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  1. Hi maestronet, it's been a while since I posted last time. But since then I've learned so much about the trade, much of that thanks to this wonderful forum. A friend of mine, and myself, both recently discovered violins by 2 famous 18th century makers upon evaluation by experts. Allow me to conceal the makers and the experts for now, and just treat this as a hypothetical story. However, being "discovered" from the wild, these instruments are in conditions needing some quite serious repair before we could consign them to private sale or auctions at their fair market price. The repairs range from neck reset, complete clean up, cleaning/regluing cracks, and so on. So the obvious problem is, we'll soon be facing repair bills beyond our current financial capabilities, far beyond what we paid for these instruments, to even sell these instruments at their correct value. So given the situation, normally speaking, will average reputable dealers be willing to finance the repair bill, given I'll be consigning the instrument to them? I know this may vary from dealer to dealer, but a general "speaking from experience" would definitely give me some good idea on what to expect before I have the difficult conversation with them... Thank you so much!
  2. https://m.ebay.com/itm/ITALIAN-over-250-years-old-4-4-violin-violon-C-F-LANDOLFI-full-size-/173240167064 Been following this seller for a while, and this one is labeled Landolfi which seemed quite old to me. I guess it does look a bit like a Landolfi then of course the wood and varnish and such is totally wrong. What do y’all think?
  3. oh well I jist saw that certificate, Thanks for remind
  4. I've been search through posts in this forum for a quite long time and a lot of them are really helpful, really learned a lot over here. However now I feel like to actually register an acount to gather some opinions here. Scrolling through the new Feburary sale on Tarisio to find something that I can potentially get, after some modern Italians, this one suddenly caught my eyes: lot 174 https://tarisio.com/auctions/auction/lot/?csid=2198536192&cpid=3418554368&filter_key=96f09d9f4190b2efd4cd193578bfbea8&sCategory_ID=36 So I've been sending email to Tarisio and I've been told that they are simply uncertain about makers of any part of this instrument! btw as a composite the top is not original. Plus soundpost cracks on both front and back, whole bunch of inserts, cracks, I also kind of feel like it may not worth the estimate? In my opinion it does look pretty nice; with back and scroll look a bit like Amati school? So what's your opinion on it? First post ever, thank for any replys
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