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  1. Instrument varnished with my product

    Please excuse me Nunzio, but I had to post this. I really admire your varnish transparency. Phone camera, 1 thinned layer of Vernici Luiteria Amber Oil:
  2. Why purfling has a different contour

    Or maybe, it might have had some missing splits of wood on the top bouts, and instead of gluing some bits of new wood, it was just filled down to the point it is now
  3. Why purfling has a different contour

    It does look worn down in the usual places.
  4. Instrument varnished with my product

    Seems to have some cloudiness, haze (not sure how to put this in English), but with a really nice warm color. Do you have some tests on wood?
  5. Don Noon's bench

    Same here!
  6. Shock cracks

    Fingers crossed
  7. Don Noon's bench

    Man, that's so good.... The varnish enhances the spruce really well...
  8. Shock cracks

    Now let's see how long it will last till cracking again
  9. Tone change after 5 years - a datapoint

    The question was regarding the processed wood. If you didn't notice any changes, than it's an obvious validation. At least of your own process that, I assume, isn't the straight forward deck thermal step.
  10. Tone change after 5 years - a datapoint

    Did you noticed any type of "structural deformation"?
  11. The clues were there, I just didn't saw them
  12. CAD Which program(s) do you use?

    I use Solid Works. Its expensive and not so good with curves but it has embedded tutorials that pretty much teach you all the features you'll ever need. It was my first approach to CAD, never took a course or got help from anyone, just followed the tutorials and a few months later I was designing all I needed. There are some online free programs that work quite well but have a limit of parts per month. Should work well for you as a no cost first approach.
  13. Sexy curves! Is that sanding dust, plaster or other mineral ground?
  14. Varnish

    Any pics?!?