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  1. re-gluing the fingerboard

    Hi jaganfiddle, nice write up. Tite bond hide glue ? I heard or read it breaks down. maybe they improved it. thanks again for your write up here
  2. aniline dye

    it usally tells you where you buy it, I bought the dye Wood Dye - Aniline Dye 5 Color Kit - Wood Stain Powder and althoght it was exccelent colors (you mixed them with water/alcohol ) I still had issue with splotchy look so I went with Vernici Liuteria different varnishes for my next violin.
  3. aniline dye

    Bkwood maybe Vernici Liuteria will chime in or you could pm him, he help me with my colors for my next violin.
  4. Workshop space Chicago - moving

    I don't know anything about where you live now beside what you shared, is it a rented place or a owned? if it was me I would not get rid of my place where your currently at until I test the water where your going, it might not go well and you would have your current place still there.from Tennessee to Chicago is two complete different worlds. reminds me of the Beverly Hillbilly's show.
  5. Wilhelm August Hammig

    I could not fine any searching the web
  6. Viola d'Amore check in, please?

    Violadamore, another one out there Tropical Storm Maria! I hope it fizzes away, but you have to watch the ones with women names.
  7. violin marquetry

    Mat , here is some guitar pre-made marquetry very close to what you have . doubled that you could cut separate with a bandsaw or maybe with a sharp knife. LUTHIER PURFLING BINDING MARQUETRY or single LUTHIER PURFLING BINDING MARQUETRY INLAY 930x4x1.5mm
  8. Secrets in the wood (Stradivari's maple)

    Philip, maybe that was so the would be easier to carve?
  9. Violin ID and Restoration Tips?

    FoxMitchell, I used your bassbar removing trick on a violin plate I was carving, I saw that the glue joint was not going to work, somehow my edge joiner got its adjustment out and also I did not do the light test good enough. I should have used a brighter light. the soaking took 2 days and it fell open on it's own. I had to use water on both ends to get the water to wick across. Now to see how I will get these edges fixed. One luther told me to use a sanding board. so when you do your violin joint use a very bright light so you see no light what so ever. My first violin I had no trouble. knowing me I might have used my edger table for a anvil
  10. Violin ID and Restoration Tips?

    Fox I read that box wood was stronger
  11. Stradivarius Sound

    Joshua Bell, playing the violin that was stolen twice. @carl stross is should like this musical piece.
  12. Viola d'Amore check in, please?

    Better to over estimate than under estimate and people get hurt or even killed.
  13. Flood Damaged/Moldy Instruments

    Yes your right UV-C very dangerous strength
  14. Flood Damaged/Moldy Instruments

    I agree, we us UV lights to kill bacteria in sugar tanks (they just blow the air from around the UV) and I also hear they have them on airplanes in the bathrooms
  15. Basic Acoustics Resource

    Well Thanks. LOL if you using it for all the wood then that must be some Awesome wood. I remember seeing someone bending the board a lot and it did not break, looked like rubber wood