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  1. It's not inconceivable at all. A slightly higher action would compensate without the frog hitting the edgework. As I said before, neck sets vary. Some are made low and you can see this by the fact that the neck hasn't bowed and the neck root hasn't moved. They were just set with a lack of care and attention to the normal projection.
  2. No. I agree with you and I thank Michael underscore Molnar is way off the mark.
  3. Thank you Joe. That makes so much sense amongst background noise of the could be and the maybes.
  4. That is the conventional wisdom. But does it always apply? I am doubtful. Neck sets seem to vary a lot in new instruments don't they?
  5. Assuming the violin was made that way and the neck hasn't sunk, shaving just over 2mm from the nut end of either the fingerboard or the neck or a tiny bit more than 1mm from each will raise the projection to the desired height.
  6. I wish there was a bowmakers forum like maestronet. I am so keen to learn, but the hair quality and availability is the most confusing thing for me and it seems for others too: For customer re-education in Japan, maybe the phrase Italian Stallion is confusing them?
  7. Maybe the best thing for bow makers and rehairers/restorers would be to buy from several sources and grade it themselves and then the customer can decide. Would that be a good policy?
  8. It would help the market a lot if bow hair was graded and we all knew what we were buying. Who wouldn't pay more for better quality hair?
  9. You and Don aren't dumbing anything down. I was railing against the conventional wisdom of how Stradivari is perceived rather than the reality of his incredible output. yup Every violin sounds different because of subtle differences in the wood and construction. There isn't a violin with perfect tone and projection, it's just a silly idea we are expected to believe. A good luthier or bowmaker or restorer can help you in so many ways because there are so many things that can go wrong or be tweaked to near perfection. The rest is up to you because there is no limit to how well you can play. Go on, give us a sample
  10. All of which misses the point anyway, that he was a super industrious superb craftsman for 7 decades. But dumbing it all down into hyperbole is how conventional wisdom works.
  11. I tried that on another website. Waste of time. It's just a cynical ploy to make you notice the ads even more.
  12. There are also a lot of very nice Chinese bows made from genuine Pernambuco that are very cheap.
  13. I am so tight with money that I make Ebenezer Scrooge look profligate. But even I wouldn't bother trying to repair that bow.
  14. Good idea, I hadn't though of that. At this time of year I am thinking more about keeping warm.