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  1. Violin and Foot Piano

    The video is no longer available. I read somewhere violinists sometimes would sit at an organ console and play the violin while playing the pedalboard of the organ.
  2. Your Favorite Piano piece.

    I also like Moonlight Sonata. Also I like Beethoven's Sonata Pathétique.
  3. Any one hate school orchestra?

    I really enjoyed being in the high school orchestra. I was concert master for 3 semesters, and I tried my hand also on viola and cello and making first chair cellist. When substitute instructors showed up sometimes I conducted the orchestra. And the music was not boring as we played standard symphony compositions without the music being simplified. Indianapolis, Indiana public schools in the 1970's placed importance on orchestras and stringed instruments. I feel I was privileged to grow up in that environment.
  4. Yes, I do like Bushmills a whole lot. I think it's better than Johnnie Walker Red or even Black.
  5. What about those people who like Arbor Mist fruit flavored "wines" (perish the thought)? Now that's a lady's drink. You can listen to Schubert's Arpeggione Sonata perfomed on an arpeggione (guitar viol): I much prefer the cello, viola, or double bass instead. So I can see why the arpeggione did not last.
  6. so ugly it's almost cool...

    You could modify the instrument to have 6 strings with the same amount of arching on the bridge from string to string as a regular violin, and be able to access all the strings.
  7. the Bass Kazoo

    A kazoo is played by someone who hums into the mouthpiece. There is a small membrane that vibrates and alters the sound. So to perform on a bass kazoo one must have a voice that can perform in the bass range.
  8. Marching Cello

    I read somewhere the violonecello came into being when people wanted a procession bass instrument. They took the bottom F1 string off the 5 string violone tuned in fifths and made the resulting instrument smaller. The back of this new instrument had 2 keyholes in the back so the performer could have a cord around his neck to hold the instrument. Violoncello means "little violone". John