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  1. Been experimenting with this. Where on the fingerboard exactly? On the underside opposite the highest point on the belly or at the end of the fingerboard?
  2. Problems b to c in first. I don’t know if it’s the string or the set up. It’s always been there to some extent, having to work hard to get a decent tone there
  3. Definitely evident but maybe not as bad on the D. Depending on the weather it gets a bit better which is weird. I tried some clay on fingerboard, tailpiece and afterlength with placebo improvements perhaps! I’ll try a new string. Anything well balanced to go with obligatos?
  4. Can anyone recommend an A string to go with an obligato set?
  5. I’m inclined to agree. My teacher has to work hard there, too. Are there solutions to try? Similar to eliminating wolfs?
  6. Just adjusted the post and I think it sounds better but then reverts back to me having to apply conscious effort to produce an acceptable sound there again. It’s as if I’m not able to catch the string for those two stopped notes, the c is worse and strangled like this
  7. I have to work hard to get a good sound on the A string first position B to C natural. I don’t know if it’s a wolf tone or just a bowing issue, but it’s only there in that spot. Is this common?
  8. Do you have any resources you could reference to get my head around the concepts?
  9. Yes, first position c on g.
  10. The bow stick, if left on the string at the end of a stroke, imparts a perceptible shudder to my fingers. If bow off the string, then it is a ringing which persists
  11. How do you figure out the body resonance? Just give it a whack holding the strings or blow through the f holes like I'm playing a beer bottle!..?
  12. Can't seem to find anything awry.