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  1. FoxMitchell Looks like the rabbit heard you
  2. Exactly My thinking too. but enjoy your stuff, keep us posted
  3. Awesome! But you skipped some steps LOL I'll be watching for sure.
  4. This updated video may be interesting to some.
  5. Try and selling those violins to an Orchestra playing field see what others see it would be interesting. I have 20 old violins from different makers and even threw 4 together, and none have the sound that speaks out and grabs you. so to me a Great violin is very hard to find. maybe my ears or color blind and I'm looking for the impossible?
  6. interesting post! Although these books have been condemned here, I still find them interesting. Violin tone and violin makers by Moya, Hidalgo Violin tone-peculiarities by Castle, Frederick
  7. Awesome Violin, in 289 years it will most certainly be worth Lot $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  8. yes, his measurements or following the arch so it will be larger measurements , so may not be the ones to use except to check with after your carved the plates.
  9. Roger Hargrave has a great write up too.
  10. You only got one Life to live, get them both
  11. Great work as usually they look great wonderful. Have you seen this guy's work, he is doing a CNC violin. He said in this part 15 video that he will have his stl files available.
  12. Michael, to me that's the best sure way of doing it. Thanks for the tip.
  13. Nice. Touch plate, I use the 5$ ones on eBayand they work great . I have a script that you put in mach3 to set offset and to do the zero, if anyone needs it I'll upload it.
  14. I have a touch probe made by DrewTronics, but mine was one without the led (one of his first models 130.00) and I use the Prob-it software for Mach3 (35.00) so far I only used it to find center and out side, but actually bought it to probe a violin plate, but never made it that far yet picture is mine with a case I cnc carved from Plexi-glass.