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  2. I really don't know , I am tying to get the origins of this violin. some people say mirecourt 1830 other german around 1880 Markneukirchen or Klingenthal .
  3. Hello!, Have you ever seen this brand stamp at the violin button?
  4. I would like to identify the origins of my old violin, it has a mark at the button but I cant found it, we think that it is a german violin because almost all ancient violins arrived from europe to argentine were german, but the vanish was removed and repainted by somebody and lost the history of it, i am sending some pictures, look the rings symbol at the bottom. Label:Nicolaus Amatus fecit in cremona 1645 (of course I know it is not an amati) Lenght of back 360mm Upper Bouts:168mm Middle Bouts;105mm Lower Bouts:205mm I will very apreciate your opinion Thank you
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