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  1. My 2 cents. Strip the varnish and do it again. You will learn a ton from that process. Don’t be discouraged. Buying good varnish is expensive but still a lot cheaper than doing it by yourself.
  2. I am pretty sure you know about other madder colored pigment free varnishes. If you want to stick with rosinates, Jackson Maberry makes some great stuff.
  3. Spruce for sure is not in a dangerous state in central Europe due to the demand, since the vast majority of forests are pure spruce forests. What may eventually erase spruce in central europe are the climatic changes.
  4. these are photographs. I like this folder quite a bit. Still, there is a tiny bit of distortion since the forms are not scanned.
  5. Should be worth about -200$
  6. Having competed in Mittenwald and Vsa this year, I would consider VSA to be lightyears ahead in almost every aspect. you get a complete feedback, see all the instruments, there went a lot more brainwork into the judging process.
  7. 300 make a difference, and I still disagree.
  8. Nevertheless, a lot of the tone awards had this „smashed in your face“ sound which i didn‘t hear in old italian violins so far. An it is also not what i prefer. Nevertheless, Pielaszeks violin had a lot of texture, complexity and sweetness to it.
  9. Attila Pasztor is one of the nicest guys I‘ve met so far. His playing on Friday evening at the competition room blew my mind.
  10. Btw, during the last Vsa we had the opportunity to look at around 15 Guarneri fam instruments and plenty of moderns. Well, I liked the ground of the Justin Hess violin a lot more than the “rare old ones”. It is mainly because I like a bit more fire/colored varnish or resin in the flames, which cremonese usually have to a very limited extent.
  11. The range among the highly respected luthiers would be between 100-250h for „hand made violins“. At least I know luthiers on both sides of the extremes.
  12. You are welcome I would have never bought the sander for cello making, but it is a relict from my guitar making times…still don’t want to miss it.
  13. Space, cradles, uv cabinet, mold is all there. Rib and lining thicknessing takes me 3 minutes with a sanding machine.
  14. How much more work is a Cello compared to a violin? I have made only 1 cello so far and worked parallel on 2 violins, so finally I have no real idea of the proportion regarding the amount of working time. My guesstimate would be around 3 times the amount of work compared to a violin. What is your experience?
  15. Already the single instrument of Jordan Hess, an almost non antiqued early 40‘s dG model was enough to make this room overwhelming to me. The woodwork was so courageous rough… really refreshing to my eyes. Not to forget all the other great makers there. The new instrument exhibit was as important to me as the rare instrument exhibit. All in all I gained a ton of knowledge there. Many thanks to the VSA and all the participants/volunteers who made this happen!
  16. Hahaha good to know. Since Munich has the 2nd highest density of luthiers with a lower demand than Cremona, moving to Cremona would be at least my 2nd worst idea
  17. Does not apply to the instruments but just the tools, right?
  18. It also is not the greatest idea to go lean over fat.
  19. Thank you. Unfortunately i have no further pictures yet. The violin was displayed in the Museum until yesterday. These days I‘m at the VSA, so i am going to post a bit after things get a bit calmer
  20. Thank you Davide! Comparing the antiqued vs pristine violins the jury seemed to prefer the fully varnishes a lot…
  21. 8th at the Mittenwald competition for this violin. I am quite satisfied with the result, since this was my first entry to a competition ever.
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