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  1. ...and thought some might find it interesting: The Sound of the Viola: A Harmonic Analysis of the Classical Music World's Most Underrated Instrument
  2. My goodness, over ELEVEN HUNDRED lots over three DAYS??? I don't recall ever seeing a musical instrument auction that large.
  3. Sort of resembles: https://www.metzlerviolins.com/jacobus-stainer-label-violin-circa-1890.html
  4. I'm curious as to WHY Tarisio puts up the catalog but then doesn't allow bidding to start for five more days. Why not simply allow bidding from the get go?
  5. Well, that auction confirms that I will NEVER understand the appeal of "modern art":
  6. Lazy way is to use Rustoleum gold paint to fill them.
  7. Not to be unkind, but to my very inexperienced eye, that looks more contemporary Chinese than the OP's instrument.
  8. From a list of dealers: 1926 magazine Shows Stadlmair as being just the "...sole wholesale distributor in the United states and Canada for the Andreas Morelli line of violins..."
  9. ....$7,200: https://shopgoodwill.com/item/164033763 I'm guessing it was a XIR since "Guarnerius 1738" isn't one of the catalog listings and it looks like it was hand signed.
  10. ...in the blanket, and while the instrument looked decent enough, $2,500 seemed a bit too much of a stretch: Nice blanket...
  11. But is it even a real Victor Fetique? I mean, I am far from expert on bows, but that thing looks like it was finished with a chain saw. Also, Salchow's phrasing, calling it "a Fetique stick," kind of leads in limbo whether it's a VICTOR Fetique stick.
  12. "Fetique" bow: Fetique??? That sold for over 8 grand back in September: "Alleged Fetique violin bow sells for over 8 grand on shopgoodwill..." This time with a letter from Salchow that could be construed -- or misconstrued??? -- to confirm the bow is by Fetique but with replaced button and frog:
  13. I'm pretty well experienced with Roths and I stand by "2":
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