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  1. Interesting, $100 sounds like a great deal for a early 20th century Mirecourt violin! How do you like the sound?
  2. Thanks Martin. This is very informative. I wish there is a "guide of violin identification for dummies" as it is a fairly addictive exercise Could you indicate what makes the varnish, the arching and the pegbox carving so characteristic to the Mirecourt violins? And I also wonder what the T means...
  3. ​​Hi all, ​ ​Could you help me identify this violin? It belongs to a friend of mine and I would love to have some info. According to the family, it is a German fiddle. No label inside but an ironed letter T. ​http://imgur.com/a/WslKH ​ ​Thanks for your help. ​H.
  4. Hi, I saw this violin online and it looks good for my untrained eyes. I like the tiger stripped wood in the back and construction quality looks good. I would be interested in having your expert opinion! Where do you think this one comes from? Any value at all? http://imgur.com/a/FYdai Thanks, Sean