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  1. Any SOUND samples available?
  2. Yeah, but your link is to the violin with "WITH LION HEAD SCROLL," not the Lupot.
  3. Are you sure this isn't the link you meant to supply:
  4. No, someone thought it was worth $7,500 -- you forgot the 25% premium.
  5. It does look like a nice case. Anyone recognize the maker?
  6. Having spent the morning shoveling, maybe I'm snow blind, but to me the instrument in the photos looks brand new.
  7. What was it about them being in Europe that made you decide to avoid bidding?
  8. I presume estimates were a bit high since quite a few were passed: passed 26,000 euro passed 38,000 euro 2,400 euro
  9. JB's somewhat strange patent for improving violin sound:
  10. ...which ends in the next two days: Overall seems a bit more interesting than Tarisio, although the top item -- Peter Guarneri ex-Isenberg -- didn't sound too impressive to me in the youtube video they provided.
  11. I'm curious as to what the mark is ABOVE the label. Is that some sort of brand?
  12. Wouldn't Shar complain to ebay to have the seller shut down if it was illegitimate or fraudulent in any fashion?
  13. So far it appears that nobody wants to offer an opinion of my assessment. Any reason?
  14. Salvaged from the goodwill is very good sounding instrument that I thought looked like Roth workshop material. It has what I consider "Roth-sign" in the form of a fake pin with associated longitudinal crack beneath the tailpiece. However it is not branded anywhere and the label is identical to the one I photographed except it is dated 1720. The label is larger than most -- maybe around five inches long and heavily antiqued.
  15. ...presuming they understood what they bought: Judging from the scroll, it's not a violin but a 25.5 inch viola with a couple of old bows. Looks to be in decent shape. $120 seems like a pretty reasonable price.