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  1. Hmm, the fungi treatment has been debunked though hasn't it? So Paulo's quote was misinformation? The Satory bow had a naturally high speed of sound? It doesn't make sense. If the sentence was re-written, then maybe it would? This eighty nine year old bow has a speed of sound superior to 5500m/s, a miracle bow from 1930.
  2. Yes, all of that and more. Our moods change. Some days I'm bored with the sound I make and that makes me play worse and/or less. The emotions and techniques involved are so complex. What we are actually doing when we get the best tone we can is controlling hundreds of node points on the strings and the instrument to make a voice we like the sound of. Sometimes it's very exciting to be in control of those things, and other times we struggle to connect in a way that gives us enjoyment.
  3. Just like our moods. If something sound amazing, how much of that is our emotional response?
  4. But, you are making it about you and your superior understanding (which is really just silly old dogma and romantic prejudice) and ignoring what others are saying. This topic has been done to death. And the alternative opinion to yours is that projection is more subjective than objective. And you must be using a different dictionary to us to interpret the word debunking the way you do? And if anyone here has earned the right to debunk or contest dogma then David Burgess has the credentials 100 times over.
  5. As I pointed out earlier, posting under the handle A432 means your credibility is already blown before we even begin to read your name dropping ramblings.
  6. My experiments were always inconclusive.
  7. A highly skilled and experienced orchestral player, whether soloist or not, knows by that skill experience and intuition how to project. The romance of the famous violins is a separate issue, something which you are projecting onto the instrument. Anyway, it's unrealistic of you to be expected to be taken seriously when you post under the name A432. If it's meant to be an ironic joke, then please say so.
  8. I think of a good soundpost position and fit as a structural detail and don't bother with searching for 'tonal improvements' which I think is a red herring - a Holy Grail quest.
  9. All you have to do is eliminate impartiality and delusion. I've found the best way to do this is to not bother pissing around with the sound post and put it in the safest place with the best fit and improve the tone of the instrument by
  10. I agree about the nut groove needing to be carefully worked to reduce the stress on the A.
  11. What would happen if you also increased the rib height? Would it give a fuller sound?
  12. Oh, I apologize. I thought you were un connoisseur des archets.