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  1. Sure you can put away for some days, and actually might be the best, but if you work on a busy shop leave a few days of might not be an option. The smell its relative. some people like, im personally not a big fan, but will disappear after some time.
  2. You can mix a bit of vinegar disolved in some water. Vinegar has acetic acid, know for the antibacterial properties. Try in a corner first before wipe it. Might end with a not very pleasant smell...
  3. I think I saw this one on ebay. was it?
  4. Last poster I got from theStrad was damage but not from transportation (because cardboard tube was intact) but simply because the lack of organization and care on their own products..
  5. I mean the ipad app, Im looking for a better one and yours look good
  6. Whats the name of the app Peter K-G?
  7. If it was done by an autodidact its interesting to see the reinforce of the neck heel. Its the top one piece?
  8. aletrop

    Walnut hull tint

    Basically thats the lake. Although it will work better with walnut extract
  9. aletrop

    Walnut hull tint

    maybe if you make a lake from it?!
  10. On factory made violins always depends.. Also what kind of glue was used although if was used hide glue, doesn't mean its easy. To avoid troubles I wouldn't remove neither the back or the top...
  11. Interesting. there is any known famous instrument with numbers stamped?
  12. Can anyone share the Darton & Hersh pics?
  13. Hi all, In general, what does it mean these numbers stamped on the ribs next the endpin? Industrial made? Model? other? thanks
  14. In that case 38 its the year. and according to the 4 was made by L. Bailey, one year before leave H & sons. theres no C stamped on the stick?
  15. The C letter (or the T) its to pair up each stick to the correspondent frog. You should see the same letter mirrored on bottom flat under the frog. Are you sure theres only 2 numbers? I think I can see 2 numbers before 38..
  16. A little gap wont harm.. Specially on high humidity regions.
  17. Great work! Can some explain how the resonance strings are tuned?
  18. Anyone knows the string length of the ex-Havemeyer Guadagnini cello?