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  1. The art of Dichroism in varnishing?
  2. Umm yeah, thanks Martin, but this isn't a joke. If you or David or anyone wants to suggest an actual polishing technique that alters the refractive index of the finish such that an orangey red turns to red in most daylight conditions, then I'm all ears. But the last part of that question is the tough part. Because a lot of what you perceive as colour depends on the light conditions. Of course you knew that already, I'm just reminding you to answer the question in a way that can be practical.
  3. Is this just your hypothesis, or what?
  4. No. I spend enough time investigating the effects of polishing on violins. If I could increase the apparent redness of an orangey/ red I would have discovered a way by now.
  5. What has this got to do with violins?
  6. Interesting. Has the spruce from this valley been dendrchronologically tested?
  7. Polished with what exactly? Red Shellac? This doesn't apply to the Betts and the Lady Blunt though does it? The Messiah is an orangey red is it not? Always has been, has it not? It just turned out that way did it not?
  8. Thanks David. What happened to Melvin? Do we really annoy him that much?
  9. I agree with every point. The chambers and the tip were never finished in the original stick when the bodger bought it, perhaps along with the stamps? All of this makes sense. Also the grain of the wood, straight grain and high density with a waxy look to the wood is what they were searching for and even 50 years ago it must have been extremely hard to find the good stuff.
  10. How do you make a shaver with a reamer?on lathe? With a drill and a reamer with brass or bronze?
  11. It's a sorta fake. Two different hands a professional who rejected or didn't finish the stick and a lousy amateur. It's a shame you are thousands of miles away and we will never meet. I think Boris is conspiring against us. But I can live with it.
  12. I think we all agree on that, but I still don't want to modernise a 100 year old instrument that has hardly been played. I want to keep the original pegs if they are still in good condition.
  13. What is Brazilwood? There isn't a precise definition since the French bow makers of the 19thc started calling Abeillewood Brazilwood. Before that, Brazilwood was always what we refer to as Pernambuco.
  14. I want to learn about bow making so that when the time comes to use the really good stuff, I do everything right. I agreed with Delabo's idea that it might be a reject. It might even be a Hill reject. There are definitely two hands involved in this bow. A professional and a lousy amateur who may have used similar or the same stamps as Bultitude?