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  1. the last turn of the scroll is plastic on both sides. someone was offering several of these on MN some time back. they must have been standard on student instruments at one point.
  2. I agree with Jacob, that would be my first approach. neck reset.
  3. I have always admired her tone and technique, and I'm sure there are hundreds of thousands of violins in the world that she could make sound just as wonderful. But like any professional, she needs instruments that work for her, and we are fortunate that she seems to have found them. Not sure if there is much more to say, but I want to hear her in live concert someday, it's on the bucket list!
  4. Bill, this turned out to be a great tip. Increasing the index finger pressure does help keep the bow closer to the bridge. I found I was relying too much on arm weight to keep sound production up there, and the finger helps a lot with bow tracking. Thanks!
  5. Yes, thanks for pointing that out Bill. Will keep working on it! This is one inspiration for finger and wrist flexibility that I've enjoyed. I notice that in videos of his early playing his bow arm/hand was not this fluid.
  6. so who is that handsome fellow in your profile photo with the gray beard?
  7. Thanks for the helpful replies. I was quite fortunate to sit next to a good player in a trio a few years back who told me that my high frozen wrist needed attention. Since that time I've been working on flexibility, so I'm hoping that with concentration it shouldn't be too difficult to get the motion I need in the upper third. It definitely has helped to move the instrument towards the center where the bow arm can reach it easier. And the C shape makes sense. It's inspiring to watch the fluid bow arms of really fine players! Lots of inspiration there.
  8. Hi folks, After some concentration on bowing (violin) for the last several years I'm still having challenges keeping parallel to the bridge when bowing in the upper third. I find that the bow wants to move up the board, and I start to lose the sounding point. Of course the problem is that my arm is not pull the bow straight, rather pulling it in an arc (like a beginner might!). If I really concentrate it works fine. If I start to concentrate on other details the bow begins to wander. Are there some specific tips, exercises, youtubes that might offer a few more helpful clues to get me over this hump? I know this is a common issue, so there must be some good tips out there.
  9. sent pm, interested in the planes
  10. Yup, nothing so discouraging as finishing a new instrument in July and watching the FB projection drop precipitously in the high humidity of July and August!
  11. I have read here on MN that due to these enzymes, once pineapple juice is used it's difficult to glue surfaces together again. but perhaps there is an effective way to clean out the pineapple juice so the crack can be closed again sucessfully...
  12. the symbol near the adjuster is reminiscent of the bows in this discussion.
  13. I have it scanned, I will PM it to you. Nice Cello!
  14. here's one in my shop, I don't know where the old instrument was made.
  15. American church bass perhaps? Looks a bit too recent, but a friend has a similar one that appears older, in similar condition.