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  1. Hello Maestronet members. I am curious to learn more about this cello scroll. I hope the attached pictures are sufficient - tricky to get good pictures of the throat. It's a large scroll, very dense, heavy, and strong...if that makes any sense? Apologies for using the inches ruler...8 inches = 20.3cm. All input much appreciated - thanks in advance!!
  2. Any thoughts on where this mess originated or can be attributed? It has a London 1780s label but I am not familiar with English construction or materials. The back is 74cm. Pls refer to pics on Flickr.
  3. Flikr link - should be enlargeable. Thanks for your insight - appreciate!
  4. Hello - once again I am stymied and seeking insight / wisdom from other forum members. Cello with dark heavy varnish almost black, large engrave JL on the button? A dealer label of some sort? One piece bottom bout. Length of back 30 inches / 76cm. Linings into blocks. Back fairly sturdy / thick. Varnish is so dark you can barely see the purfling Mirecourt of some sort? Any thoughts or insight would be much-much appreciated.
  5. Hello all, Quick bow question / inquiry - any background on THOS.HILL? Is it a trade label or actual maker? There is no mention of THOS. or Thomas on the website. Any insight would be much appreciated.
  6. Thanks Jacob - I truly appreciate your insightful response. Pic from the Philippines - a surly 10 year old riding a Carabao. He smoked a cigarette while riding that beast over rough jungle. No saddle just a rope and a smoke... Cheers & thanks!
  7. Hello. A few months ago I posted pics of a cello (box) and Jacobsaunders mentioned it was likely 19th C Vogtland / Egerland. I truly appreciate his insight and taking the time to respond. Flickr pics At that time, what I did not realize -- the table and bass-bar are one piece. I understand integrated bass bar instruments are typically low quality 'short-cuts' for czech and german manufacturers. My questions: 1. Is this a low quality instrument? Wood, purfling, linings, varnish, arching all seem fairly also has Rembert # for whatever it's worth. Vogtland 18th C possibly? 2. What do I with the integrated bass bar - cut and replace? The table is approx 5-6mm thick near f holes. I'm confused -- which is not not unusual -- so any comments or thoughts would be much appreciated.
  8. Apologies...pls try this link. Thx.
  9. Hello. I assume my cello is Fussen or some variation but wanted to double check with a more knowledgeable group... Cello Pic Back is 29.25 inches Corner purling mitired through the end Blocks? lining not inset Fs slightly low with upper eye very small and lower eye very large Huge broomstick bass bar (1 inch wide at base) Back medium arching -- medium groove at edge Anyway-- any insight would be much appreciated. Thank you for your time!
  10. Hello all, I have a cello that seems typically Saxon with the exception of the back which I believe is constructed of 'London Plane' or 'beechwood'...any thoughts? Flicker Pics Is it somewhat common to run across instruments with London Plane or Beechwood backs? How do they sound -- relative to maple? Thanks in advance. rick
  11. Unknow Scroll - pic 1 Unknow Scroll - pic 2 Any insight as to origin or school (anything) would be much appreciated... The pegs have been brushed, head seems to be pinched, volute slow taper, conical eye large and prominent... I am stymied... Apologies as I was unable to download pics directly to the forum. Thanks in advance!