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  1. Sounds logical Miles. I'm with you on this one.
  2. Pardon me for butting in. It's not only about the money. Some people can't in good conscience pawn their problems onto another human being.
  3. Would it be too much to write your own arrangement of the Moldau? I certainly don't have the talent to do it but maybe you do.
  4. Thank you all for a very interesting discussion!
  5. Does anyone know how the Markneukirchen makers from the early part of the 20th century got their tradition for fine craftsmanship? Was it someone who trained at Vuillaume's shop? Even though I hear (and see) a lot about their craftsmanship, I rarely hear raves about their sound quality. Do anyone have an opinion as to why they didn't achieve great sound? Thanks!
  6. I don't quite know the right words. Maybe similar to filagree? The scrolls are carved almost to the point of looking like lace. The scrolls are in the white and near the from of the shop. From the outside, you can see them through the front window. Eric told me that scrolls like that are acceptable if done well.
  7. Quote: ... back for a Strad copy he will be making for me. That's way cool! I'm sure it will turn out great. What do you think about those ornate scrolls displayed at his shop? I like them but I think I'm too conservative (read inhibited) to play a violin that's so fancy.
  8. Quote: When I get tempted by a B or C level violin I decide how much I would spend on it, then put that money aside and wait. Down the road it can be used towards something A+. Just my way of doing it. I like your thinking. Didn't you recently buy an Eric Benning violin? How's it doing? I like the Bennings alot and played one of Eric's violins some time around October last year. It was really nice and spoke very quickly. Eric said that the more I played it, the faster I play the pieces. For me, it was like taking a race car out for a spin, once it gains your confidence, you try to push it to its limits.
  9. I think it's always wise to call your insurance company and ask what their policies are. Based on my friend's experience, I got an unexpected answer from my home owner's insurance provider. They said that they did not insure instruments which were used professionally. That's why I elected to insure with Clarion.
  10. I agree with you that this sounds like a latent defect. Even though my stuff is insured by Clarion, I'm not up on every detail of the coverage - I know what I'm doing tonight. A couple years ago, this same thing happened to a buddy of mine. He wasn't even playing at the moment it happened. Suddenly there was a very loud "ccrrrack". We all looked around and then noticed that the hair on my buddy's bow was hanging loose. Later that week, he called his home owner's insurance company. They wanted documentation on the value of the violin and bow because they were going to pay for both, thinking that it was matched set!
  11. The La Mirada symphony is in your area. Some people that I've spoken with have indicated that the abilities of the members ranges from good to beginning, but I really don't know first hand. The youth orchestra that I conduct is also in your area. We rehearse at the Homestead Museum in City of Industry. The age limit is 21 years of age, but if you have the desire and ability, we would consider you for an adult mentor position. We have a range of abilities in our orchestra, from students attending the L.A. County High School for the Arts to students who have only played a couple of years. Our repertoire is chosen from variety of music, from Haydn and Mozart symphonies to shorter easier pieces. As an adult, you might enjoy the Haydn and Mozart symphonies more. Our website is http://artistic-journeys.org Good luck.
  12. The sponsor of the orchestra that I conduct is a non-profit organization and has a project called the Applegate Project that procures instruments and then loans them to students. Recently, a cello and a couple of violins were donated. Some of the violins are easily identified as low end chinese instruments but the cello looks very nice and one violin looks interesting. Could someone give me their opinions based on the pics? You can see them at http://photos.yahoo.com/jimho_violin Thanks!
  13. In case someone reading this post decides to write their own arrangements, or write any music for any reason, I was able to download a free version of finale software. I don't have much time on this tool, but a friend of mine really likes it. finale software
  14. All of the suggestions have been good and I especially agree with what Rich said. I have a pianist friend who improvises. We would work up arrangements of hymns and praise songs for church. At first, we worked up medleys, intertwining hymns of similar subjects. Then we experimented with modulating to different keys and writing variations on the themes. We never wrote any of it down and found that we would forget what we had done, so we started recording them. 13 tracks later, we had a CD.
  15. Artistic Journeys is pleased to announce auditions for the Linnea Chamber Orchestra and Artistic Journeys Youth Orchestra for the 2004-2005 season. All seats are open for the two orchestras. The Linnea Chamber Orchestra, which is the resident ensemble at the Homestead Museum, will tour Sweden in summer 2005. The more advanced candidates will be placed in the Linnea Chamber Orchestra and less experienced candidates will be placed in the Artistic Journeys Youth Orchestra. Auditions will be held beginning September 7, 2004. Young musicians 21 years old and younger are encouraged to call (626) 330-8519 for an audition time.
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