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  1. carl1961

    Fox's Bench

    Fox that sounds great, every note sounds clear. awesome work and job.
  2. carl1961

    Ever see an X-ray of a case by Stradivari?

    Maybe your stringsmagazine writeup will help with your post
  3. carl1961

    Fox's Bench

    Awsome vidio FoxMitchell, I really enjoyed it. even more special because we got to see your work as you was healing that Violin. just think it could still be silent somewhere in a cold dark room.
  4. carl1961

    Stradivari's secret was a concept?

    They talk about that on this thread
  5. carl1961

    Fantastic violin

    yes a dead link
  6. carl1961

    Fantastic violin
  7. carl1961

    Bench lights

    Maybe searching Jerry p
  8. carl1961

    Stradivari's secret was a concept?

    After reading about everything on Stradivari, it is in his last year's that his most famous violins where made, that's after he done made over hundreds of instruments, so the secret is learning from you're work.
  9. carl1961

    Happy Easter

    Happy Easter Every one
  10. carl1961

    Instrument varnished with my product

    Yes, his varnish is the BEST. I used it on my last two violins you can easily sheen the high gloss .
  11. carl1961

    Unknown Thing Found in Violin Case

    Looks like a flat file handle to me
  12. carl1961

    DIY CNC for violinmaking

    thanks golash!
  13. carl1961

    DIY CNC for violinmaking

    golash, what kind of interface controller did you use for your cnc?
  14. carl1961

    DIY CNC for violinmaking

    Awesome golash, keep us updated! I have stl files of a violin that was used for a 3d printer, you might can convert them for CNC and use the top and bottom.
  15. carl1961

    Fox's Bench

    I like the sound of that number 3 too, it has a wonderful tone you did a good job. Thanks for posting the sound clips. Fox did you put a new bass bar in it.