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  1. Interesting topic. I have thought a lot about this one. Before television/electricity/cars an orchestra concert would have been high entertainment. Now that playing field is much more cluttered. The composer of the 18th century is the football player of the 20th century in popularity. I have often thought that a month long power outage was needed to make orchestra music popular again. Then I start lamenting that I have studied a dying art form. Like studying Latin or impressionistic painting. (in the land of photography and computer graphics) I think music e
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    I use "Dominant" brand strings. I consider them to be the most inexpensive of the nicer strings. My friends told me to switch to Kaplan E-strings and I get a nice tone from those. Last year someone gave me a gold E-string. (brand unknown) It plays nicely as well, although it might be all in my head, knowing it has a trace of precious metal. I put cheap red-label strings in my case for backups if I break one. They are made of "bailing wire" as my grandfather would say, but work in a pinch and are super cheap. Basically I prefer a synthetic gut core for my strings.
  3. Thank you for your opinions and musings. I like the idea of it still being a mystery in some ways. If you had told me it was super rare and valuable I would have been more hesitant about playing it all the time. I really enjoy playing it. As a follow up question. Who make the best modern (less than $1000 violins). I have some students with modern violins that play really well. CD
  4. From a players perspective the neck is working OK. I don't have any issues keeping it in tune. It has low strings and a big sound. I do appreciate the information. Here are more pictures. I'm sorry my music room is dark.
  5. I think my original post got stale. ' Let me know what you think of this violin. Original tag is gone. I have been told it's German. Older than 100, younger than 200. Repaired by J-Frammer in 1909 Repaired by JB Miller in 1980ish Thanks for any help you can provide. CD
  6. Anyone? Do I need to repost to have this show up where someone sees it?
  7. Hello, Pictures have been linked. Jump bumping the topic. CD
  8. I just remember day 1 in Music school theory class. The professor would pretty much know how much music theory we would know based on our instrument. Piano = the best music theory knowledge Vocalist = the worst music theory knowledge Violinist I would put somewhere in the middle. Of course music theory has a lot of parts to it. Parts everyone should know = Keys and key signatures, reading music on the clef of your instrument, rhythm notation, dynamic notation, tempo notation, etc. Suzuki violin students tend to lag behind in theory because most of them start
  9. I always found The Sunken Cathedral by Debussy to be a great performance piece. Especially if you could explain the piece a bit in the program. (I realized I'm posting this after the due date) Or you can stretch your ears a bit with Ravel Le Tombeau de Couperin Otherwise, get out of your classical box with some Gershwin Three Preludes CD
  10. Supposedly, some of the new carbon fiber violins have been fashioned in such a way to make them sound like Strads and they go for 5K. I haven't been able to get my hands on any of those yet. The numerous studies always have people divided into 2 camps. Despite repeated studies that indicate the listener cannot tell and the player cannot tell, the purists always argue the results. Their biggest argument is that a good player needs a month of practice to "learn the violin." Handing someone instruments back to back means nothing. I don't actually believe their is anyt
  11. Thttps://m.facebook.com/affordableviolinist/photos/pcb.1058395157619885/1058392637620137/?type=3&source=48 I hope that links directly. Let me know what you think CD
  12. For the Moderator - Am I allowed to post the pictures on my Facebook Business page for my wedding violin business? I would hate to get in trouble so early in my stay here. That would be a convenient place to post the pictures and I wouldn't have to worry about their size. For the most part, I'm a wedding violinist. Most orchestra folks view that as like janitorial work but I do 80 weddings a year so for me.... its easy part time $$$. I think most all of us can play Cannon in D by Pachelbel, but I get paid to play it in very exotic locations. (On beaches, in mansions, i
  13. Sorry folks. I have to post 10 times before I can post pictures. So ignore the spam here for the next few days. It's less annoying than me commenting on other threads.
  14. I cannot post pictures until I post 10 times. I am also limited on posts per day, so this thread is going to take a little while before I can post pictures. Sorry. Also my newer 2 comments (to reach my 10 sooner) were deleted by the admin. (probably because they contained no content. So at this rate, it might take a week before I can post pictures.