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  1. Would you please explain what is wood ash oil varnish,maybe how you made it thanks
  2. We can agree that know one has planted a flag and proved they know what the ground was. The ground/sealer used in the glory days. But we can take linseed oil or any other oil treated every way we know of place some on glass wait six months and see how it behaves, is it clear is it dry does it dry hard,hard enough. You will still be guessing but you will know more than something you read from a person who over heard a modern maker speaking about sealer/ ground. Trust but Verify,
  3. I am a long time lurker to maestronet. I think this topic has gotten pretty aggressive in tone. So here my two cents. Yes you can shave pegs to perfection with a pen knife and a nail file on a desert island. But there is something special to have a tool beautifully designed and built that feels good in your hand that works smoothly and clean with little to no fuss. If this appeals to and you can afford, I say enjoy what you want to it is how we spend most of our time. Well made tools are a joy.
  4. my choice warm water, warm water mild soap, and if needed Mr. Clean magic eraser, yes try them.
  5. try ray schryer. he was making templates for two strads and he might still have some for sale.
  6. i would not do anything special to the knot before varnish. it will look great.
  7. I was part of the Boston workshop in waltham started by marilyn wallen. It was great but then people wanted to move or had to and the lease was up and no one wanted to take on the whole nut or and extra part if there was not a full workspace. We each had our own room and a common machine and common area. A very nice set up, learned a lot made great friends made violins what was not to like. life goes on...
  8. violin-making is a not a profession as much as a life style. there is a distinction between the two
  9. hi all I have been working with a paint store to get recochem turps, The store owner contacted them and sent a rep over who said that recochem is going so stop putting any turps in plastic. metal only, i bought some and it smells bad. So i think if you find some in plastic you should buy it all.
  10. I think that i have been "lurking" longer on maestro net than most. I do not post often because i don't think i have much to offer that will move the issue further a head. I generally agree with what some one else wrote, of i don't chime in. To be honest I am not comfortable the the process and I also spell really poorly. Which i feel some may use to disqualify my comments I do appreciate all of you who contribute, The forums would be nothing with out you! thank you all
  11. All that stuff about original parts is fine BUT what's it going to go for come on you connoisseurs let the bidding begin
  12. i would add that i think the flexibility of the top has to be considered. how one judges that and shapes the bar to help the flex ... well to be honest it is hard for me to explain. i would but i just can verbalize . I guess one needs to play with the idea and be ready to replace the bar if you go to far
  13. ben i would suggest that you take some time and make some test strips make the test just how you will finish the entire violin see what happens in time. put a section onthe window and another in your closet see what gives then you will have the same or better info many of us have about the stuff, and best how it works with the rest of your varnish process. regards from the a very long time lurker who just got high speed todd goldenberg
  14. I do not think that potassium permangenate will be a substitute for a U.V. bath the look is not the same. That is not even getting into if it is light fast and the rest etc. about using chemical stains. regards todd goldenberg