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  1. I like it. I think modern chin rests are monstrous things.
  2. Go on Doug, if that is the violin and it really is her playing, it's really worth a listen.
  3. That is the best suggestion I have seen so far. Carezza to Bozen/Bolzano is about 30km along a very old valley and ridge route and from there wood could be transported down the Adige river, which flows gently south to Verona and then east towards Venice.
  4. There are ideal locations, even with all the modern mahinery and techniques, location is extremely important for finding the best wood. That was always true.
  5. The cell doesn't fill with a Joe's or my sealer, only the cell walls. The cells remain air filled.
  6. So, has the desirability increased in line with 100 year old guitars?
  7. But modern necks have their own problems. I'm not convinced they are an improvement. They move, and correcting that movement is not a simple operation. But on the baroque neck the fingerboard was designed to be easy replaceable, was it not?
  8. Yes, it's a sound post crack, not a saddle crack. It looks like the instrument has been dropped and landed heavily on the bridge, causing both a sound post crack, a very nasty bass barr crack and possibly the back crack too.
  9. Yep. Anyone seen a video of an electric violinist who can really play Van Halen or better still Hendrix and who actually has some tonal subtlety?
  10. I never mentioned slip-stick or the bow or the rosin etc. Just technical proficiency. The problem is still there, but the audience doesn't hear it as a problem, just a nuance of the violin and the music. I don't believe Stradivari cared where the resonant peaks occurred, why would he when there was no standardized tuning anyway?
  11. Only tameable ones like this: https://youtu.be/Bgg8PeVBYss?si=bb43VDgTtxRGuWqL
  12. I believe they are just bad bowing technique.
  13. Does the density of the bridge matter much?
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