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  1. If you want to - really want to...

    It appears he is using his fingernails to stop the strings - sort of like a steel guitar?
  2. What loupes to buy

    Thanks, I will try those too! I think what I am looking for is something for detail small scale work - not large scape (like carving the back) but tiny details, like precise purfling carving, scroll, f-hole. and for repairs - doing grain transplants to cosmetically fix a crack, etc...
  3. What loupes to buy

    Thanks, the Specsaver sounds great! Also, I think I will look into a digital microscope using my phone of iPad - hmmm.
  4. What loupes to buy

    I wear 3.25 to read normally
  5. What loupes to buy

    I need some magnifying glasses. Old suffer from old folks eyes - far sighted. I would overmuch appreciate suggestions on an affordable pair of loupes for use in doing detail work on making or repairing. TIA, Frank
  6. Deliberately Angled Soundpost

    I think most people are introverts and would never want to be an entertainer - but I could be wrong.
  7. My new airplane jig

    All you need to do is throw yourself at the ground and miss! (or so someone said...)
  8. Deliberately Angled Soundpost

    Game, set and match to Violadamore!
  9. Deliberately Angled Soundpost

    Is there a condensed version of the process for placing/adjusting a sound post. in other words, where to start is obvious (at least there are lots of posts/videos/discussions) about where to put it in relative to the bridge foot. But, once in, then how do you (anyone willing to answer) determine the top or bottom or both need to move and in what direction? I understand, you listen - but what is the affect you are expecting in each direction of top and back movement.
  10. Edge Doubling

    I don't use anything yet, but will need to on the violin I am "practicing" restoring. My thought from reading was to use shellac and sanding dust. Does anyone use that or are there drawbacks to it?
  11. Starting salary for violin shop tech

    Manual/personal labor is not a way to get "rich". A few individuals will do exceptionally well, the majority will get by with a middle class income (assuming they are competent. This is true in almost any field of personal labor, including performance arts. To make money one must use others labor and share in the income from that work - use others labor either directly via hiring people to do the work, or via investing. Edit: Someone once said no employer can ever pay you what you are worth, because they would not make a profit if they did.
  12. Minimum size plane for making centre joints

    Yes. And plane technique is critical. I have a #7 but prefer a #4 myself. It is "easier" for me to control the #4. But, chalk, sharp, go slow, and as you approach flat go even slower.
  13. Minimum size plane for making centre joints

    Have you tried chalk?
  14. plate tuning specs ?

    There is a very small black hole floating inside...
  15. Cedar top repair question

    Thank you.