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  1. There is no evidence that normal social life is going to take place until fall 2021.
  2. Exactly. I clamp the plate vertically and the router is touching the underside of the plates.
  3. After making platforms by scribe/chisel, router table and other jigs I ended up with the method Ulrich Hinsberger explained in his Strad article. It is a Dremel w/ router attachement and saw blade like router bit. Saves quite a lot of time and it is pretty hard to destroy a plate with it.
  4. Best regards from Lisa, we are both looking forward to see you again when all this changes.
  5. Depends strongly on the look you aim for. On 18th century cremonese models IMHO anything than poplar for the center strip doesn‘t look right.
  6. The pain comes from sitting and is enhanced if you sit with a round back (kyphosis on the lower back). Stop sitting, walk and run as often as you can and do some sciatic exercises from time to time (there are plenty of them on YouTube).
  7. David Berbuer sells the other mentioned Peg shaper. As far as i remember, @JacksonMaberry has some experience with it. I have no experience with the Alberti, but the Herdim non-adjustable shapers need a lot of tweaks to make it work. No recommendation at all.
  8. What a moving video, thank you for sharing Davide. I can’t dare to think that maybe there won’t be mondomusica this year. All the best wishes to the Cremonese people and this beautiful town.
  9. The burn can affect any region of the body, just a matter of severity. Facial nerve can be burned, followed by myocloni which can look weird. In this case I second your opinion, it is rather unlikely that is has something to do with his burns.
  10. Thanks a lot, Mr. Strelnikov-Resch. Could you describe what you didn’t like about the tone of the Leduc? I know, that’s pretty hard to describe and talk about. Does anybody know about a dG with a similar arching concept? According to the Biddulph book, the Carrodus and the Ole Bull tops have a small tendency towards a pidgeon shape but nothing like the Leduc. Even the back of the Leduc is rather “traditionally” arched.
  11. The color temperature is adjustable between 3200-5600K. In my experience dichroic varnish colors turn towards red with decreasing the color temperature of the light source. IMHO nice varnishes look even nicer und halogen lighting, which is around 2900-3000K.
  12. I’ve heard a rumor that the Leduc had some wolfs. I’ve no idea if that’s the truth, but looking at the arching, especially the extremely flat areas below the f-holes I could imagine that’s the case. I was intrigued mostly by the f-holes, not only because of their length but rather by the combination of length and high position. I made a violin with a similar outline, my own arching concept based on rather common dG arching combined with the Leduc f-hole anatomy. I am curious how it will turn out compared to the “usual stuff” I am making. I did once a pidgeon shaped arching and wasn’t pleased by the sound, but i would rather ascribe it to my disability to make that arching work.
  13. I agree with what @Rue wrote in her previous post. I’m pretty sure she meant the flu/cold type of virus and knows the difference between orthomyxoviridae and coronaviridae. I strongly recommend everybody who is making claims about this topic to cite rather raw data of scientific publications than newspaper articles, opinions and interpretations. At the moment we have a misbalance between knowledge and opinions. What you @l33tplaya are claiming may or may not apply. The data we have at the moment simply is not valid enough for definitive conclusions. Taking it serious and keep new infections as low as possible until herd immunity and vaccines solve the problem seems to be a working/promising concept.
  14. Being pretty sure most of you already know about this, I still wanted to share the majestic sound of this instrument with you: The instrument has been loaned to Augustin Hadelich earlier this year as far as i know. A few striking aspects: If it is also the leduc he is playing at home, its color varies from amber brown to deep red, depending on camera settings and lighting. I couldn’t name another instrument which has such a mellow, human voicing without harshness and still seems to have the ability to cut well through the orchestra. (I know, it is just a recording...) Always when I look through the Biddulph Book, a few construction details attracted my attention: - Pretty scooped arching, especially on the top below the lower corners. - rather long f-holes set very high, reaching the north of the c-bouts, also resulting in a pretty narrow area between the lower f-hole eye and the outside edge - very short stop length of about 188 mm on the treble side, if i remember correctly - scroll -varnish: extraordinary good state of preservation for a GdG IMHO - back thickness: One of the thinnest of the later dG (probably due to regraduation, or high density, or both, or because Catarina finished it, we’ll never know) Did anyone of you have the pleasure to listen to and see this pretty instrument without a screen in between?
  15. I’m curious what the experts are going to say, but if it is antiquing, it could be something like lamp black rubbed over the varnish. The dark areas seem to have lost their sealer/ground, so the pigment penetrated into the wood. To me it looks like it would be a lot of work to remove the pigment. I doubt it would be possible to make it completely invisible.
  16. Fresh dents and chips may take quite a long time, dirt and polish to look „nice.“
  17. Well said. Generally i could imagine differences between investor’s instruments and lower priced instruments, which could rather probably decrease in market value for at least some time.
  18. Actually i was not referring to you. There are plenty of people making similar comparisons, as abstract as they may be.
  19. Maybe I am not realizing how much fear there is around. At least if some people call a virus an alien. I shouldn’t have chime into this thread. Visiting maestronet is so relaxing to me after a working day talking all the time about nothing but covid. And what am i doing here? - Talking about COVID. Sorry guys. Also for (hopefully not) taking hope.
  20. Why is it VERY tentative? I thought it is just “tentative”. But what do i know. Even the most tentative, but false claim does not help.
  21. Do you guys really not understand my problem with false hopes?
  22. Well, my English is pretty bad. I interpreted a “could be a game changer” as: “This might help”. Am I so far off? That is what Mr. Trump was referring to (i hope...) https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0924857920300996?via%3Dihub The control and verum groups are not randomized, not homogenous and there are plenty of severe methodical, misleading problems with this study. Absolutely nothing wrong with making such a study, but absolutely wrong citing that as a president and giving hope to people.
  23. Weren’t his words “Could be a tremendous breakthrough” or “Could be a game changer. Very powerful”? I was not all too serious about it and it was not my aim to offend you, but these words would be completely misleading to me. A quick google search is enough for the knowledge that out of the existing substances which may be effective in Covid-19 treatment the combination of those two is not any better than the other few, which all together are actually not promising. At the moment I observe people doing and saying mainly grotesque and irrational things which is quite normal in such a situation. Maybe you Americans are far more different than I think, but i prefer a sober and calm speech from authorities in these times.
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