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  1. rossini

    Merry Christmas everyone!

    Merry Christmas and happy holiday to all
  2. rossini

    Kloz ID

    how about Schmidt ?
  3. rossini

    Wood ID

    i say sugar maple but i have seen walnut like that used for Persian dulcimer alot
  4. rossini

    Samuel Zygmuntowicz Violin

    you can wait for my death and buy one of my violin from my kids
  5. rossini

    Another 5 string Sultana

    I cannot wait to see the final product . thanks for sharing . and congrats on the sale hopefully you have gotten enough to pay for the band aid that you used.
  6. rossini

    Does Anyone Have a Yita Cello

    both ware m19 beautiful flame maple but neck ware as white as bone . i didn't like the super shiny finish . I wont tell buy or not to buy as they are not that expensive compare with a real deal
  7. rossini

    Does Anyone Have a Yita Cello

    I have seen two of them with the same problem, which is warped fingerboards . I always feel these wood are still green .
  8. rossini

    Ergonomic Viola Idea

    violin shape is like a flying unicorn .what else can be done there? unless you want to make it ugly . rhino with wings or elephant
  9. rossini

    Perry Sultana...

    it look like a super beautiful lady without make up, just waiting for breakfast to be served . amazing
  10. rossini

    Getting the g to speak

    first i will play with sound post and after finding best spot for all strings i will check bridge and play around . also sometime string can be rearrange and mixed ,try vision . also ask other players for their opinion about the violin . sometime your ear is not responding
  11. strong light will help you to examine the worm damage
  12. rossini

    so ugly it's almost cool...

    If Don Quixote had a violin
  13. rossini

    Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO YOU TOO. we downsize our torky to big fat hen and won't be any left over for sure
  14. rossini

    Cleaning rosin & gunk for violins with acetone

    I use the same method sometime but i get drank before start spiting and polishing,
  15. rossini

    Perry Sultana...

    Hi as much as i love to you succeed i am scare you going to have problem with your choice for this one. i have seen what lovely instrument you would make and i wish it will survive for 100s of years. i would follow this one as i did for your beautiful amati viola. I always am scare of worm damaged wood ,their anzim soften wood and change it their way would change the surrounding area.