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  1. I think that in countries with generally higher incomes Chinese fiddles/low budget fiddles don’t compete at all with high-quality handmade luthier instruments. Players looking for a Instrument have mainly one goal in common: Get the best instrument you could imagine in the given „high quality maker price class“. There are also plenty of amateur players buying in this category. This is mainly due to economics and this views change dramatically from country to country. Even within Germany there are gigantic differences.
  2. If all of the histological findings are due to contamination, how it is possible that they found casein on 3-4 cell layers under full varnish?
  3. We seem to have this in common. Yes, I love the toolmarks!!!
  4. Thank you so much for the great pictures! I love the texture, it makes this large surfaces we see on cellos much more interesting. I am not completely convinced if the didn’t use a scraper at all. Especially your 3rd picture of the back shows clear plane strokes on a more or less smooth surface, which might be a result of a way too hasty use of scrapers.
  5. What means British? I vote for Greiner
  6. Haha yes, that was the Time. Can we see you on the photo?
  7. Actually I didn’t know that dealers hate Strads chippy varnish Joking aside, important point, especially in non-antiqued work. Stable varnish means less trouble for the dealer and the customer, and more trouble for the antiquing luthier.
  8. If you want to neutralize acidity without hardening the resin too much you could also use potassium or sodium hydroxide and/or potash. I like to add 1/3 of the acid number equivalent, otherwise things get too hygroscopic. (By liming the rosin you actually are making soaps).
  9. My varnish is heavily limed and responds perfectly to alcohol. That is what I use for wear imitation.
  10. You can dissolve Colophony to get the same effect. The balsam dries horribly long. I like the effect of 80/20 short oil varnish more than pure colophony and it isn’t that chippy, too. If you know how to prepare the varnish it is way harder than pure balsam and adds less damping to the wood.