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  1. Maybe a bit heretical but my bandsaw, disc sander and my Kutzall wood carving disc.
  2. Jaydub

    Andrea Amati

    Thanks everyone, that's quite helpful.
  3. Jaydub

    Andrea Amati

    Hi all, I’m wondering if anyone knows of any good resources regarding Instruments by Andrea Amati. I’ve been through the photos and info on Tarisio and the National music Museum. Also the material on the strad website. I have the 1566 violin poster, eagerly awaiting the other to be reprinted. Just wondering if there are any other good places to look. My google skills are generally poor…
  4. Greetings maestronetters, I have a violin to do some work on that shows a couple of unusual features, particularly oddly shaped top and bottom blocks, and some extensive repair work. No label. Wondering if anyone can put a name/origin to it. Thanks in advance.
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