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  1. French JTL Labels

    I'll post these here too.
  2. Downforce Experiment

    Years ago there was an interesting TV program where two individuals with perfect pitch voluntarily submitted themselves to an experiment. They sung pitches accurately, then immersed themselves in baths, one as hot as bearable, and the other cold with ice cubes. While in the baths they again sung their piches. Hot went up, cold went down. Suggesting pitch is referenced to body temperature.
  3. old violin for ID

    Here's some pages from the catalogue I have. A good idea of the hierarchy of the models is gained. Broadly, the same relative values obtains nowadays, though there are exceptions. I was an apprentice in N E England.
  4. old violin for ID

    As far as I know Medio Fino was a JTL line, and probably only a JTL line - I have an original catalogue which supports that view. Medio Fino's do vary in quality - the story I heard when an apprentice was that JTL apprentices were allowed to move on to the better JTL models when they made a really superior Medio Fino. A good story, but...true? Certainly there are seen some really precise, lightly built and thinly graduated specimens once in a while - these can sound very good. I haven't personally seen as much variation in the fractional sizes though.
  5. old violin for ID

    I'm thinking the usual JTL Medio-Fino-and-others outline, but with atypical corners, which throws the eye a little.
  6. Interesting violin on my bench

    I spoke to the owner yesterday and she is probably going to proceed with dendro. If this happens, and I'm privy to the results, I'll share them on here. Many thanks to all who have contributed, and if anyone has any further observances please don't hold back!
  7. Interesting violin on my bench

    Interesting....thanks for that info.
  8. Interesting violin on my bench

    Some more images, some even just about in focus. Martin, I don't think the blacks are ebony. Under the varnish they're black, but perspired areas a little greyish, little pearwood looking, though not definitively saying they are. Edit...just strung up and adjusted, has really excellent sound.
  9. Interesting violin on my bench

    It is quite highly arched, but has re curve and is not graceless.
  10. Interesting violin on my bench

    All good points, Martin. Re the amount paid to Voigt, I'm reminded of the hi fi joke - that the biggest worry of an audiophile is that when he dies the wife will sell his equipment for what he told her it cost... The inside of the table was very well oxidised, as seen on 18thC instruments. The central portion of the back was similarly dark. I'm not fooled by stains, though will concede a fume could have been responsible.
  11. Interesting violin on my bench

    Very interesting suggestion. Some years ago I had an 18th C Scandinavian cello through my hands, and seem to remember an outline using simpler curves like this. Have a book somewhere in the workshop, will have a look tomorrow. Before bothering Mr Stenz.
  12. Interesting violin on my bench

    One rib has been backed with a red willow veneer., the lower bass one. The upper back has had some retouching/overvarnishing. This is the opaque looking area in the image. The varnish on the ribs and elsewhere would appear to be the same.
  13. Interesting violin on my bench

    They are intense jet black and could be ebony.
  14. Interesting violin on my bench

    Yes W H, or the Vollers. Both of whom could have used old wood, of course. An extraordinary amount of trouble gone to if so, including three distinct styles and ages of repairs.
  15. Interesting violin on my bench

    Thanks for your input. No, Argle - it's like that everywhere, just harder to see. I'll concede that it might be like that out of necessity, though - easier to bend, had some thin veneer to use up, put in in two parts, whatever. As the decorative impact is so subtle. And Martin, the back is very impressive in the flesh. My lousy photography is letting it down. Particularly not conveying just what quality varnish this is. And the back, I think, definitely belongs. Same varnish, tight and even overhang on the ribs, and, although I hear what you say, the same purfling. Similar arching concept too, although that's not coming over, probably. The front is back on today, so at some point I'll try and post some side views too.