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  1. I had similar experience when I tried gluing open seams with the liquid fish glue. They would keep opening and it was difficult to remove the residue so hot hide glue would hold. Needless to say, I only tried it once, years ago!
  2. I did once encounter a church bass with spruce for both belly and back. Surprisingly the tables weren't full of cracks.
  3. try strings, yes. also bridge adjustments, or fit a new bridge... anything other than starting to thin the top wood.
  4. Wow that's cool! Is it the cathedral effect that makes it look high arched? Got any external pics, bet it looks great!
  5. I'm seeing L.D. Nothing more to my eyes.
  6. That tip wedge looks massive, I wonder about the geometry of the tip mortice, could be of interest. Or if the wedge is just poorly cut. As BF mentioned, there is perhaps some head damage, so if that's an ill fitting wedge, care is needed in removal.
  7. interesting chart from Thomastik, includes Dominant, Dominant Pro, PI, Rondo Gold, etc. Dynamo sitting right near the old Dominant!
  8. Haha, yes, I've punched holes in hanging lamp shades! But those do look like a case was closed on the bow...
  9. Purfling looks like half of a herringbone strip as used on guitars. At least it reminds me of that.
  10. Haha Burgess, so you! and also this, how could AI be so clever! Take a bow...
  11. Yeah, here's another example, I'm told it's Morizot student bow, in 1/2 size. Bow has other issues, the slide is the simple fix...
  12. Making violins is real work, and any maker will tell you that everything matters. Wood choice, pattern, arching, graduations, varnish all matter a great deal. There are many many details that will change how a finished instrument plays and sounds. No doubt strategic thinning of the belly through an ff hole can have some effect. But to suggest that this is the 'missing link' for the sound we all crave is a stretch. IMHO
  13. Is the belly perhaps one piece? You mention wide grain on bass, fine on treble. But I can't see any center joint in the pics...
  14. Martin gave you a pretty reasonable general rule, I think you can work with that, no?
  15. If you are having the neck reset, that's a good opportunity to get this previous rather crude shim work cleaned up. If the violin has nicely flamed back and sides, then a plain neck seems out of place, and one wonders if it really belongs with the instrument. Also since they needed to shim out the neck mortice when the last repair person glued it in.
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