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  1. Any theories on what caused this damage?

    It looks to me like something someone tried to touch up those spots with and that something that they used when sour.
  2. Hi Stavanger, It looks like shaking of the wood, edit: Oops jacob already mentioned this, I'm getting blind
  3. Instrument varnished with my product

    Vernici Liuteria Excellent Varnish casein ground first inside and out ground varnish : zinc-rosinate oil varnish 3 coats color layer : zinc madder rosinate o.v. 4 coats Final layer : amber oil o.v. 5 coats have to wait for putting Vernici Liuteria polish on. All Varnish brushed on and sanded with 0000 steel wool between coats to Vernici Liuteria Varnish manual I still have lots of improvements and learning to go to graduate from violin making kindergarten. LOL the wood used was for practice work.
  4. Excellent Stradivari pictures

    While searching for Pictures to learn from , I found this site (some may know about it already) Antonio Stradivari, Cremona, 1704, "Betts" Antonio Stradivari, Cremona, 1727, "Cassavetti"
  5. Don Noon's bench

    Thanks Don, Excellent workmanship, I'll most never reach that quality LOL, I'm lucky to just glue them together. number 2 , it looks like a fiddle.
  6. Don Noon's bench

    Awesome sound Don, the audience loved it it here on your bench
  7. One Very Loud Note (A5)

    Awful Cat!
  8. Conforming f-hole templates to arching between c-bouts

    you could just buy or print a template and draw it on the violin, or if you have a violin with a nice f-hole you trace it.
  9. One Very Loud Note (A5)

    not going to ask how your hurt your fingers, but hope you get better , maybe do a audio or video of the violins problem.
  10. violin linings

    Paulownia is also not good for the end blocks, it is to flemsy, I had issues with the tail piece peg because I used Paulownia , the corner blocks did fine.
  11. One Very Loud Note (A5)

    Do you have a fine tunner on that string? Sounds from your description that something is rubbing or loose causing vibrating. Or a bad string.
  12. Cooking that varnish!

    Good luck finnfinnviolin Be careful I read every where it is dangerous. You can follow Vernici Liuteria and Peter KG Michael Darnton I like the part he shares using roof tar to get a dark varnish, one day I'll try that. Violin varnish and how to make it by Foucher, Georges by Keith Hill
  13. I will start making Violin

    Great seeing you making a violin at your Age, I also started with H.S. book, bought around 1995 and have his VHS tapes to, I just finally got to making a violins this year. keep us updated with your progress
  14. One Very Loud Note (A5)

    FoxMitchell, do any other A notes do this? you may try removing your chin rest and see if it quits or even try another tailpiece. or try the magnet thing as talked about here
  15. Downforce Experiment

    No because it display went on hold too quick I barely had time to get the string to pitch