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  1. Atypical construction violin

    That violin is pretty neat. A nice piece of history.
  2. Bow, what kind of wood?

    Thx. Measurements are closer to the bottom of your range.
  3. Bow, what kind of wood?

    Glasser for reference on left
  4. Bow, what kind of wood?

    That's in line with what I've been told, guess that's good. the bow has a somewhat narrow head. Is that a good or bad thing?
  5. Bow, what kind of wood?

    Any thoughts from the experts?
  6. Bow, what kind of wood?

    I'll post some when I get a chance. One issue I have with the stick is it's a bit light at 46 gm less hair. I'm assuming this is due to removal of the grip silver wire. Trying to determine if it will be worth the effort to rehair and service the bow.
  7. Bow, what kind of wood?

    Nothing real exciting. It's a nickel mount with standard frog design and abalone eye, octoganol design. Prob. a factory made stick some 100+ years old. Assuming it's the original that came with the violin.
  8. Bow, what kind of wood?

    Thanks. I know it is difficult to distinguish from standard "brazil" wood.
  9. Bow, what kind of wood?

    Maybe you can tell from visual?
  10. Roth & Lederer

    Any luck finding old references?
  11. Crack of Death. Move on?

    Wow! completely unsaleable. That's a shame. Yes the violin is a bit on the large side, about a 1/4 inch longer back. I'm not looking to practice any sort of wood working skills. I've read these larger violins by Didier were well suited for orchestra due to their large voice.
  12. Crack of Death. Move on?

    If I were able to get said violin at a bargain and the repair cost didn't exceed the value of said violin, being it's a good quality violin, I figure it would be worth the gamble. That of course depends on whether or not I made a well calculated risk. Mike
  13. Roth & Lederer

    Would be neat to see what you can learn from those...