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  1. JM Kaiser Seattle Wash. 1918 Info?

    No, I don't see that in the scroll either.
  2. Violin ID and Restoration Tips?

    I think you did right - if you'd reamed out all the tear out the bushing would have been large enough to compromise strength of the pegbox.
  3. Violin ID and Restoration Tips?

    Endgrain boxwood re touches far better than end grain maple. If you read the Weisshaar/Shipman book they do samegrain bushings in maple, where some trouble is gone to to have aligned (with the pegbox grain) side grain maple as the surface presented for re touching. Visually this can be extremely good/inconspicuous. Downside with boxwood - even that thought to be well seasoned - is it sometimes moves a surprising amount after installation - a little pre seasoning in the microwave seems to help in this regard. Good luck. I wouldn't obsess about the 2 degree angle at this the time you've drilled and reamed the holes you may well have drifted a little from your intention anyway.
  4. Veritas block plane

    Beautiful planes here - including some using the Norris double screw method of adjustment. And some more pics of making the double screw adjustment here
  5. Viola d'Amore check in, please?

    Glad to see you back - hope you get power back soon.
  6. Manchester Maker Antique Violin Help Please

    Varnish is very like J E Harris of Gateshead...who also trained with G A Chanot. Woodwork looks as good or better than the best Harrises IMHO. Scroll looks particularly good - but maybe nice french trade bought in?
  7. Interesting old French cello

    Very pretty instrument, very attractive indeed. That sort of decoration to the shell of the scroll is also seen on Scandinavian instruments.
  8. Converting a Nurnberger Violin bow to a Viola bow

    An "off the peg" replacement frog is unlikely to have the same angles where it mates with the stick's octagon, that is to say different makers and schools will show differences in this area. You would be extremely fortunate if the frog fitted. The solution a "handyman" (thanks Retford) would employ would be to file at the facets of the stick in this area until it mated better, but this would of course be vandalism on a stick of this quality. The solution might be to take it to a competent bowmaker to make a frog to fit the stick, and make it behave as like a viola bow as he/she could manage, even if this meant adding weight at the head, maybe some lead within the head mortice. Not ideal, but better than nothing. And a bit of a leap into the unknown, as you could very possibly end up with something you didn't like, though just as possibly you might be very happy. Good luck.
  9. Box fittings out of the box

    Fumed with NO2 or ammonia, or both?
  10. Is this ground acceptable?

  11. Bridge - custom or out-of-the-box

    Some options.... Various suppliers - Aubert, Teller etc do bridges with feet that are on pivots, so they swivel and fit the front. They're also available in different heights, and are to some extent trimmed, have an ok top curve, and are thicknessed and "finished" something like a luthier fitted bridge. No, they're not as good, but are ok. If you google there are pictures. One the right height would be ok to fit yourself - should be between the inner nicks of the f holes, and in line with the fingerboard if you sight down it like a gun barrel. You could measure the height of your warped bridge, and order accordingly. Pegs...depends if they fit. If they do, dry soap, then graphite, then blackboard chalk will work. If they don't fit - feel as if your turning an egg shaped shaft in an egg shaped hole, or when removed the shiny surface where they've borne on the pegbox is uneven as if they're not round, then lubrication as above won't work. If you can afford it, mechanical pegs will solve all your problems. If you lubricate the pegs, do it one peg at a time, as removing all pegs and de/tensioning strings or de-stringing the instrument will very possibly allow the soundpost to fall over with the removal of pressure on the table. If you can find a friendly luthier, you might explain that you don't have much cash, and would it be possible to bring it in, maybe at a quiet time, and have him do as much prioritised work as he can for, I don't know, $100? We luthiers are a soft touch and susceptible to a heartstring tugging story...I myself have fallen for this one on numerous occasions! No seriously, it is good business sense too - I have several long term customers I first met with jobs like this...
  12. Otto Dolling bow any good?

  13. Willow for instrumrmts

    Thanks, Melvin.
  14. Willow for instrumrmts

    Anyone have a UK supplier?
  15. ID old master

    This has got to be a wind up...strung us all along beautifully if it is...