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  1. Neck Overstand

    possibly a bad sound post fit (with the curve not flat enough to match the plate) or it was not straight or maybe one of the plates or loose in the middle, or a loose bassbar that it could slide loose from tightening the strings. I also made the mistake of fitting a sound post too quick by not letting the violin regain it's moisture after drying in the UV box after varnishing. the violin wood was shrunken enough that after it settled to room humidity that caused the violin to swell enough that the sound post was to short and fell when the strings where loosed.
  2. Can you make a fiddle sound mellow??

    anna5710, can you post pictures of your violin and the bridge setup, that might help others here more knowledgeable to tones . I have made thicker violin bridges (5 mm wide at bottom feet and at middle of bridge) to help mute the tinny nasal sounds. you could also use a mute on the bridge that will do about the same as that thicker bridge. you may also need to check the sound-post and it's location. as others have posted the wood and graduation of the plates also effect this, what size and kind of is this violin ?
  3. Balsa wood for linings?

    I found balsa and Paulina wood too soft so I just use Willow for the lining and corner blocks
  4. Bass Bar Clamps

    nice and sturdy, just have to be careful so you don't crush the top.
  5. Dimensions and shape/profile of linings

    Shucks and I thought a book cover picture would lure you on
  6. Dimensions and shape/profile of linings

    I find that a great way David and the way I'm doing this third fiddle almost fool proof as to fitting the button flat for the back. David when or you going to do a violin making book? like Harry Wake, Henry Strobel etc.. and of course yours would include the "the secrets to Stradivarius tone" and color photo's !!
  7. Dirty Boxes

    looks like a real bee sting!
  8. spectrum analisis ...again

    also Thanks Peter, nice application tool
  9. spectrum analisis ...again

    Thanks Don, I know this is a old thread, but here is a downloadable latest version link
  10. Good verses Bad Arching....

    here is Nigel Harris papers "ON ARCHING SHAPE AND VIOLIN TONE" art9_On arching shape and violin tone. Part1.pdf art10_On arching shape and violin tone. Part 2.pdf
  11. Making a harp

    You might get some ideas here too.
  12. Middle c

    Thanks Bill, the book is also available free on public domain downloadable
  13. Middle c

    Could be something loose inside the violin or maybe your tail piece is touching some where or your string in to close to the finger board. Have you checked for cracks or loose joints where the glue maybe not holding any more.
  14. Interior details of Guarneri DG violins

    Excellent Stavanger, saved these to the computer. Roger Hargrave also has a document , is it the same violin? it has 2 S's Guarneri del Gesu - "Kreissler" 1733 and this one from same year GUARNERIUS DEL GESU 1733
  15. Interior details of Guarneri DG violins

    Maybe watch this 2 part video