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  1. carl1961

    Asymmetry; Character or poor craftsmanship?

    I think the violin look Awesome, nice work, looks like paper inside, nice idea to keep the varnish and what ever from dropping inside on the back
  2. carl1961

    Asymmetry; Character or poor craftsmanship?

    Great topic and posts! I am willing to think that all hand made instruments or asymmetrical for example the Stradivari Antonio Betts (chosen because we have a good bit of articals to see). another thought too is these old violins most likely have shrunken and deformed a tad, over these 300 years than when originally made.
  3. carl1961

    Excavated Bassbar with Stamp

    Found this: "Bte S.G.D.G." is an abbreviation for a typical phrase concerning products from France. "Bte" is short for "breveté" (="patented") and " S.G.D.G." stands for "Sans Garantie Du Gouvernement" (="without government guarantee") but nothing came up on V. d. C-M
  4. carl1961

    3D printing files

    yes almost endless, I think everyone should have a 3d printer LOL, there cheaper and even better made than when I started 3 years ago.
  5. carl1961

    3D printing files

    The support stuff is barely touching the parts so they break off easy . The slicer program adds the support automatically, some slicer programs do have the options for letting you manually apply support in areas you might think needs it.
  6. carl1961

    Grinding curved edge knives

    I think I recall seeing Davide using curved knives in his videos, and there crisp clear and excellent to see.
  7. carl1961

    3D printing files

    I can print something 16" x 16"x 12" high 410mm x 410mm x 300mm
  8. carl1961

    3D printing files

    Betts Dicom stl neck 3d printed, I was surprised at how close the dimensions where to the Library of Congress pictured setting, they where just a few 10th's off. about as close as I will ever get at seeing a Stradivarius neck. it's good enough to use to eye with when carving the neck out.
  9. carl1961

    Gouge sharpening

    Thanks David, I see noting wrong with that. You just prove that you don't need 200.00 wet wheels and a 30 - 100 dollar gouge jig to get the job done. Plus you got a fan too!
  10. carl1961

    Gouge sharpening

    Excellent post! what I like reading, I agree Michael Szyper, about David's method, simple and it been working for him for many years! David is it possible to post pictures of your 80 rpm grinder is it under this mess!
  11. carl1961

    Best "Cheap" Violin Bow?

    I agree, often wondered that too.
  12. carl1961

    Hand made versus machine made violins

    Not to take from this thread , but shed more light on the topic here is a February 20, 2011 archive from Why is hand-made > machine-made? Also You get to read David Burgess discussion and see him win against machine carving!
  13. carl1961

    Best "Cheap" Violin Bow?

    this is the one I bought over a year ago and use the most of many I bought, it had good reveiws so i took the chance and I am well pleased. it's weight is 60 gram and balances at 10 1/2" (266mm) has not lost any hair and stick is still straight, cost was about 32.00 a year ago NEW 4/4 Advanced Elegant Pernambuco performance Violin Bow Natural Horsehair I just ordered this one so I have yet to see is it's worth as a bow to give away. Pernambuco Violin Bow-Full Size 4/4 Octagonal Stick, Real Horse Hair Ebony
  14. carl1961

    Carving a scroll step by step (or almost)

    You can click on the top right icon and share to your email. Or you could if on a computer save the link to a folder on your desk top by click and hold the left mouse button and drag to your folder.
  15. carl1961

    machine made violins also CNC "Betts"

    I'm sorry If I offended you, it sure was not my intention and I meant nothing negative by female, many female can out perform me for sure. and I do value your many post. lesson learned.