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  1. Many thanks Jacob. I will look much more carefully at the cello from now on. And it does sound very nice too.
  2. My apologies. I’m aware that painted purfling is one indicator and that you wrote a checklist of Mittenwald v Mk Violin characteristics but was having some trouble applying these to this cello. I also admit to being misled by the short back length. It would be great if you could link to your previous comments please. I’m sure others would also appreciate this.
  3. Thank you Jacob. Can you help my ignorance by indicating what makes it so clearly Schonbach please?
  4. You guys were great in helping me re the bow that goes with this cello, so here goes- I’m trusting to your generous expertise again. The cello is quite short - lob 738 - and whilst I feel I ought to think it is German, I am hovering about it possibly being English. Not sure about whether the neck and scroll is original. It seems to be made of beech but then possibly the front is also beech I think. The purfling on both back and front , where it is a single black line, is painted on and wearing away in places. The arching is pretty low, and a bit misrepresented in the photos I think . All comments most welcomed.
  5. I’m pretty sure the underside is not steel but silver, as are the screws. The adjuster also seems to be silver and works perfectly.
  6. Thank you so much everyone for the very helpful observations. I’m assuming it is German as the head is certainly polished not matte, though the triangle v pentagon is not so clear to me. Regardless, it is lovely to play with and that is the key thing.
  7. Sorry for the poor quality of the photos. Hopefully these are rather better.
  8. Can any of you experts out there help please with identifying where this bow might come from? I love the elegance of the tip, which is ebony lined and has quite a marked triangle on each side close to the very tip. The round stick seems to be pernambuco and the bow weighs 82.4 grams and is full size. I hope the photos give enough clues but can post more if not.
  9. I should have said that I bought this at a local auction as a nineteenth century violin. Hence my problem with where it might have been made. The replies so far suggest it is German and I did think this likely but it seems rather nicer than the trade fiddles I’ve seen.
  10. I’ve just bought this violin as it has a powerful,resonant and bright sound. I also really liked the deep cut scroll and decorative purfling on the back. Any help with identifying it would be much appreciated. There is some crackling in the varnish as I’ve tried to show in the close up picture of the back and the saddle but it is not unsightly. Thanks.
  11. Many thanks for such a fast reply Martin. I’m amazed at what you can tell from my poor pics. It had to be too good to be true but I’ve never heard of Pinchbeck. This bow is for the bin then.
  12. Hi Just wondering if anyone can provide any help to identify this bow which I’ve had for about thirty years but only just got round to cleaning up a bit. I’d like to think it is French but I really don’t know. It seems to be gold mounted with silver wire grip and the adjuster has a single pin in one of the octagonal sections. The nipple on the tip has been knocked off and there is minor damage to the wood at the back of the head, as you can hopefully see from the photos. It is75cm long and without hair weighs 53.5 grams. Here are some pics taken on my phone but I could do better quality ones on a camera if required. Many info would be helpful as if this is a good bow then I want to get it repaired for my own use. I’m assuming that tepairing the head is not essential or else not hugely expensive.
  13. I'm tackling a neck graft on a lovely old three quarter size double bass and wondered if anyone could help with a pattern for the neck. Cello, violin and viola patterns are freely available but a bass one eludes me. Ideas on where to buy a pattern would also be great if there are no free versions out there.
  14. Can you please explain why? It doesn't have the highly flamed back that I thought Mirecourt would display.
  15. oops sorry! here is the right picture. They are boxwood pegs. Thanks for comments so far. I can't post a pic of the bottom of the pegbox until Monday I'm afraid as i don't have the violin here at home with me. It's at the workshop. Sorry.
  16. Hi, I would really appreciate some help with identifying this violin, which I think may be English. Not sure quite why - just a gut reaction. It has very low arching and has had a neck graft that clearly needs sorting as the photos show damage where it fits into the top block, all around the button. I'm not sure quite how to tackle this repair yet, but that is for another day! Measurements are as follows| length 355 mm upper bout 172mm; middle 115; lower 212. rib depth 30mm plate to nut 127mm fingerboard 269 nut width 25 peg box top 113mm The very narrow peg box is something I've not encountered before. Any comments on either where it might be from or the problems re restoration would be much appreciated.
  17. Fyldefiddler

    PVA glue

    I'm trying to remove the front from an old double bass to try to kstart repairing it, but it seems to be held in place with lots of pva or aruldite type glue. Any suggestions on how to clean it off? Methylated spirits doesn't penetrate it, and a softening with the hair dryer works, but I'm concerned at losing lots of the old varnish using this method.
  18. Thanks everyone for your help. Much appreciated - I still have lots to learn.
  19. Here are a some more pictures that show side and front of the scroll and the purfling. How old do you reckon this is then, if it is antiqued in the way you describe. I paid £700 for this and you've got me worried now!
  20. Forgot to say it has an Amati label. How do you know 19th German please?
  21. The purfling is certainly real. I've looked at it through a loupe. The bass bar crack you mention doesn't seem to be a crack - or one that has been tightly repaired. Could it be faked to make the violin look older? Heres a close up to show the purfling more clearly I hope.
  22. Can anyone please help in identifying my violin? I suspect it is a German copy but any help would be great. It has a very pretty one piece back and the scroll seems nice to me, but I'm just a player trying to learn more about instruments so I just bought this in a local sale as I liked the look of it. The peg holes seem to have been rebushed and I can see the lines of what seem to be a neck graft but only visible in good light. May not be easily seen on my pictures. I'm guessing this means it is quite old.