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  1. I was in Newcastle from the mid seventies. Subsequently, I handled many instruments showing the hand of Tommy. I haven't offered an opinion on your instrument as I'm not confident of doing so from your pictures, but if pressed would tentatively say maybe nice quality French trade.
  2. Tommy Alexander, ex shipyards, worked from his house in Heaton, Newcastle upon Tyne. Did some buying and selling, and prolific and uniformly dreadful repairs. His bridges were signed in flowing biro copperplate. Had extremely good patter, to the extent that even those who's instrument had been wrecked by him would stoutly defend him, saying "Oh but Mr Alexander can do absolutely wonderful work". Was not a maker, even of VSO's, though he claimed to be. For quite a while he was the only repairer in Newcastle. If I seem a little harsh on him, I will say he repaired very inexpensively for schoolchildren and students, and as he wasn't very knowledgeable a few people did get some very nice instruments very cheaply, particularly lucky if there had been no interventions upon them by Mr Alexander. I don't remember hearing of his death, but probably the nineteen eighties.
  3. So, waffle is it? Guido, you - or I at any rate - rarely see Hopf type Voigtland violins which have been grafted for that reason, they're usually left alone, but entirely possible. The dropped saddle and nick are a puzzler. Mittenwald does a Hopf model? Perhaps @jacobsaunders might chip in?
  4. Thank you. Unless the neck is not original and the button has been altered, not JTL.
  5. Grafted. (has been a baroque violin and has had the scroll retained, but the neck replaced and modernised - see the joint where the neck goes on to the pegbox and scroll) Pictures 4 and 6. Nice find. Maybe Hopf, maybe not , but nicer than the mid/late19th century trade (mass produced) ones, which are plentiful. This quality less so, and of course rather older. More than 1800 sorted out IMHO.
  6. Can the OP please post a photo of the button - that is, the small semicircle of wood at the very top of the back where the neck joins on. Square on and not oblique, please. The top half of the back including it would be ideal. And a view from the side of this area, square on and showing the shape of the neck heel would be useful too.
  7. I see you haven't forgotten your waffle fiasco.
  8. One of the lower grades produced by the JTL factory. Try a search on Maestronet, but get the spelling right.
  9. Eryri

    Violin ID

    I'm going for JTL. An "Imitation Old" treatment of the standard JTL outline and corpus. Is the top block branded JTL? If the fingerboard surface is untouched, is it conical?
  10. Continuous fibres through the long arch with no run out.
  11. Sir Mark Ivan Rogers KCMG (born March 1960) is a former senior British civil servant, who was the Permanent Representative of the United Kingdom to the European Union from 4 November 2013 until his resignation on 3 January 2017. https://blogs.spectator.co.uk/2019/09/ivan-rogers-the-realities-of-a-no-deal-brexit/
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