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    This is interesting. Not a genuine Meinradus Frank, but looks like a decent instrument, who made these?:
  2. CAVEAT EMPTOR this looks like a fine quality violin.... photos dont do it any justice, viewing welcome. No thanks. It's a Lark/Skylark with painted purfling and fingerboard. Almost wothless "this looks like a fine quality violin... photos dont do it any justice" It's a Shoenbach. Yes they are sometimes quite pretty with nice wood and well madeish, but cheap and cheerful, no more no less. "this looks like a very old quality violin" Another Shoenbach in pitiful condition. Photos don't do it any justice. This dealer is worth cheching out in case they list something valuable by mistake.
  3. Anyone else think the art world has gone mad

    In winter In summer
  4. so ugly it's almost cool...

    It looks like a prop from a Tim Burton movie.

    I look forward to reading it. I love the way you write. I'm not going to explain why...paralysis by analysis etc...I know what writer's block is. Don't wanna say what, why or how in case I jinx it. Just let it flow out of you Rue.
  6. Anyone else think the art world has gone mad

    But if I could just touch the hem of his (very fine) garment.

    So who was the real Giovanni Carressi? Actually he didn't exist as a luthier either or a dealer. It was a trade name of....

    Uninteresting to you perhaps Rue, but I want more... what happened next??? Have you written any novels? Pubilished or not? Can I have a signed copy please?

    He bid for it himself to keep his 100% rating. Either that or he had some agreement with the buyer to refund in return for no negative feedback?
  10. Casa Stradivari

    The Maggini influnce? Which maybe influenced the slanted f holes too? But what beliefs really can be supported if there is not much evidence, just mainly opinion?
  11. Casa Stradivari

    A small number of slanted ones, not many. The camera angle can be deceptive.
  12. Carving Violin Bridge for Violin with High belly arch

    I think this might be what you're looking for?:
  13. Casa Stradivari

    Yes David it's controversial because nobody knows but many opinions are offered. I don't just defer to John Dilworth's great experience and knowledge, I think that in those articles he is offering common sense opinions that may offend some people's romantic notions but he feels these questions should be addressed and that's a good thing. I don't doubt Antonio Stradivari did most of the detailed work on those 1000 plus instruments. But there are some anomalies. Why does the Messiah have those unusual slanted f holes and why does almost nobody mention this? I think it's strange to discuss Stradivari intstruments endlessly but not to mention this. John Dilworth has addressed the issue of asking why there was a change during this period. I really don't belive that Antonio Stradivari would change the usual f hole pattern and placement of the Amati tradition, especially late in his life. But his sons may have had different ideas and followed a new trend that maybe customers were requesting?
  14. A "Guarneri" for only $301 overall?

    26 bid 9 bidders with two days to go. They must like that black colour. Mabye it's Bass Clef's fan club? Now here's a bargain: Or what about this HOPF springs eternal?: Is this my idea of fun ? Do I have nothing better to do? Yes and no.
  15. A "Guarneri" for only $301 overall?

    Indeed. Those of good taste might prefer something older. Bidding is fierce for this beauty: Those who know, appreciate the tonal improvements granted by woodworm holes.