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  1. Stradivari's secret was a concept?

    Peter Ratcliff might want to chime in here? Those instruments were most likely from the same log? And looking at the spread of data suggests there was no ideal density. Unless your subjective opinion is that the supposed 'Golden Era' was an actual thing?
  2. crack filling

    Jeffrey, could we please have a way of accessing old threads on important topics such as crack repairs? Maybe a list of useful old threads as a locked thread that is at the top of the pegbox list? Some other websites do this to avoid endless searches for that old thread that you just can't find?
  3. Stradivari's secret was a concept?

    I agree Jackson, I don't believe he used special wood, just whatever good wood he could get. The density of the spruce he used varied a lot and I don't think it mattered much. Regarding processing, maybe there was some soaking of the wood during transport to help avoid checking and perhaps this removed some of the sugars? Regarding bug deterrents, doesn't turpentine and rosin serve that purpose? If you look at decaying spruce, the worms and beetles avoid the resinous parts of the trunk.
  4. sawing outline by hand, what do you use?

    "sometimes you need to do some readjustment of the spread (don't know if this is the correct technical term in English) of the teeth to the left and right" we call that the set. Thanks for the tips Andreas.
  5. How Do the Best Violins Compare?

    A sympathetic resonance symphony? Or you could improvise on a sitar. Or put a sitar in the corner of the room and make it resonate sympathetically with your violin. I wonder what that would sound like?
  6. How Do the Best Violins Compare?

    Sympathetic vibration/resonance.
  7. How Do the Best Violins Compare?

    Yes, I can hear a difference in Don's experiment. The first one sounds like an new recording it's much brighter and the second like an old recording. In the hearing test I can hear 28 hertz up to 12100
  8. Concerns of Making a Violin

    A "squawk box" is usually a violin having a top which is too thick. The worst examples are often cheap German or Bohemian oldies that often look good from the outside, but the underside of the belly is often very roughly hacked out rather than carefully carved and graduated. Some of them from from that region and era hower were well carved inside and sound very good. The average plate thickness for the tops is just over 3 mm with variations in thickness at different areas. If you google specific terms you will often be directed back to old threads on this site, which is often easier than using the search function. Some of the other websites contain too much information but some are simpler and more straightforward in presenting information on what, as duane88 describle are standard measurements with slight variations depending on style and wood properties. How much does the wood matter? A lot, but not nearly as much as the skill involved in carving it. Good luck and happy carving.
  9. simeon chambers spruce

    Nice wood Jim. No wonder it went quick. Who is going to replace Simeon Chambers?
  10. Researching information on super light violins

    I've been reading through your previous posts (actually for several years) and re-reading them many times. The idea of reducing hemicellulose by various methods of increasing the rate of hydrolysis and natural hydrolysis and oxidation by ageing, and it seems to me that you are saying there is some advantage to weight loss through hemicellulose degradation, but at the likely expense of reduction in the structure and integrity of the wood and associated loss of lignin? Bruce Tai also suggested the same before the 2016 research paper was published, but then got heavily into an old wood is better mindset? Is it better or just different? So the message seems to be, use good wood and reliable construction methods, with a good set up. The rest is down to the player and the audience. Famous soloist will want famous old intstruments, why wouldn't they? And why shouldn't they have them and play them in public?
  11. French violin mislabeled

    I don't doubt that Bruce did know about Chipot sometime in his life, but that perhaps it wasn't anywhere near the top of his priorities to remember particular details, being one of many trade names for Mirecourt violins? I would like to see some photos of these Chinese violins you mention. The 'antiqued' ones, as you say currently for sale have glossy varnishes with black spots under the gloss. Not a nice look to my eyes. This one looks heavily patinated rather than antiqued. The varnish texture and colour look genuine old French to me, not your odinary antiqueing by a long way, and would be interested to learn how this could be done new? I see many ebay sites where the intstruments are obviously antiqued and look it and I am very interested in varnshing techniqes, both learning and practising with some good results. Thanks for sharing your story Peter, it's nice to share information in a civil manner and that's how this thread should progress if it does. I have been watching this seller for over a year and never felt he was deliberately trying to mislead sellers. I know many ebayers do. Prententious descriptions are a giveaway, this seller is straightforward in his descritpions and his photos are clear. I must say though, that if we have seen superb antiqueing (I haven't) would it not lead us so imagine we see it everywhere?
  12. Researching information on super light violins

    I wasn't being entirely serious about Stradivari and Newtonian physics, but intuitively we all feel the laws of motion do we not? I'm as puzzled as anyone about how the weight affects the sound. I'm not convinced that lighter is better, but surely we are used to hearing lighter instruments played by famous soloists and surely that influences our beliefs about what a soloist instrument should sound like? I have much heavier instruments that I love the sound of and I don't think that they should be altered.
  13. French violin mislabeled

    Bruce, the Chipot name is a trade name. 'He' did not make the violins sold under his name. I am not asserting the label is genuine. The varnish of the OP violin was discussed on page one as being a soft varnish, and if this was the case, then surely it would indeed scuff rather than chip?
  14. French violin mislabeled

    I see lots of what I consider 'faked' violins on ebay, but not with this seller. The point about the lower rib makes no sense if the rib is cut to length it will fit the mould will it not?. On points of style, there everyone does things their own way do they not? In every detail. The term 'generic Mirecourt' I used is a generalization. You seem to insist on rigid features. Your point about the purfling is such a distinction. I don't see such rigidity to a style of purfling in known French makers that you do, rather variety. The condition of the instrument, if it is old, suggests it was well played but well looked after. A soft varnish will show all of the dirt etc that you say is faking. This seller listed a violin last week with a name scratched in big letters on the top. Was that an attempt at a more authentic type of fakery? I see there are several sellers with similar outdoor photos near Marseilles. Are they all the same seller? It must be easy to find old Frecnh violins on the Riviera, the plyayground of the rich and famous in Europe for that past 150 years. Wouldn't this be the easier route? But if such fakery is easily found, I'll have 10 for £1000 thanks. I still think you're making stuff up. I'm still waiting for some actual reliable evidence to back up your claims, other than spurious opinions on stylistic detail. Are these faked too? Almost 100 violins listed. How many countless French violins are available to ebay seller to buy and sell on of the millions made in Mirecourt? Martin, you seem to have some kind of anti ebay agenda. Why don't you do your business and let other people do theirs? If you can provide evidence of actual wrongdoing as I have, then go ahead post it. Otherwise it comes across to me as sour grapes.
  15. French violin mislabeled

    Who is "They"? You have previously described this seller as having multiple ebay addresses. Please elaborate. And could you send me one of the circular emails? The patina on this violin shows countless thousands of dings which would take forever for an antiquer to fake. The varnish is as uguntde described, a soft varnish which scuffs rather than chips So that's your evidence? It's impossible to attach a one piece bottom rib in an outside mould? Really? And what about this one? So they could make them quickly but to a high standard? Well that's why I would buy one on ebay because they aren't 'high end' but they are well made and attractive. If anyone can do that level of remarkable fakery, they deserve more than this supposed crook is paying them. I suspect you are over-thinking the whole thing? You haven't shown me a single scrap of reliable evidence to back up your far fetched claims that the violin from regisarc is a fake Mirecourt.