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  1. Good luck. He's away with the fairies and has been for a very long time.
  2. Well, let's do some blind testing. Plain fiddles versus curly maple fiddles. Is there a perceivable difference in harmonic richness that listeners can identify?
  3. Doug, curl and flame are not the same. Curl is the rippled feature of the wood structure, but Flame is an optical illusion, the way that light hits the ridges and valleys in that ripple. It appears and disapears depending on the angle of the light relative to the viewer.
  4. Ha! Bring it on. My Kung Fu whups yur Jiu-jitsu aaaany day o the week.
  5. Ipé can be dark or light brown in colour. It grows in vast areas of south and central America. And if your bow heads are snapping, they are obviously of inferior quality.
  6. So you're all having a party? Is enjoying work the true route to creating perfection? Or is working under the right amount of pressure more productive?
  7. Tis too. Got one just like it. Now ya got a cello one.
  8. It's natural. A trick of the light. It appears in freshly cut and planed wood. Tilt the wood away and it disappears. Hence the word flame because it flickers like flames.
  9. It's Ipé. About $1 for a blank. Ideal for student bows because it has the same density and stiffness as Pernambuco. It also has similar grain characteristics. They stain it red and finish it with lacquer to make it look very similar to Pernambuco. The difference in playing characteristics is a good topic for debate. Or it would be if people could actually make an effort.
  10. The variability of the weight of the frog is surely a more practical solution. But that means changing the original frog, which serious bow collectors consider sacrilege. An even more practical solution is to not obsess about bow balance point. It depends how flexible your technique is. Sorry if that sounds presumptuous, because I know that some people like things a certain way, but others are more adaptable.
  11. The "advanced" reason is more to do with the product description rather than the quality of workmanship, which is excellent.
  12. To try and answer why you believe a fiddle sounds bad, you have to identify what you think is bad about the sound. Is it fixable? Some things like wood density are often discussed, others less so. For example a recent thread about ideal fingerboard weight is a less well known variable affecting sound quality.
  13. Yes half cheek repair, I did wonder about the change in grain direction because it looks odd on an otherwise very nice scroll.
  14. I wonder if a jewelry maker could teach me enough technical knowledge to help me make professional level frogs. There was a jewelry making class just 100 yards from where I learn advanced woodworking skills. I wanted to join, but then covid happened and it was abandoned and I forgot about it. Looking at the prices of some of the less famous makers makes me think I wouldn't be wasting anyone's time if I was to try out a few of them even if I am happy with the ones I currently play.
  15. So your timing and intonation is less provincial than these bumpkins? Will they wear you down or will you raise them up? Hopefully the latter.
  16. Yes, but the only challenging part is carving and fitting the bridge.
  17. Bargain. Inverted commas noted. It's getting harder to tell from pictures, because they're getting more and more Pernambucalike. But still a very nice looking bow.
  18. So that narrows it down to 2 Oh this is fun.
  19. Is it expensive though Dwight? Do you pay more for the exclusivity of it rather than the monetary value?
  20. Dontcha have a way to generate electricity from nuclear fallout in your bunker?
  21. Why is gold mounting silly? Isn't it easy to work with. Doesn't tarnish and the amount used is very small and inexpensive? Or do bowmakers overcharge for gold mounted bows?
  22. A Symphony Orchestra near the M25 with 7 letters? You're such a tease. There are several.
  23. Very nice. But what's going on with those fake pegbox/scroll grafts?
  24. What if all well made violins have a kinda violiny sorta sound, especially if they are played by the best violinists?
  25. May we. The neck and fingerboard have been refitted badly.
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