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  1. Caption this...

    As Romberg said, one of Man Ray's most famous images, and undoubtedly the inspiration, I would say, for the violin being discussed.
  2. Caption this...

  3. Old "solarium" for tanning wood....

    My UV cabinet was made 20 years ago from a sunbed, still using the same tubes and works fine.
  4. Cello corner template

    Awesome and respect to your eye.
  5. Double Bass Closing Clamps

    Thanks, Guy - I'll leave it then - but good luck with the sale.
  6. Double Bass Closing Clamps

    Hi Guy Do you have any idea what shipping might be to the UK? I'd be interested if not too prohibitive. Thanks.
  7. An Odd Folk Art Bow

    Not IMHO folk art - just a very bottom of the range trade bow.
  8. violin knife steel PM-X

    A few months ago I bought two "normal" blades and a CPM 3V blade from John to replace a couple of blades in the old Solingen gold steel in my favourite knives. His normal blades are at least as good as the gold steel - now my favourite knives again - and the CPM 3V blade proved to be so stellar at bee stings that is its gig from now on. Really superb blades. If John says this new steel is something special, I'd take this claim very seriously - he knows what he's talking about.
  9. Christian Bayon's Bass Bar In the Feb. 18 Strad

    I'd say the violin is not working in the same way with this bar, so previous conventional bass bar experience may not necessarily be relevant.
  10. Bow porn

    I'm admiring...lovely work. Lovely aesthetic too.
  11. MN poll: What's not to like?

    This bridge blank - good quality makers but not branded. Ankle width is 3mm, but often ends up just a little under after cleaning up. Finish is 1500 micromesh then rubbed on the back of your head, behind your ear...I've tried various treatments - powder colour, shellac, propolis, waterglass...gone back to the back of the head thing about 20 years ago which was how I was taught to do it originally. I cut the notches early on, and treat them with a little Zap CA to harden under the string. The top curve is rounded over, but enough of the notch stays in the crown of the rounding to retain the string ok. Thanks for your interest!
  12. MN poll: What's not to like?

    Esp bridges
  13. Importance of grain direction on maple backs

    Good result. I recently knocked up an outside template after seeing a thread here (sorry, can't remember which or who -but thanks). It makes deciding positioning to get the best choice of cut much easier. A surprisingly useful tool for half an hour's work and I now wouldn't be without it. Could possibly be usefully employed might want to make one! I've just recently deliberately offset the grain on a back because aesthetically I like a little left to right rise in the figure on a one piece back, rather than near horizontal. Not quite as much as you're thinking of here, but I've done it before and am not expecting any tonal penalty this time either. After all - two considerations - the back isn't driven symmetrically by the soundpost, so if there is any effect it is as likely to be beneficial as not, and also I'm thinking the difference in stiffness being a few degrees off symmetrical/vertical isn't anything like the difference between quartered and slab cut wood.
  14. Importance of grain direction on maple backs

    Dig out the inclusion. Then decide what to do, up to and including rejecting the piece.
  15. MN poll: What's not to like?

    Things going better than expected.