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  1. Now I'm confused. I watched a video of a guy who figured out Stradivari's secret {but he wasn't a luthier, [but if you use his ideas, he wants his percentage] (no, I'm not making this up)} and he says that luthiers get it wrong because they measure in the evil metric system and Strad used nches. Well if he actually has a point about the shrinkage across the grain and the belly and back are narrower, then shouldn't we adjust the sound post width by the same amount when following his patterns, to avoid ruining the tone???
  2. I don't believe in secrets... but then I could be obfuscating and not telling the real number?
  3. Right. So I'm surprised that DB says that the ideal length is 5.711 when it's actually 5.748 which people round up to 5.75 and that got rounded up to 5.8 hence the 5.8 mythology.
  4. Will the Aubert bridge be better than the Chinese bridge? I doubt it, but it will look prettier. I think the best spot for the sound post is the safest spot, behind the bridge footing. Moving it East might eventually damage the violin, I think this is wrong but some people think it 'improves the tone' or whatever??? I think they are imagining improvements in sound. The best fit is what you need. Lousyplayer, get a lousy violin to practice on, that's the most important thing, lots and lots of practice.
  5. I was responding to Marty's joke. He likes to joke sometimes. It stops his brain from exploding with calculations debunking spurious hypotheses.
  6. Or convex inward instead of outward?
  7. Speaking of fakery who is this Del boy? ??
  8. sospiri


    I suppose this gives his instruments and those of other makers of old a patina that just can't be matched (but it's fun to try) and contributes to some of the mystique we project onto them?
  9. sospiri


    Either. Any information about whether he used yellows or not thanks?
  10. sospiri

    New Eyes

    I'm sure everyone here enjoys reading your story Dwight. The gift of sight being restored is a wonder of our age. Congratualtions.
  11. Maybe, but it happens inside resin pockets too.
  12. No idea, but some say it is perhaps evidence of a link between Nicolo Amati and Jacob Stainer? I just don't like those scribed circles and holes. I like smooth clean lines and surfaces inside the instrument.
  13. I don't know the purpose either. Someone tried to explain it to me once, but it made no sense. You have two scratched circles around a small hole in the inside of the violin, what purpose can that serve? The name on the bridge? J PH. Jean Philippe??