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  1. violinsRus

    Poster sale at The Strad

    Great to hear a positive poster shipping experience! Care to elaborate on what you find amazing about the thicknessing? The Vieuxtemps is well known for superior tone quality, right? Thanks!
  2. violinsRus

    Poster sale at The Strad

    I believe they have outsourced the fulfillment of mail order materials to a third party, who apparently doesn't have a high standard of service. I finally received one I ordered, but it was crumpled and felt like a used copy! Would be great to have that poster collection though, I wonder if it's worth the risk!
  3. violinsRus

    Harry Stoutenburgh Violins

    When I was young I used to visit a violin maker near Woodstock NY (yes, THE Woodstock) by the name of Stoutenburgh, which must be the one you are discussing. I see by googling that his address was West Hurley, which makes sense. I recall he lived on Stoutenburgh Lane, visible in google maps. I drove past there recently and the little house where he worked is gone. I am currently making a violin with maple he cut in 1958, the last pieces of a bunch I picked up years ago from another old maker in the area. I'd be interested to see pictures of the Harry Stoutenburgh violin.
  4. violinsRus

    violin knife steel PM-X

    Thanks to this thread and a few month's of patience, I just placed an order with John for a PM-X knife; he's got the steel and is in production. I wanted to share the good news in case there are others who were waiting for the new steel.
  5. violinsRus

    Cedar cello and bass tops- discuss

    you can look here, and search for 'cedar' and you will find some useful input: It was enough to discourage me from trying a nice piece of cedar I had, even for linings or blocks. Good luck, maybe others have had more success.
  6. violinsRus

    Wood for back of Plowden copy?

    I may have found the piece! I can pretty much avoid the dark wood, it's the closest match I've found so far.
  7. violinsRus

    Violin bow balance/weight

    sometimes the bow needs to bounce, but controlled of course! Wow, original Pagannini bowing...
  8. violinsRus

    Violin bow balance/weight

    If you can get to a shop and try out a bunch of bows it will give you the best results IMHO. That has been my limited experience. For some reason the better bows that don't bounce for me seem to be the higher priced ones! I'm sure there are a lot of variables here, much more than balance point and weight. Even the amount of hair on the bow can change the action.
  9. violinsRus

    Deformed bow

    Wow FC, that is extraordinary! I have a Nurnberger like the OP, and I'll likely just do a thicker thumb wrap and avoid any wood repairs.
  10. violinsRus

    Messiah wood (again....)

    I wonder if one side of the belly wood was flipped end-for-end from the same billet, as was/is sometimes done to better match the quarter cut to the arching. Would that be a potential reason for the dendro differences between the two halves? Just conjecture of course...
  11. violinsRus

    ID forum?

    Yes, kudos to the above mentioned. Don't forget to include the London chap, Martin Swan! Appreciate his input a lot.
  12. violinsRus

    Violin/viola European spruce for sale

    sent PM for one of them, thanks.
  13. violinsRus

    Wood for back of Plowden copy?

    You are right Julian, I want to at least make an effort to get a one piece back as similar as is reasonable. Varnish and texture is what I see as perhaps the biggest challenge for me in this project. And deciding how far to take the antiquing!
  14. Great exercise, the 5 minute bow. thanks for posting!
  15. violinsRus

    Interior details of Guarneri DG violins

    Would the mortise of the C bout linings of the Plowden likely be Amati-style fully mortised, Bergonzi angle-cut, or something in between like the color picture below, mortised but clipped at an angle at the end?