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  1. Never said I was a non-believer haha. Certificate wording attached. Kittel CC Grünke.pdf
  2. Indeed Jacob, a lot of people don't even believe that he existed at all! The bow comes with a certificate from Grünke however.
  3. Hi Herman, Concertante works solely on an offers system. Most buyers are very clued up to price trends and knowledge of the market, so I don't like to dictate prices to my clients. RH
  4. Hi AtlVcl, Raph Hurwitz, (RH). I'll work out how to add my site link to my sig.
  5. I see, should I remove the link? I wasn't sure of the rules here but I thought that links to things for sale were fine. Apologies if I have broken a policy.
  6. Hi all! Lovely to be back, but this time not under the thumb of somebody else, controlling my words... Seeing as his bows are such a controversial subject, I thought it might be interesting for you to see a beautiful Kittel bow I currently have in my catalogue. My site is rather bare at the moment, what with it just being finished and without my stock being photographed yet, so my sincerest apologies for the emptiness! Looking forward to being a part of this wonderful community. Very best RH