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  1. Yes, I found that article and it is awesome! Wish I could find more like his article out there online. I will check out his site! Thanks for he info!
  2. Anyone have any general starting points to ID a Romeo Antoniazzi violin? Features to look for? Identifying stylistic elements? Marks? Et cetera... I am working on a research project on the lineage of makers he is a part of but his style seems, to my extremely basic eye, to be all over the board and very diverse. So I’m having trouble nailing down some themes to note for his instruments. I also don’t have a paid Tarisio account which I suppose might help but I’m trying to save money for now. Any tips on his instruments much appreciated. Thanks much!
  3. Aaah! I looooove cats! But alas it doesn’t look like the mark of two little kitty fangs.
  4. Hmmm that could cause the texture there and explain the darkening. Violin is from 1907 so who knows what it has experienced but I’d sure like to know! The luthier I got it from French polished it so that makes it harder to see because it’s so shiny haha.
  5. True! Playing outdoor gigs I’m often dodging flying stands and plexiglass missiles!
  6. Oh wow! Someone playing a violin smoking is something I’ve never seen before! Not sure if it’s burn marks as they are all on the right side of the grain. Looks more scuff like to me but smoking is a better story.
  7. Lol! I like it. I need a cool story/theory for when people ask.
  8. That could be it as there are black/dark marks around the top like something someone did (glue? Retouch?) after having the top off turned dark over time.
  9. That is my leading theory as the black marks seem to be on the right side of each of the wood grains, like something rubbed over it from the same direction. Maybe one of those old style violin cases that had a spinner that pivoted over the body of the instrument compared to today’s Velcro around the neck???
  10. And sorry for the poor photos with all the glare! Gah! I have only a cell phone camera and am experimenting with instrument photography but don’t have then lighting, tech, or skills yet to take better closeups, but I’m working on it.
  11. I always get asked what happened to my violin... and the answer is I do not know! It was like this when I bought it and it doesn’t bother me because I think it adds character and an identifying feature. No crack, just a surface abrasion of some sort. Any theories as to what caused this? I wish I knew because I am very curious of a person, haha. Is this damage anything I should be concerned about fixing/restoring? My luthier didn’t think so but I’m not sure if this can even be restored if I’d want to in the future? Thanks!
  12. I tried this and nothing moved. So I hope it's a good reglue! I checked all sides, too. We'll see what happens its first Midwest winter outside of a controlled shop...
  13. Yikes! Don't know when that happened or who could have done that prior to my owning it. Is that something that can or should be fixed eventually? I personally don't care one way or another but I do want to maintain the violin properly and take the best care of it.
  14. Just the belly. At times it kind of looks like black Sharpie in how it is, haha! If it is glue, is that something I should leave on as is or put on my laundry list try to have removed next time the top is off?
  15. Photo of course did not attach. Here it is!
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