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  1. Actually it is just touching the edge of the chinrest. I don't clamp the chinrest a lot, I keep it as relaxed possible. The good thing about Guarneri chin rests is that they are mounted above the endblock. The case is zipped without effort too.,
  2. Good afternoon group, I'm a happy Pedi case owner. I'm a bit worried about the fact that when I close the case one of the bow holders is touching my Guarneri-type chinrest putting a bit of pressure on its slightly elevated edge. Is this a reason of concern?
  3. I have just ordered the 141 ones. Thank you for your replies - they helped me a lot!
  4. Τhanks for the answer. So the 141 set is for violas which string length is 14 1/2 inches (37 cm). I think then that this set is the correct for my viola.
  5. I am considering buying a set of Thomastik Dominants for my viola but I'm not sure which is the correct for the size of my instrument. It is a 16'' viola with a 37 cm string length (measured from the nut to the bridge). Which is the correct set? Is it the no. 141 one or the no. 4125? The measurements in the manufacturer's refer to the instrument's back size of to string length? Any ideas?
  6. I would love to see some beautiful patina developed there!
  7. A walnut? It is quite hard for my viola's varnish, it can create more scratches!
  8. I'm also a bit suspicious because before cleaning the instrument the lines weren't there. Now what can be done to "hide" them?
  9. He uses a kind of oil, I don't know the ingredients but he said that is a mild one that is being used for violins. I decided not to have it cleaned again in the future, I recall what mr. Manfio says "the best cleaner is that one you never use".
  10. The viola was clean enough, I don't think that existed before the cleaning. The repair person said that every time it cleans an instrument, a coat of varnish strips off and imperfections that laid beneath such as scratches and dings appear. Is that true?
  11. Yes, exactly! The are scratches on varnish. I wonder how can be removed or "camouflaged"...If a coat of oil varnish will be applied on them, perhaps? Or the existing varnish needs to be sanded before a new coat will be applied?
  12. Hell everybody, Last May I send my oil-varnished viola to a qualified repair person to be cleaned. During the cleaning, three parallel lines appeared on varnish running along the upper left frontal side of the instrument. The repair person tried to "camouflage" them by applying linseed oil on them but with no luck.... The lines are still there! They can be noticed under appropriate light. Is there another way to make them dissapear or it doesn't worth it? I have attached a couple of photos - the lines can be better seen if you zoom the images. Thank you in advance. John
  13. Τhank you very much for your reply - greetings from sunny Greece!
  14. Μr. @MANFIO, given that you are a reputable viola maker - what is your opinion on that tilt towards the treble side of my viola's neck and pegbox?
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