry
  2. totally agree, after over 50 years playing and comparing violins the balance of the longitudinal arch on the backplate is consistently similar on superior sounding instruments ,whatever the rest of it is like ......... i am not going to say what that balance is, but am interested if anyone of you have come to the same conclusion
  3. you have, in the past, described some Saxon examples as masterbuilt is there a distinction between good and master in this case ?
  4. i have a vintage brass set of cross sectional arching guides for the Betts Strad marked according to plates and bouts
  5. my best guess is Kloz ........???
  6. cautious distrust or suspicion required
  7. Itzhak Perlman does ok https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:ItzhakPerlmanWhitehouse2.jpg#/media/File:ItzhakPerlmanWhitehouse2.jpg
  8. not the biggest problem but......f holes don't look amati as per the label
  9. Eloffe

    Violin for id

    i will jump in ........French 1850.........????
  10. stunt drivers can roll a passenger car up onto 2 wheels and carry on driving for awhile most end up back on 4 wheels.........
  11. no, there are very few normal people on this website anyway
  12. Try a uv lamp or torch [blacklight]
  13. Eloffe

    Dodd bow ?

    Looking at chart it would appear that my bow was made after 1845 6 years after Dodd had died thanks for your advice
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