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  1. I'm using addies Forma G template for my form. As it was the form used for the Messiah, which I have the poster for. I'm using a laser cutter for precision. I have my form made, I need to know how to get the form for the corner blocks. For whatever reason, the Messiah drawing from the poster doesn't line up at all with Addie's forma G. So not sure where to go with all this.
  2. That's exactly what I was looking for! Thank you so much!
  3. Looking to make it all in one. Probably be the easiest. The problem is, it doesn't seem like the Messiah poster has the corner block pattern. I used Addie's Forma G pattern to make the form.
  4. That's what I'm looking to make. Only in a bendable plastic.
  5. After building the form, in this case, the Forma G, to make a copy of the Messiah, how does one create the template for the corner blocks and top/bottom plates for tracing. I have the plastic material, and a copy of the Strad poster for the Messiah violin. My question is, what's the method for creating this tracing template? What measurements do I use etc? The messiah isn't symmetric, and neither is my form. So I don't want to make a symmetric tracing template, like the kind you flip and use on both sides. So naturally, I'll need to make it all one piece. Just wondering how I wo
  6. Brave man! Being a woodworker, I know the power of titebond ALL too well. Thanks again for your words of wisdom!
  7. Perfect thank you. The parts of the side of the form NOT getting blocks glued to it can be shellac'ed as well I would assume yes?
  8. Right, using hide glue? Or wood glue?
  9. So all the sides, put a coat of hide glue on them? Or wood glue?
  10. Recently got my laser cutter in, and using a template, I laser cut my violin form. Not that it's assembled, any reason not to seal with some poly, or something?
  11. I'm on the final stretch, and looking to finish the cradle now. One final question would be, how should I finish? Any kind of top coat? Shellac, BLO, Poly?
  12. Anyone have an opinion on what to use to glue cork to wood?