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  1. Hey All, I have been looking at alternative bow woods in Australia and would like to obtain some pernambuco as well. Is there a way to buy pernambuco in Australia? And what are some good Australian wood alternatives to try? thanks
  2. I have always fitted the bridge first and place a little tension so the bridge stays up. Then I fit the soundpost. This is to make sure that I dont make the post too long on the first go. Once it's in, then the strings are tuned and the bridge and soundpost are adjusted into their final place.
  3. I'll make a range of bows out of Aus hardwoods and compare them to my pernambuco, because it is a pain to import it.
  4. Hey Everybody, I was wondering where a good source of bow making timber can be found in Australia. Trend Timbers in NSW supplies flat sawn pernambuco at $87 a metre. Are there any alternatives, or would I have to import bow blanks (with accompanying CITES permits)?
  5. Does anyone have contact details to Harry? Im looking for a mentor for violin making. Many Thanks
  6. I am most definitely an amateur. I suppose that making varnish and doing repairs for 4 years justifies that claim. Doing a bulk order would be a great idea as my stocks are running low. Most of my spruce came from Simeon Chambers' closing down sale. My maple came from Golden Tonewood (5 back neck sides - 230 eur) back in 2016. My making has increased since I finished high school. More time, More energy, Little money
  7. Hello everybody, I am looking for online dealers of decent tonewood. It is nearly impossible to find a reasonably priced seller which could ship to Australia and the shipping fees not exceed the price of the item. Also where could I get blocks? Thanks
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