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  1. violin id

    Well, down here, -17°C is 1.4°C, we've seen worse this winter. Still cold, though! But 'relatively balmy'??? OMG!!! Glad your heater worked today, even though you needed it less. ~
  2. Importance of grain direction on maple backs

    lol Hey, that Rolex I bought in NY stopped working! Wonder if I can find that alley and that guy again?
  3. violin id

    Rue, I'm so sorry. Hang in there, spring will some someday.
  4. violin id

    You are always the 'in-kid,' Rue! Glad you have not frozen out there on the prairie!
  5. How to Repair Button Separation From Neck?

    Glue and screw? (sorry! )
  6. ID forum?

    Funny, I never even really know what forum something is in, I just start on the main page and look at the top threads to see if any interest me, and Open in new tab all those that do. I never even visit the individual forums (I even do my searches from the main page, too). But then I don't really add any value to the site, either, so probably neither here nor there.
  7. Upgrading old cheap violins.

    Wow, what a difference!
  8. Michael, way OT, sorry, but this reminds me of a story... I worked with a guy long ago, also by chance named Michael, who was also from Texas. Where we worked is in the dead center of Indiana. When he and his wife drove up in their move, it was late when they got to the western border of Indiana. Mike looked at a map of Indiana, and saw that Indianapolis was 'halfway across the state!' So, they took a room for the night. The next morning they got up for the last long drive halfway across the state, and of course were here in like two hours, lol. Halfway across Indiana turned out to be a lot shorter than halfway across Texas. He told this as a true story, but he loved to tell long jokes (he had a good one about a baseball player named 'Mel Famey' in Milwaukee, lol), so who knows? Carol
  9. +1 Personally, I am very unfond of Stainers or Steiners either one, and this takes that ugliness to pretty much its ultimate resolution. I guess at least it doesn't have that German 'potato-masher' look added in, too...
  10. Lol, too funny! Maybe they need to loan them out to some middle-school kids, or put them under some hay in a barn for a few years! Or is a chicken coop.
  11. Well, thanks so much for all your hard work and persistence! I have so enjoyed this thread! Carol
  12. Oh, DOH. I thought those were specks in the color of the grain, sort of like rays or weird flame. I have seem maple like that, forget what it is called. But on closer look, I can see what you mean. Thanks! For sure many luscious instruments in this thread!