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  1. Strad (and other) models database?

    Photographs are extremely hard to produce with no distortion. long lens is first step, but optical distortions always creep in.
  2. Managing our wood stock - how much wood we need?

    There in lies the business opportunity. Some method of documentation that is verifiable and a trust worthy reputation. Then providing a premium product, no questions asked return policy, second day delivery, good spec's and photo's. Then charge a premium so makers can feel comfortable they can have a special piece in 2 days. Of course that won't help people with addictions
  3. Managing our wood stock - how much wood we need?

    Sounds like a business opportunity for someone to store and season wood for makers. Maybe even purchase large stocks. Although I expect a lot of the wood thing for makers if the excitement of finding and buying their own wood.
  4. string grooves position at nut

    Thank you! It is very helpful to us noobs when someone says why something is done (or not done) and not just what or how. Thanks Frank
  5. Double bass forma

    Can't you just scale up a violin plan?
  6. Login attempts of would-be hackers

    In some cases it is nothing more than practice or bragging rights.
  7. American Maple on Mittenwalder?

    When you say too hard, is that because it is too hard to work with or too hard for good acoustic properties? (Or both?)
  8. Harvesting and processing horsetail

    Most people send it to me, and I keep it safe until they need it
  9. Violin ID and Restoration Tips?

    I am new and know nothing from experience. My first thought at looking at that was that I would be very concerned with issues around different expansion rates between the bushing and the pegbox. My second thought, and probably wrong, was canon fiber bushings with a flexible glue to let the pegbox expand and contract around them.
  10. The "Tuscan" Stradivari

    I see comments about the SG of the wood used by the old guys. A couple questions come to mind. Did they document the SG, and if not, is the SG quoted what it currently is, and is there any reason to think the SG changes much over 3 or 4 hundred years?
  11. Digital Amati project

    Very true, i am lazy. But one advantage with a drawing program is the built in measurement capability for me, to be able to instantly see what the radius or lengths are with just a click.
  12. Digital Amati project

    Its called adobe illustrator, but it has a bit of a learning curve. Something less generic and more dedicated to drawing instruments would be interesting.
  13. Secrets in the wood (Stradivari's maple)

    I am not trying to be argumentative, but it sounds like you are saying the properties we ascribe to sound quality are not measurably affected so the so7nd quality could not be affected. Has anyone tried the treatments and tested for 5he impact on the sound itself. And i am not even how one would test that, so that you knew it was the treatment.
  14. Was ist das? (German cello)

    Does the label saying "Germany" vs Made in Germany imply it was pre 1890 or does that only apply to instruments sold in the US?
  15. Digital Amati project

    I understand what it can do, what I don't understand is why you would want to do it. I am ignorant not argumentative. It would seem if you have a very good form, then why change it - just because you can?