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  1. I believe that it's not impossible to beat something that was made by imperfection. Every instrument has imperfection that made them sound so beautiful. There are no such thing as perfect by perfection. Every percection are made by imperfection.
  2. My name is Bond, Daniel Bond. I'm 15, and yes you guessed it right. I'm the guy that posted what makes strads so special. That post is part of my reasearch on strads. I'm a guitarist, that is interested in Violin, but what makes me more interested into Violin? A special violin called strad. After I done my research I will start making Violin. So those of you that knows Violin making can help my reasearch. Daniel Bond.
  3. After this post, I came to a realization. You sir, just answered my question 100%. I just realized that!
  4. I've been hearing that a mint condition Strad costs like millions. Now mind you, I'm not a Violinist but rather a guitarist, I'm interested in knowing what makes Strad different than others. In guitar world, Antonio De Torres was the one that revolutionalized the modern way of making guitar, but Strad on the other hand, was the primary. So you know, I've been hearing player that use strads vs Violin that I always hear, it doesn't sound much different. At the end of the day, regular audience will be amazed by how you play it, but not the violin. So anyone here can explain me what makes a Strad