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  1. Thanks a lot for the sincere comment! It’s still opening and fragile to weather changes. But it’s developing very well!
  2. Hey, Carl. Thanks, man! But thats exactly why I didn't mention anything. Its more simple than you think, I just wanted some opinion from luthiers, as Im not one. Lets be cool? I always read you guys and learn a lot here. Hi, Peter. Thanks! Yeah, me neither. But seems like a lot of luthiers do this and when he said said he was going to, I asked the less the best. I agree the right C was too much.
  3. Thanks, Violadamore and everybody! LOL You guys are making me having a good time here.
  4. Thanks a lot, Pete! I usually play with a Collin-Mezin, but rehearsals, weather change, handling up and down was starting damaging it, and Id like to keep it down more. I have another without any name thats even older and it has a thread here. I restored it and kept safe. My first idea was having a instrument for combat, you know? All our trips and things I described above doesn't matter if we send to luthier (more handling even, and some are not good). But them I discovered that new instruments are really cool as I have my own now. I played before some new ones, and liked. But seeing it developing is amazing, almost like a son growing.
  5. Hey, guys! You are so funny! Maybe you should use this imagination (neurosis?), intelligence and energy (if you have any)in other activities. I'm not a dealer, an adman neither a shrink to respond your inner issues. Just came here humbly to ask what you think about my new instrument. Seems like I choosed the wrong place. Where is the administrator of this thread? Maybe it should have another name.
  6. How long do you think a new violin takes to reach a fine potential? It still opening, when the weather went humid, it closed a little.
  7. I prefer not to say. You can easily reach them through internet.
  8. Hello everybody and thanks for your response. His name is Andreas Hellmann and works with a Luthier called Tulio Lima, both brazilian, in a city called Petropolis.
  9. Hello, everybody! As a violin player, Ive always listened that mantra "good violin, old violin" etc. So I took a chance and asked a local luthier to make a violin for me. I got it in august and it's working very fine, also developing very well and I am astonished why all that prejudice against new violins! Im a violin player, I can say if I it sounds good, the harmonics, response, projection, timber etc. but Im not a luthier to know if its well done, curves, pufling etc. I know I think its beautiful. So, gentlemen, Im reaching you to ask kindly for your opinion. Is it well done, what do you think? Warm regards. Leo
  10. Hello, FoxMitchel! I have a violino with exactly the same brand and we discussed a little on this thread:
  11. Hello again, Mr. Saunders. Do you have any reference about this author or his family? It's hard of find anything on the internet about them. I know you are very busy, but would you mind to send a pic of your Petz just to have an idea or a link where I could have a glance what it could look like? Warm regards, Thanks!