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  1. Only played at church on Sundays, very gently played even then, lol. (Assumes you know about the Little Old Lady of used car ads, lol).
  2. I think he means that the bushings were put in when the instrument was made, not because the first set of holes were worn out, to make it seem much older. And the indexing pins were not used for indexing, but simply added so that the violin looked to be made in a different era or place.
  3. I don't know what that means either, lol. I'll try a translator app when I am home.
  4. I still have never been able to figure out what 'overstand' means, in spite of reading these boards for (I think) decades, and trying (many years ago) to google it in different ways.
  5. You forgot to mention that the violin is 'labeled!,' lol.
  6. I'd be happy if the Top Threads thing on the Home page would just work again.
  7. And perhaps a warmer one? I hate to think of your heating bill, unless there are a lot of free trees you can cut. Or unless you have foot-thick walls and no windows...
  8. No, it's that she's a VSCO Girl.
  9. I call these zombie threads. I like the forums where threads are locked after 30 days of inactivity. If someone wants to return to the topic (not sure what the point was for this one...), they can link to the old thread as background, but perhaps reframe the topic according to the point they want to make. But I expect people here like things the way they are.
  10. I have been hesitating to post, and please ignore it is unhelpful, but to me their are usual more choices than two, and I do know of a third possibility in this case, depending on some logistics. A couple years ago I talked to a local maker about learning set-up, and he basically said he would sell me a violin in-the-white, and teach me through the steps for so much an hour, essentially ending with the cost of the violin if he had done it himself. So, would have cost me like $2500 (US). I have a demanding job and lot of other responsibilities, but he was going to do it off hours, like on Sundays. I actually had thoughts of continuing to learn, and perhaps getting to at least do set-ups on the shop's lease fleet. In the end, I decided against it for various reasons, but if you have a good shop within reasonable driving distance, you might be able to come to some arrangement like this. Just a though.
  11. Glad you liked it, I love mine! (I actually misspoke in my earlier post, I have the 6 and wanted the 7, not have the 7 and wanted the 8) I would love to have the fancy brass planes, but can't justify that.
  12. I have a like-new Wood River #7 if anyone close to central Indiana would like to try it or use it. I really wanted a #8, and it would have been better for my project, but I just couldn't justify the extra expense considered that I might never use it again. PS: I also have a #4 and a low-angle block plane, too. Would love to have the jack plane, but cannot justify that. Maybe when my wife hits me the lottery!
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