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  1. If it was possible to do so, I'd be more than happy to oblige.
  2. OP said: ...."I've been told it was German"..... A more competent opinion might be in order....
  3. Young man, you are in for a long, hard, ride. But I just might know someone who's willing to help you out.
  4. "Jeffy" always spoke of himself (to me) as being "just a salesman". Being from good ol' Carolina he once had a good and pure heart, but somehow got sidetracked in the "windy city".
  5. 28-5/8 = 72.7 cm ! What is the measured distance from the handle end of the shaft to the near end of the mortise, less the nipple? If 15 mm or less: It is my recommendation that you should have it cleaned, restored, and re-polished by a professional archetier.
  6. Good news, from one of the best research scientists on the planet. Pete
  7. Not on my list of things to accomplish.
  8. What type of person would you classify as an "unwilling" expert? Does anyone you know of, or have dealt with professionally, actually fit into such a category? Sure you do.