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  1. Opinions on new f-hole template

    So I've decided to make an attempt at creating a more original f-hole shape. Any opinions/critiques are greatly appreciated, and anyone who would like to share their original designs are welcome. p.s. don't mind some of the irregularities, I freehanded this, scanned it, and then filled it in with black on the computer.
  2. Violin Making Schools

    I may schedule a visit this summer, any message(s) you would like me to deliver?
  3. Violin Making Schools

    Thank you very much, this is very informative and will be put to good use!
  4. Violin Making Schools

    I've been thinking if getting an associates degree in something like business management, or something broad that can be applied to many situations, at a local community college which I would only have to attend for one year because of how many credits I am graduating High School with as they would transfer over. Wondering if that's a good idea or not.
  5. Violin Making Schools

    Currently, I have been playing as the first-chair cellist in my High School orchestra and I am just about 9 months into learning violin (which I am loving by the way). Let's not talk about viola just yet So it's mostly working on step two and I've got two years I'm going to be spending at the local violin shop to learn as much as I possibly can. I'm also looking into squeezing a woodworking class into my senior year of High School so I can only hope that can happen. Thank you for your advice
  6. Violin Making Schools

    I've looked into the VMSA in Salt Lake City, definitely an option. And I have just the local shop in mind to do exactly as you stated at the end
  7. Violin Making Schools

    Upstate New York but anywhere in the United States is okay with me when it comes to the location of the school, I am very willing to travel
  8. Violin Making Schools

    I have recently decided that the process of violin making and repairing is something I may want to do as a career for the working part of my life (and as a hobby for the rest of it). However, I am only a Junior in High School so that is subject to change. But I was wondering if anyone had recommended schools for violin making and repairing that I would want to attend after graduating High School. I find myself reading many threads on this website and losing track of time very easily, especially when I work on little things on my own violin. I want to learn so much more about this art and I am thinking about applying to work at my local violin shop to learn the basics over the next two summers to prepare myself. Any input is greatly appreciated and any other suggestions will be taken into consideration. Thank you all very much as I am so glad I found this site just a little less than a year ago.
  9. Opinions on this bow?

    The balance point is at about 10". And just out of curiosity, what' your preferred weight for a bow?
  10. Opinions on this bow?

    The owner of the shops claims it to be Brazilwood
  11. Opinions on this bow?

    Thanks for your input, I may stop by and give it a try as that will be the deciding factor.
  12. Opinions on this bow?

    Just wondering if this would be worth an $85 investment as it is available at my local violin shoppe. ~66 grams
  13. C-Bout Repair?

    But there aren't any holes in the opposite c-bout. wait nevermind I see them
  14. C-Bout Repair?

    Can anyone identify the purpose behind the 3 circles on the treble-side c-bout? And don't worry... I do not intend on purchasing
  15. perhaps you can hum it for us?