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  1. I put some file on thing verse on the Betts Violin, Top and Bottom I was able to cut from original STL , did a rib block template, Still working on making arch templates Thingiverse site is terrible at times, you have to click on each file you want to download. it use to zip then up but thingiverse broke things when they added advertising if you need it cut in half to fit your printer, let me know https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:5513462
  2. Haven't been on here is a few years LOL, I still use mine weekly, always something to print. anything I can be a help let me know. I started 3d printing before you could buy any. we had to build our own.
  3. That's what I did, back when this thread was started and other threads or post from here. never got anywhere yet other than small tests. I was also thinking your way is more safe too. I tried with a home made tank and scrapped that idea fast, leaked, too much. and as for steam, I never got far, tried a pressure cooker but most steam was like 10-15 lbs. never could get the temp up higher than like 250 F, a friend sent me his tank for free I just had to pay shipping. but never got anywhere so far. it will most likely be when I retire LOL
  4. @Don Noon , you might like this, if your know the raspberry Pi, it's used by beer brewsers, but can be setup for any batching. fully customizable and free https://web.craftbeerpi.com/ this guide is what i used to install. https://vision.beer/2021/02/15/how-to-get-started-with-craftbeerpi-v4-0/
  5. I don't think a vacuum sealer will pull down enough to get all the oxygen out. it takes a good pump to do that, like the use for refrigeration. but not bad according to the reviews on this video How much Vacuum does a food saver pull
  6. Don has posted a picture before, I could not find it here, must be some other thread.
  7. As Always Thanks for your valuable information, I had to look up damping and you also explained that well to. https://maestronet.com/forum/index.php?/topic/332772-question-about-softwoods-absorbingdamping-sound/&do=findComment&comment=682243 Now we just need you to do and sell a book!
  8. How to make thermally aged tonewood on a budget, page 26 in the pdf https://ruokangas.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/Thermally-Aged-Tonewood-2020.pdf
  9. I own the book and read it, at first it was interesting, but as you read towards the end he get's weird and way out in left field, to me.
  10. FoxMitchell Looks like the rabbit heard you
  11. Exactly My thinking too. but enjoy your stuff, keep us posted
  12. Awesome! But you skipped some steps LOL I'll be watching for sure.
  13. This updated video may be interesting to some.
  14. Try and selling those violins to an Orchestra playing field see what others see it would be interesting. I have 20 old violins from different makers and even threw 4 together, and none have the sound that speaks out and grabs you. so to me a Great violin is very hard to find. maybe my ears or color blind and I'm looking for the impossible?
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