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  1. lol don't you worry - yours is separate!!! we should work it all out soon! the problem is the shipping for the cello wood!! I'm trying to figure out a less expensive alternative!
  2. Hello everyone!! We are down to one week left at our location!! please consider coming down to view the wood!! we still have cello, viola, and viola tone wood to choose from over 350 pieces mixed would consider selling the lot as well!!
  3. so sorry i wrote my email incorrectly selling stuff.4114@gmail.com looking forward to hearing from you soon!!!
  4. unfortunately not - sure you can't come a little farther? we still have an incredible selection!
  5. We are located in Windsor On Canada - We still have an amazing collection of tone wood for violin, viola, and cello - both 2 piece, single pieces and jointed pieces spruce and maple - most pieces are from 1974 - 1980's accessories include bridges, fingerboards, etc wood blocks for scrolls molds ribs scrolls roughed out tone wood roughed out bows (brazil wood - various sizes) hanks of horse hair for bow rehairing tools 6-14 terrco marlin violin carver (backs, fronts and scrolls can be easily reproduced here) and so much more We are very limited in time as we no longer have the storage - please contact me for viewing can be purchased by large or small lots Inquire please!!!! I can post close up pics of any specific pieces
  6. ok sounds good ill put somethings together for you snap a few pics - once you decide i will weigh it and get a shipping cost for you do you have a budget in mind
  7. Hello again Frank I am also wondering if you will be interested in one piece or two piece tone wood?
  8. Hello Frank yes for sure shipping is not a problem - where would i be shipping? - this will affect the price I will photograph a few sets for you with pricing and then you can choose thanks for your interest audrey
  9. i can post more pics or please refer to the pics in the luthier liquidation post!
  10. Hello to everyone and thank you so much for taking the time to ask questions and actually make a trip or two out to purchase some beautiful treasures! I have a very short window of time as we have to relocate and will not have the room to display the wood and store it as i do now - if anyone has the interest in coming down to go through all the pieces please contact me asap so we can make arrangements!!!! thanks again Audrey
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