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  1. Oh. Great to hear back from you, well not quite in those circumstances but. Was thinking of you & your location, wondering why sudden radio silence... hoping you weren't involved in the fireball bushfires & now crazy rain and flooding and mudslides.
  2. No bassbar? How's the bridge & soundpost meant to do their job? Is the back thicker than the top?
  3. I'm told wood bursts into flames in the microwave. Dunno if it's just maple. Haven't tried myself.
  4. Is that for a EU citizen or a foreigner visiting temporarily? Might be different if bearer is Korean national entering Korea? Dunno about Korea but some Asian countries have enacted zero tax on "culturally positive" items like music instruments. Probably helps their elected officials buy Steinway concert grands to decorate their sitting rooms with! ... Hermes Birkins, less so
  5. (I have zero experience nor do I play luthier on TV... ...but) Suspect what hull you end up designing might be a cross between a 1/8 cello and a large viola? Or a 1/4 cello with a shorter neck! Stringwise these days there are some makers of specific 1/8 cello strings, some say "1/8-1/4" as per Pirastro link above... it's all down to designed string length & they should sound designed note with 'ok' tension for that length. Go checkout a 1/8 cello see what strings sounds good/ok on it.
  6. String length of kids 1/4 cello 49cm gets close to that of a large viola 43cm+ https://www.pirastro.com/public_pirastro/pages/en/Vibrating-String-Length/
  7. O.wait... did you mean 5-string Violin C-G-D-A-E or a "octave" strung Violin G-D-A-E an octave lower... or you want the whole C-G-D-A-E an octave lower...? I'm confused...
  8. Have you actually held a cello &/or string before? yeah it's waaaay thicker. String resonance is a function of vibrating length, tension & mass... plus a cello C is A WHOLE OCTAVE LOWER Or did you mean Viola? You can buy VIOLA strings for a 14" viola, that'll give you the correct C below the violin's G-D-A-E. These days i've seen string sets offered for 5-string violins so that's probably the easiest way to go. I'd assume 5-string violins would be 14". From the junk that I've left my fingerprints on, a 14" viola is only slightly thicker in the ribs than a 4/4 14" violin. Haven't measured exactly how much, at guesstimate it's about 3-5mm at most.
  9. Umm... contents already revealed 4 posts above!! Its a "community school" isn't it, aiming to bring music exposure to neighbourhood kids etc etc Not exactly a college of excellence doing masters workshops, where you might expect Ray Chen to visit... and need somewhere 'safe' to store his instrument.
  10. Why beat around The Bush? Just offer outright to clean His Pistol for him!
  11. Hell no! Ain't giving up without a decent fight!!
  12. No point, Kraft (USA) bought Vegemite in 1935!! Sold it to Mondelez (USA) 2012 who then hived it off to Bega (oz cheese coy)... Bega's got the recipes to original Kraft Cheddar & Kraft Peanut Butter and they continue to sell it rebranded to Bega. But now Kraft themselves have reentered the market with "Kraft Cheddar" and "Kraft Peanut Butter" but they don't taste the same... IMHO unpalatably worse. Tried them hated them... (how does one even screw up cheesemaking so bad that it don't even melt the same way under the grille!?) plus Vegemite just smells like stale beer...
  13. Menthol... if it's proper menthol... that's like Deep Heat, no? Feel the burn, baby!
  14. btw not sure if any of you folks are a Fountain Pen geeks..err users Over the past decade FP ink nuts have gone crazy over "sheening", then came "shimmering" and now (sadly!) it's becoming "stinking" Yeah, SCENTED inks Even the big luxury marque Montblanc has gotten into the game, last year they offered Elixir Parfumery (for the Europeans?) Wood+Tobacco and they've recently announced (for the US?) Whiskey and Cigar https://www.montblanc.com/en-shop/collection/refills/writing-accessories/119597-ink-bottle-50-ml-james-purdey--sons-cigar-scent-brown.html ewww... That said I did buy a bottle of stinky ink... De'Atrementis made Coffee scented brown ink... bought one mainly 'cos it might be Limited Edition & I might never see it sold again. But everytime I see the concentrated dregs of my coffee glass... hmm...
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