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  1. It is real flame maybe the light.
  2. Sorry,the certificate for another violin not this one.
  3. The condition is perfect and violin has the certificate for authenticity.
  4. Hi, Yesterday I tried one violin by Eugene Corvisier.The sound is very bright,warm with power.What will be a reasonable price for this maker? Thanks.
  5. Hi, Recently I tried a Mochizuki Shinya violin,It sounded very good.But I don't know the maker.Is there any one who can talk more about this maker?What will be a reasonable price for a violin from this maker?Thanks.
  6. I have one stamped Tournier made by Cuniot-Hury.
  7. Hi, could you talk more about your guessing as to which city it was made in?
  8. Hi, Could you talk a bit more about your guessing?Or could you leave a link of what you discussed.Thanks.
  9. Thank you for all the advices.I will try to put better pics.
  10. I'd like to add more pics about the "NS" stamp.Also the violin came with a fake label of GeSu Guarnerius.
  11. Hi, Is there someone know the violin stamped NS inner?Here is the violin,I think it looks like a German violin.What is your opinion?
  12. Hi Everyone, I Found This and maybe my violin is the same kind of violin of Collin Mezin.
  13. Hi, Is the violin in the same sort of violin which you sold?
  14. Thanks,Martin.I have two Other Collin Mezin(son)'s violins So it is easy to compare.I think the sense of the varnish more French(not the color)the label Yes but the sense of the general figure No.So what is your opinion about this violin except the varnish and label where can it come from?Germany or Italian?
  15. Hello everybody, FInally I can upload pics about my violin.Please feel free to talk.I just want to know whether this one the real one or not.Thanks.
  16. I forgot to put a great violinist Gidon Kremer.
  17. Kreisler Heifetz Milstein Menuhin Oistrakh Grumiaux Szeryng Francescatti
  18. Vengerov,Maxim Kavakos, Lenonidas Zimmerman,Frank Mutter, Anne-Sophie Perlman, Itzak Zuckerman, Pinchas
  19. Great!Is the violin by father or by son?what is date of the violin?How much did you pay for that?Thanks.