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  1. Thanks Jacob I just did a quick search after your reply and found this? it looks identical, or am i just being clueless? Thanks again in advance! https://bridgewoodandneitzert.london/product/violin-bow-by-arnold-voigt-markneukirchen-c-1945/
  2. Hi, I should start by saying I am not a musician, I wanted desperately to be, and tried many instruments when I was younger but I am apparently completely talent-less, so I may struggle with industry terms..... I bought the following at a recent auction on a whim (yes i know dumb) because i thought it was just elegant, and love tactile things... (again yes i know) I just wanted to try and identify if it is only worthy of wall decoration, or if I should be doing something else with it. My total investment was £50, and so I am very happy if it is just for decoration, but I thought I should try to find out more about it. Thanks in advance for any help! Simon (these were just taken quickly with my phone, I can get better pics if that helps more...) it is just short of 75cm from the base, across the bow to the tip, and weighs just shy of 60grams.
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