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  1. Rimino

    Old Violin

    The violin is not mine and I edited the information. Sorry I didn’t reply sooner. I imagine the back is original. The photo and light angle may have varied the color appearance and the top was abused.
  2. Rimino

    Old Violin

    Thanks everyone, I’ll use the wise advice and the dirt cleaned out really well.
  3. Rimino

    Old Violin

    Thanks, I’ll try to find a color then maybe at Kremer pigments.
  4. Rimino

    Old Violin

    Thank you for this, I will sand it down and clean out the cracks and after that I will touch up varnish like you said and I am trying to plan out the rest right now. Does anyone have a suggestion about what to mix with clear oil varnish to touch up this?
  5. Rimino

    Old Violin

    I used a yellow stain and clear oil varnish and it seems too light.
  6. Rimino

    Old Violin

    I have this violin and will touch up and can anyone please suggest a brown color to mix with clear oil varnish? Thanks a lot in advance.
  7. Right, I didn’t think to mention, If the buyer considers to ask, the seller could also measure it maybe accurately and if they’re wrong it’s free shipping both ways; EBay is good about that even on scrupulous matters. I still maintain, according to the stated reasons, my opinion that such traits are a requirement and essential for great performance.
  8. I just checked this topic and measured the stick from the picture and the thumb position diameter is significantly greater than the diameter just above the silver winding which is the way original Tourte bows were built and I’ve found is rarely imitated even by some great French makers which, if not made like this, in my opinion, the mind’s recognition of the bow hand is left measurably distracted by this disproportion; as this seems to me to be one of many attributes of Tourte bows that made them sought after.
  9. That’ll be good. The tone is 50% back and when it’s 100% it’ll be maybe quite a while before it’s restored since I need a second violin too.
  10. I screen shot it because I couldn’t transfer to photos so bad resolution , the titanic violin. Ill try to find a book. I had it in a light box enough to get it warm overnight and it has way less chatter and fat tone. I think more light box treatment and playing it will break it in.
  11. I’m thinking that if it was too wet even if it goes back to same dryness something might change it to what it was before if it’s different now.
  12. Will do, the neck projection is only 25 or 26 mm at the bridge, afterward I’ll revive this post if some want me to, it will take time to finish the work and I’m going to try to “dry it out” for my sake in non careless ways like a light box but with more outside air, etc. first.
  13. Since I started the topic already I want to see in case after the bridge is cut if it still sounds the same or I might improve it or a future violin in this or another way.
  14. Ok, I’ll really have to control myself because this is my only violin to play.
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