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  1. Been following this seller for a while, and this one is labeled Landolfi which seemed quite old to me. I guess it does look a bit like a Landolfi then of course the wood and varnish and such is totally wrong. What do y’all think?
  2. Thanks a lot for comments, really helpful !
  3. oh well I jist saw that certificate, Thanks for remind
  4. I've been search through posts in this forum for a quite long time and a lot of them are really helpful, really learned a lot over here. However now I feel like to actually register an acount to gather some opinions here. Scrolling through the new Feburary sale on Tarisio to find something that I can potentially get, after some modern Italians, this one suddenly caught my eyes: lot 174 So I've been sending email to Tarisio and I've been told that they are simply uncertain about makers of any part of this instrument! btw as a composite the top is not original. Plus soundpost cracks on both front and back, whole bunch of inserts, cracks, I also kind of feel like it may not worth the estimate? In my opinion it does look pretty nice; with back and scroll look a bit like Amati school? So what's your opinion on it? First post ever, thank for any replys