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  1. Thx Chung. My purfling is 1.2 mm and the DICTUM 1.2mm bit I got (and quickly broke due to inexperience) from International Violins seems to be a good fit. Just a tiny, tiny bit of play that should disappear when I glue the purfling, I'm expecting anyways.
  2. Thank-you Michael. I'll look through the threads for compression end mills ... These were new terms for me before asking my question about the purfling bits to use. In the meantime, I find references to up-cut, down-cut, compression cut end mills when ordering bits. Are the ones you use one of these types, ignoring the compression one?
  3. Thx for the flute and bit source info. Get many hits on MSC ... Would it be MSC Industrial Supply?
  4. I've been doing some more practice cuts, implementing the various suggestions such as shallower cuts, going counter-clockwise and making sure that the jig is firmly against the test wood to minimize wandering and it's getting better. Thx all for the useful tips!
  5. Hi Evan, love your comment about us old dudes ... So true! Much like my violin making, I'm learning to be a player, but it too is a tough skill to acquire! That's an impressive rig you have there! A lot of thought and engineering obviously went into it! Congrats! I too love to McGuiver things!
  6. Yes, I unscrewed to Dremel end to expose the thread and then threaded it into a 3/4 (if I recall) nut that is epoxied in the jig. Stays in nice and tight. Pete
  7. Thx for explaining it to me Roger. Will follow your advice, along with shallower cuts. Pete
  8. Thx Duane and excellent suggestion about having someone watching how I do it by hand. I could definitely gain and learn from that. Unfortunately, I haven't found someone who could guide me in my area (Ottawa, Canada), but it's definitely something I need to do. Experience is priceless! My reluctance has been that I'm a beginner and the violin prototype I'm working on is likely considered an abomination in the traditional violin making world! This prototype doesn't use proper violin quality tonewood yet. It will be a 5 string electric when done. Pete
  9. Yeah, that might very well be true. That being said, my most inner cut turned out better than my hand cut channel. Like another member mentioned, I too am an older dude and thus look at ways to minimize strain on my sore hands. But you're right. Mastering both methods and choosing the one that fits me best is a good approach. Pete
  10. Yep, shallow cuts are the key I think. My original concern with multiple passes was that it gave me more chances of wandering on subsequent passes, but I'll solve that with practice and making sure I keep the jig solidly against the plate. Thx again! Pete
  11. Thx for the video link. Found it very useful. It confirms what many have said about getting to 2mm in several shallow passes. Pete
  12. Thx uncle Duke. Others also share your thoughts about the depth on each pass so I'll be doing that. I was way to aggressive doing a 2mm deep cut in one pass. Think I'll try running it a little slower as well in attempt to try and keep the bit cooler, maybe 25-30k rpm and see how it affects the cut. 35k rpm I used might have been excessive. Pete
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