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    To new or not to new.

    Thanks a lot for the sincere comment! It’s still opening and fragile to weather changes. But it’s developing very well!
  3. Leoband81

    To new or not to new.

    Hey, Carl. Thanks, man! But thats exactly why I didn't mention anything. Its more simple than you think, I just wanted some opinion from luthiers, as Im not one. Lets be cool? I always read you guys and learn a lot here. Hi, Peter. Thanks! Yeah, me neither. But seems like a lot of luthiers do this and when he said said he was going to, I asked the less the best. I agree the right C was too much.
  4. Leoband81

    To new or not to new.

    Thanks, Violadamore and everybody! LOL You guys are making me having a good time here.
  5. Leoband81

    To new or not to new.

    No issues? dr jekyll and mr hyde?
  6. Leoband81

    To new or not to new.

    Thanks a lot, Pete! I usually play with a Collin-Mezin, but rehearsals, weather change, handling up and down was starting damaging it, and Id like to keep it down more. I have another without any name thats even older and it has a thread here. I restored it and kept safe. My first idea was having a instrument for combat, you know? All our trips and things I described above doesn't matter if we send to luthier (more handling even, and some are not good). But them I discovered that new instruments are really cool as I have my own now. I played before some new ones, and liked. But seeing it developing is amazing, almost like a son growing.
  7. Leoband81

    To new or not to new.

    Hey, guys! You are so funny! Maybe you should use this imagination (neurosis?), intelligence and energy (if you have any)in other activities. I'm not a dealer, an adman neither a shrink to respond your inner issues. Just came here humbly to ask what you think about my new instrument. Seems like I choosed the wrong place. Where is the administrator of this thread? Maybe it should have another name.
  8. Leoband81

    To new or not to new.

    How long do you think a new violin takes to reach a fine potential? It still opening, when the weather went humid, it closed a little.
  9. Leoband81

    To new or not to new.

    I prefer not to say. You can easily reach them through internet.
  10. Leoband81

    To new or not to new.

    Hello everybody and thanks for your response. His name is Andreas Hellmann and works with a Luthier called Tulio Lima, both brazilian, in a city called Petropolis.
  11. Leoband81

    To new or not to new.

    Hello, everybody! As a violin player, Ive always listened that mantra "good violin, old violin" etc. So I took a chance and asked a local luthier to make a violin for me. I got it in august and it's working very fine, also developing very well and I am astonished why all that prejudice against new violins! Im a violin player, I can say if I it sounds good, the harmonics, response, projection, timber etc. but Im not a luthier to know if its well done, curves, pufling etc. I know I think its beautiful. So, gentlemen, Im reaching you to ask kindly for your opinion. Is it well done, what do you think? Warm regards. Leo
  12. Leoband81

    Violin ID? (#1)

    Hello, FoxMitchel! I have a violino with exactly the same brand and we discussed a little on this thread:
  13. Leoband81

    Could anyone help me find out where's this violin from?

    Hello again, Mr. Saunders. Do you have any reference about this author or his family? It's hard of find anything on the internet about them. I know you are very busy, but would you mind to send a pic of your Petz just to have an idea or a link where I could have a glance what it could look like? Warm regards, Thanks!