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  1. The quality in madder and cochineal pigments in every aspect can vary so greatly that it is difficult to me to make general statements about them. Made in the right way, imo they can’t be surpassed in transparency, color quality and are lightest enough. I don’t want a car varnish on my violins. It has to age in a charming way. Some sort of mild fading is part of it.
  2. Thank you so much, I am flattered! Who knows maybe some day in the future I am going to make a straight varnished instrument again
  3. I completely agree, it is so difficult to judge from pictures. Here is the same violin without the color varnish, could be a different instrument imo:
  4. Hi Davide, thank you! No flame burning, so no intention. The picture was before any antiquing process started sometimes I varnish with shaded areas to speed up the shading process…
  5. My neighbor asked me about wood staining methods for his new built wooden hut. I told him about the iron/acetate solution, and he used it on the outside. Was pretty disappointed, because there was almost no visible effect. One year later, the color turned to a really dark grey.
  6. yes, John is right, in english it seems to be catechu. -ou is the german term.
  7. You can adjust the tint of nitra/i-tes by catechou towards red and tannin rather greenish/gray.
  8. only 405 do also a poor tanning job. For oil curing it almost does not matter, but to get good tan i had the best results with the mix of 365 and 405
  9. I think it is about the least harmful procedure. I love the hygroscopic debate about nitrates. On a whole violin it is about 0,3 g pure nitrite salt needed… Using casein can also be a lot more harmful than the methods you named. It is all about the execution of a procedure and not that much about the procedure itself.
  10. thank you @John Harte for this great post. I was tempted to do a bit of fuming but this is quite discouraging. Did you by any chance similar tests with nitrites?
  11. at least it is cleanly cut
  12. do we know the tone judges for Anaheim yet?
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