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  1. It's a 'Guarneri' copy, it's sposed to look weird.
  2. We all have to start somewhere.
  3. I suppose everyone develops their own technique and it will still be identifiable long after they have passed.
  4. Is speed of sound in the spruce of lesser importance than 1 2 and 3?
  5. Do all varnishes darken after 100 years?
  6. It makes people disappear.
  7. Agreed. If the board is too thin, the board and neck can bow, thereby increasing the scoop.
  8. That crack going towards the sound post though...
  9. That doesn't look like Pernambuco, more like Chakte Viga. It's inferior wood. Demand a refund.
  10. Maybe it's a trick of perspective, but that neck angle looks awfully steep.
  11. Was Peter being diplomatic in his report? Perhaps suggesting that the tree was alive in Stradivari's time, but felled somewhat after 1737?
  12. I wonder if he used local spruce and sycamore maple?
  13. That's the relative minor key. Easier to understand. I can't figure out his solo playing. He had his own unique style. His music is simple and sophisticated. He's very unpretentious. He would rather joke than have an intellectual discussion.
  14. I'm a bit late to the party and missed all the fun, but this post helps make sense of it all. Thanks Delabo. The OP violin is obviously built on back construction but made with very nice wood. Yes It's obviously an imported instrument.
  15. In Synesthasiac terms D flat major starts on a pale blue tonic. Whereas B flat major begins on a deep purple. This is the reason Why Deep Purple Guitarist Ritchie Blackmore wrote his most famous song Smoke on the water in the enharmonic equivalent key A# major. Hope this helps
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