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  1. I hav thought the secret is to care and to make a lot of instruments.
  2. Not related, but to put the progress of 3d printing into perspective - these guys are printing rocket engines and just got a contract with NASA... Relativity - Printing Rocket Engines!
  3. Thank you! I appreciate your comment!
  4. Absolutely love this quote! "Oh the lifetime guarantee is for the inventors lifetime, not yours. He seems to be in good health though. :-) David Burgess"
  5. Thank you! I wonder if the pegbox wear from turning a ebony tuner is a real concern? How often this is needed vs using a geared peg? I am very concerned with long term reliability of the gears vs ebony. Which can I expect to have less maintenance/repair time/costs. It seems the geared pegs should be more reliable long term, but I have nothing to base that on. Frank
  6. I am considering a set of Wittner fine tuners for my new cello. I have searched and can not find much conversations since 2012. I would be interested in comments about WIttners internal geared tuners for cellos - Here are my initial thoughts for getting them: 1. They reduce the movement of the strings thus reduce flexing of the bridge while tuning, especially during times of extreme humidity changes? 2. They eliminate fine tuners from the tail piece, making it simpler and less damping to harmonics? 3. They do not require "gluing in" as the other competing systems to, which is less damaging to the pegbox? I respect everyone here so much, I would greatly appreciate comment on experience and opinions about the Wittner Fine Tuners, especially for a new student and cello! Frank
  7. Reaches for popcorn and soda, places feet up on the ottoman. This looks like it could turn out to be fun!
  8. It's been a while since I posted anything on this - life happens. Here is the top of the violin I am restoring. This is just the biggest piece, you can see the two sides at the top (the upper bouts) are missing - I have them and they will be reattached after I finish separating this seam. The sludge that was there is all gone and all the pieces are mostly clean and ready to start fitting them back together except this one crack in the top that I want to repair. Here I am trying to open the glue seam of a crack that broke the top in half and someone glued back together with something. The two halves do not fit together well, and had and ugly seam and ridge. So, I am attempting to encourage the glue in the seam to let go so I can get the two parts separated and clean the edges up so they fit better, then reglue it - hope for a little better result. To separate the seam I have a string with each end in a cup of water and the string laying along the seam. I will let this lay for about 12 hours and test the joint, if it is not ready to fall apart, I will let it go another 12 hours. If after 24 hours it still will not fall apart, I will let it dry for a few days and try again the same way but with acetone instead of water. There is another crack that was "repaired" at the top end of the f-hole, I expect I will take that apart and redo it also. The other long crack down the center is not a clean break full length, so I am planning to try to glue it in place without taking it further apart, the inside of the other cracks look clean.
  9. The ultimate! Using toys - uh, I mean tools, to make more tools!
  10. After lurching here for over a year, I am becoming convinced that making violins (and cellos) is just a cover story to so you all can play with tools!
  11. You could wrap the ferrule with wire and solder the ends to prevent further loosening of the ferrule.
  12. Would you buy a new house if the "Davide Sora" of home building built it?
  13. Great work indeed - I was stunned and assumed it had to be fake. I couldn't imagine that it could be so well repaired! Awesome an inspiring to say the least.
  14. Ack! Sorry, did not notice who posted it, it was in another forum. In that case I am very impressed.
  15. Saw this posted in another forum today, I am a little cynical since they leave out all the details - what do you think?
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