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  1. This violin (canary bird?) has indeed a rather full looking arching. But it isn’t quite as full as on this photograph and not all del gesus are shaped like that.
  2. Any arching shape doesn’t mean a lot until the channel reaches it’s close to final depth. A nice looking arch with a 4+mm channel might end up being a too full looking arch or a bumpy arching curve if you don’t blend it carefully enough.
  3. This brilliance of the color looks gorgeous! I like it a lot! Hope you will be fine soon, wish you all the best. Are you willing to share more details of this beautiful ground?
  4. Haha, didn’t know about that so far Actually I was never a huge fan of role plays, but things may change with age....
  5. Obviously lot of the exhibitors cancelled booths, I hope especially that D&D will be there. That is pretty much the only stuff I can’t get in Germany
  6. I am going to be there, unless the situation changes, which can happen pretty fast.
  7. Maybe you should consider buying it via import through kremer NY or Germany (if the ban doesn’t affect imports). Should be still the cheapest option.
  8. Is there another reason for installing wittners besides sloppy fitted pegs?
  9. I am not sure, the violin was displayed pretty bad. The viewing distance from the front was over 2 meters, so too far away to have a better idea about such details. I hardly realized that this was the Alard dG because it was hanging among 20 other, partly mediocre violins in a huge glass container. The cite de la musique museum should do something about this.
  10. What about the Tuscan viola 1690 in the Florence museum? Is it altered?
  11. May I ask what kind of reaction you had?
  12. Unfortunately the pitch changes depending on the scratching speed. In order to get valid information, you have either to knock from the backside or scratch always in a comparable speed. You are right, he mentioned that once. It think he changed it in a few details. Interestingly, there seem to be a handful of Swedish makers using different tap-tuning methods.
  13. Their dichromatic colors are partly based on azo dyes, which have the tendency to give a dark grey - black under uv. This is noticeable in viewing such glaces in sunlight (the color seems a bit dull).
  14. I consider pigments in violin varnish to behave similar to food spices. In the right amount, they can support the food "color"/ taste perfectly. But would you ever dare to eat spices without any base meal?
  15. Might be a possibility, but I don’t see a reason to invest a lot of time into the analysis since my ears do it without any effort.