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  1. Georg Tiefenbrunner violin

    got some pics of the interior, blocks look shorter in middle bouts to me. These are the lower blocks, the only ones I could capture without standing on my head with this endoscope. I cannot rightly tell if the center bout linings are mortised in, maybe someone has experience interpreting pics like these. Tx
  2. Georg Tiefenbrunner violin

    Thanks BF, I think you you are right about the saxon origin, although cornerblockology looks Mittenwald rather than MNK. Definitely not BOB.
  3. Georg Tiefenbrunner violin

    I know there have been a lot of falsely labeled Tiefenbrunner's out there, but just wondering if this one could be authentic. I can't find any Tiefenbrunner pictures to compare it to, but I'm sure there are examples in books somewhere! The scroll is grafted, and I've added the fingerboard and ebony crown since these photos. So it's ready for touch-up. The blocks and rib corners are inside mold Mittenwald, the scroll is about 5mm narrow and rather distinctive! Remembering that this maker was a zither maker in Munchen, and only ventured into violins later. The lower bout is two pieces. The date on the label is hard to read, but I can read that it's 1840's label. There is an ebony inset in the treble belly edge. Other belly cracks have been closed up tight. The back is fabulous IMO. Thanks! -Oops, posted in wrong forum, sorry about that. And I forgot to have my angel hold it up for close inspection!
  4. Frog with small eyes

    The recent thread on small silver eyes reminded me of a frog that I'd enjoy input on. Is this early Bausch work or just MNK trade material? The MOP slide is especially colorful, and although half-mounted and nickel silver, it has pretty distinctive features. Look familiar to anyone?
  5. New Violin String Products

    I just ordered the Ascente to try out. I found the E string on the Alphayue pretty lacking, most notably when playing harmonics. The lower 3 strings seemed fine. But that was just on one instrument so could be a fluke.
  6. Fingerboard Problem

    True, that would likely help. I use aluminum foil to bounce UV to other areas, just never thought about using it there. tx
  7. Fingerboard Problem

    Just FYI: I am now in the middle of varnishing, and don't regret having the FB glued in place. However getting sufficient UV to that area is most definitely a problem that I have needed to address, since this oil varnish has no driers it requires good UV exposure. That area remains tacky after everything else is cured in the light box. Perhaps one solution is to add a drier. I also focus some additional UV into that area, and that seems to do it.
  8. Autodidact viola

    Imagine that! Our company imports SPAX screws directly, so I have the full choice of sizes at my disposal. However I don't plan to jam a screw into this baby yet, I'd glue a rest on before stooping to that.
  9. Autodidact viola

    Carl, as a matter of fact it is small, 15-1/2"! I could try this type of chinrest, but I know several styles have been tried without success.
  10. Autodidact viola

    Is this just a wall-hanger or what? This large viola is labelled: Supplied by W. THOMSON 33 Homefield Road, Wembley It's difficult to keep a chinrest on as the edge arches up immediately, you can see that in the side view. The neck is a through neck. I'm not convinced it was made by Mr. Thomson, but certainly he put in the label, and perhaps repaired and/or varnished it. I know the history for some decades back, and it came over from England to the US in the 1960's. Anyone seen anything like it or want to venture any opinions?
  11. Transitional bow of interest

    3.4 to 3.5mm track width.
  12. Transitional bow of interest

    thanks FC! so then it likely shares provenance with the ordinary Markneukirchen 'Stainer' violin it came with.
  13. Transitional bow of interest

    Yes you are right. Bone, not ivory.
  14. Transitional bow of interest

    Here is something of interest to me, and looks pretty neat, if nothing else. I've seen swan head bows before, but never something shaped quite like this. Overall bow length is 28-7/8", and the bow weighs 51.25 grams in the current condition, basically without hair or grip. I don't see any sign that it had a grip, and there is not a lot of heavy wear other than worn off finish. But what a thick stick for the weight! 11mm at the tallest, and 10.6mm width. Even at the middle of the bow it's still almost 10mm high. The screw is frozen/rusted in, and I'm hesitant to force it. It's octagonal all the way to the tip. Bauwaua wood? Heavily champfered, tapered champfer. The ferrule is a brassy color where it's visible under the corrosion, and the screw and slide are ivory. Opinions welcome!
  15. Old Steel Violin Bow

    I have one too, in much better condition. Still needs rehairing though, so I don't know how it plays. Pretty interesting piece to have around, mostly as a wall-hanger!