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  1. Unknown Thing Found in Violin Case

    Looks like a flat file handle to me
  2. DIY CNC for violinmaking

    thanks golash!
  3. DIY CNC for violinmaking

    golash, what kind of interface controller did you use for your cnc?
  4. DIY CNC for violinmaking

    Awesome golash, keep us updated! I have stl files of a violin that was used for a 3d printer, you might can convert them for CNC and use the top and bottom.
  5. Fox's Bench

    I like the sound of that number 3 too, it has a wonderful tone you did a good job. Thanks for posting the sound clips. Fox did you put a new bass bar in it.
  6. Fox's Bench

    Nice work Fox you're a natural! Also enjoyed your sound file, you did great to my ears, one day I might get that good.
  7. This post has been deleted

    He is watching lol , his status shows last visit 11 hours ago
  8. Surface gouge repair

    Here is her web page
  9. Don Noon's bench

    Wonderful and Excellent work, Don a Fine violin !!
  10. Seeking Arching Templets

    thanks with_joerg for these!
  11. Wing crack in new violin

    Nice tip jacob something I can use. nice clamp, it would be nice if it had a window, I am curious too where you got it. Opps you posted before I got finished, Wonderful work on your clamps
  12. Experimental Violin at The Violin Shop in Nashville

    Awesome work Berl, as always and thanks for all your advice and sharing how you do your work, It does not go unnoticed.
  13. MikeC's bench

    you can build yourself a duplicator like I did for about 200.00 to do the rough gouging part, but if your only building a few it might not be worth the expense. I bought a cheap maple pre carved back to use as a template.
  14. A string trouble

    Thanks Andrew, for the proof , and for the violin it is about 75.00 , cheap
  15. A string trouble

    I Don't know any quick easy fix, But I can see by reading a lot online and also in violin books I have that the issue is when the Air volume frequency is lower (A0 average is said to be 270 Hz that come out your F-holes)and is so close to your C note frequency (262 HZ) it causes those issues, and I may need correcting here. I think the average fix was adding something to off set those frequencies, I read where some have used a temporary fix with magnets I think it was Oded Kishony . JMC-Helmholtz_Resonance--Re-ct2.pdf