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  1. What type of oil do you recommend?
  2. Typically I am asked by customers to smooth anyway textured areas in varnish. I do this by wet sanding with 1500 micro mesh, then moving to 2400 mirco mesh, before finishing with 0000 steel wool. The result is effective as the textured area is now smooth. My concern however is that the micro mesh and steel wool leave small micro scratches in the varnish. They are very small and thin grey lines. Is there a way to avoid these scratches in the future? Thanks!
  3. I am currently repairing an old German violin. I've just finished a bit of touch up work and to my disappointment the new varnish is much more glossy than the original varnish. I used spirit varnish for the touch up work. Despite intially rubbing away the gloss with 0000 steel wool, it returns after a few moments of being left alone. Ive seen a few places recommend silica gel. If that is a solution how much should be mixed with the varnish? Thanks!