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  1. Ipe is interesting. It’s even stiffer than pernambuco but not as pretty.
  2. I use eBay. No such problems.
  3. How many of these have you seen? I’ve not had any such problems. The Chinese bow makers that l have bought from have used the good stuff and probably didn’t have to pay an arm and a leg for it because they know what to look for.
  4. Really? You don’t believe that Chinese bow makers don’t have huge stashes of Pernambuco?
  5. Who? Me? I’m serious. Enquiring minds need to know. Agreed. But I hope there is still going to be a market for the Artisan maker in the future.
  6. He gets better at playing the cheapo each time. To make the test more conclusive he should spend a few hundred hours playing it so we can make a better judgement.
  7. Thanks, that makes sense. Does this explanation ring true?: set-up.htm
  8. sospiri

    Ribs height

    Yes, I understand this, but, relative to the bridge height, doesn't the 2mm difference remain, so that the total arching height is in that part 2mm higher?
  9. Yes, why? I mean it's nice work and all, but, just why would you go invasive on it?
  10. But you don't believe it? Don't you think the afterlength angle should be the same with a 17mm arch vs a 14mm arch?
  11. sospiri

    Ribs height

    It's an interesting idea. I can't dismiss it or accept it without wondering if there is a structural reason behind the rib taper? Because it effectively increases the arching by 2mm at the top of the upper bout. And also, even though the initial stress of pressing the belly down at that point is quickly compensated for, doesn't any movement in the neck have to do more work against the altered structure induced by the taper? Just an idea...…..
  12. Wouldn't the original saddle height depend on the arching height?
  13. What are you using as bait? Caught anything interesting?
  14. Thanks Blank face, I have been trying to look through old posts to learn more.
  15. Has the neck been replaced? It doesn't look French.