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  1. I've already posted everything I found on the Portuguese ebay seller. I know everyone has different opinions. I find it to be a very unique-looking instrument. I would not potentially be buying this fiddle for classical gigs, as I've stated before. I would be buying it for country gigs, or any gig where it would be amplified. I understand that people on these forums get very heated and opinionated, but I am allowed to think it's interesting as a fiddle for NON-CLASSICAL gigs. I stated this before, hence why I prefaced it with being an opinion regarding a fiddle for non-classical gigs. People are allowed to disagree with me, hence why I asked for advice. But sadly, I feel very put-off by the responses I've gotten. I was trying to be both curious and humble by signing up on here and asking for advice, not to be made to feel like an asshole for liking an instrument many of you find to be "hideous, worthless junk". It's the same thing that BassClef went through before when buying a violin from this seller. Everyone is so quick to assume that just because preferences differ that someone must be unskilled or completely ignorant. I am not a luthier. I never claimed to be. I am a violinist, and play all types of music. I was never saying that I would be using this for symphony gigs, especially since I noted that I would most likely buy a fishman pickup to use with it. The fact that it sounds different than a normal, high quality classical insturment doesn't really sway me. Sometimes, a tinny tone can actually help cut through in a lounder setting, like in a band. I also take great care to EQ my various electric violins. It doesn't really matter, though, as many of you merely seek to scoff at someone who doesn't want to drop 10k on an instrument used for smoky bar gigs. I found Will's post to be the most helpful, so thank you [for not implying I'm an asshat for wanting a unique-looking fiddle]. Though I have still been researching other instruments of this style/taste, I don't need to belabour the vitriol that has obviously been aimed at my disgusting taste. But thanks for the input, however unnecessarily the disdain was directed.
  2. Hello everyone! I am a new member to this website, but I have often lurked around the forums without having signed up. I decided to sign up after digging through over 50 pages of this forum and through various topics/google searches/etc. Let me explain my situation: Many of you tell enthusiasts to avoid eBay altogether. I usually agree with this sentiment, but I've found a violin I need some help on. The seller is rather suspect, and has been mentioned many times over regarding misrepresentation of their instruments, shady practices, etc. I did research on said seller and found quite a few interesting things. (Not sure if I'm allowed to say the seller by name, but here are some links, some of which are previous discussions on these forums): The instrument in question, that I find very beautiful and interesting, is here: I have a few reasons for finding this German copy so lovely. I have always wanted a uniquely carved scroll. I first saw a lion head scroll when I was young and in a local community orchestra (and was so much of a go-getter that I would constantly bug my stand partner about borrowing her instrument should she ever wish to sell. She doesn't even play anymore since her arthritis and vision have become too poor.) I've liked them ever since. Anything unique about an instrument is fascinating to me, so I'm not particularly huge on mass-produced, modern instruments. I figured, after doing some research (and with my limited knowledge), that this particular violin was a German factory-made violin, which could potentially decrease the value significantly. I know that many Chinese makers now mass produce instruments of the Baroque style. I've seen some awesome/funky instruments with scalloped (pie crust?) edges, semi-rounded c bouts, or entirely corner-less (aka the guitar style?) I particularly admire the rounded violins and have found a few in the past few weeks of looking around: If you're not all turned off my my verbose first post, hopefully you can guide me on a few things. I wouldn't be using this violin for any symphonic performances. I would get this instrument for (most likely) use with a Fishman pickup, since I currently don't have an electroacoustic violin for gigs where my Zeta Jazz Fusion's look doesn't really match the vibe of the performance. I've thought about investing in an electroacoustic or fully electric (with an acoustic feel) instrument that looks a bit more natural, like one of these: (though I don't like the fact that the back exposes all of the electronics) (since I already have a sponsorship with Zeta, but was looking to branch out in terms of tone) Note: I am an electric violinist and perform many genres of music, so I'm not just limited to classical or chamber performances. I know this eBay dealer is a little sketch, and that it's very difficult to know the playability of an instrument without having tried it first. The seller DOES have some good pictures of the violin, and also has included a youtube link to samples of the violin being played (albeit out of tune, and with steel strings that sound horrible. I do like the tone somewhat, though I can tell the strings are smashing a lot of the natural resonance of the fiddle. Once again, I am NOT looking for an orchestral instrument. I'm mainly looking for a cool, unique, older instrument with this particular body type and an interesting scroll.) I've contacted the seller on eBay and received a somewhat vague, unhelpful answer regarding my questions regarding the violin's age, authenticity, appraisal, etc., as well as international shipping and return policy questions. ALL OF THAT BEING SAID. I know this particular instrument is NOT worth the pretty penny that the seller is charging, but what are the general thoughts you might have regarding this instrument? What would be a reasonable price for me to offer? I really love the unique look of it, and it would be a backup for gigs where I need an acoustic-looking but electric-sounding violin. I am not concerned with the value as much as what I would potentially be spending. I love older instruments, especially rare or unique ones. This would potentially be a "knocker" violin I could use for outdoor gigs as well (since I also play a lot of beach weddings and events where I don't feel comfortable bringing my orchestra-ready violin.) I also don't mind that it's not the highest quality, but want to make sure that I'm not going to be getting ripped off with a less-than-tasteful, factory-made instrument (especially if it's not actually from the 30s-40s like the ad purports.) Any thoughts or even links to similar instruments would be wonderful. Thank you for reading this post!