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    Volume 2 of the Eric Blot books has good coverage of the Antoniazzis working for Monzino, Biseach etc. Labels too.
  2. I use a lightly modified road planer myself.
  3. Eryri

    ethical question about deposits

    I'd refund. You'll receive your karmic reward. (Sometime).
  4. Eryri

    German Bow

    The bow looks nice, should restore well, but the brand?
  5. Eryri

    Where did Stradivari get his wood?

    If I can mix metaphors, pure gold from the horses mouth. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.
  6. Eryri

    Where did Stradivari get his wood?

    As someone who fools around with speakers... A violin has some output down to 200hz ish. A crossover filters, splits and sends the electrical signal to the drivers best able to deal with it - bass to drivers able to reproduce low frequencies, usually physically large, treble to drivers optimised for this purpose, usually small. Most 2 way speakers, even small ones, cross over to the treble driver at around 1000hz . The classic JBL 4430 studio monitor to give a well known example, but most others , including hi fi speakers as well as studio monitors. So not accurate to say that a speaker operating above crossover frequency will successfully reproduce a violins full range. Try disconnecting the bass driver in your system to illustrate this - it will sound thin and tinny, worse than a mobile phone. Of course, a full range driver would work, but a full range driver needs no crossover. What Martin perhaps meant is that even a small speaker, with limited bass response, say down to 100hz, will reproduce a violin. Which I would broadly agree with, but note that in my experience a full range speaker, with response down to 20 or 30 hz, will sound as though it is making a better job of it - possibly because it is reproducing the acoustic in which it was recorded as well as the violin.
  7. Eryri

    Bow ID

    Albin Hums seen with this brand.
  8. Eryri

    Willow for corner blocks etc

    Ahhh...thanks. Will try them too.
  9. Eryri

    Willow for corner blocks etc

    Thanks - will check it out.
  10. Eryri

    Willow for corner blocks etc

    Connor - do you have a source for Italian red willow? I'd be grateful if you'd share your source - PM if you like. Not run out yet, but really should think about acquiring some before I do. Thanks.
  11. Eryri

    Craig Tucker, in rememberence.

    Sad news indeed. I've enjoyed his posts over the years.
  12. Eryri

    Help ID this poor old violin

    Ok, I'll bite...1890s cheapish-but-not-the-bottom Markneukirchen trade fiddle which has had a hard life and has sometime in its hard life has picked up a neck graft and an ebony crown. There is always the possibility that this work was performed because it sounds above average and someone loved it enough to pick up the bill. Just as there is the possibility the reason was to increase its perceived value. I think unless your own project, restoration costs would exceed restored value substantially. Just noticed Jacob has jumped in a French direction. I'll say internally it looks French but externally looks like what I said.
  13. Eryri

    Question for chemists: KOH as part of wood treatment?

    I thought this sounded interesting, so I obtained the chemicals and tried it on some test strips of rib. Alternating the chemicals did produce a red accentuated flaming, and the appearance of aged wood. A few days later, the red was less intense, and the wood looked unattractively "dirty". And the surface was still wet, I assume due to the deliquescence of the nitrate. The reaction had penetrated the rib in several places. I didn't like the feel of the wood, either, it no longer felt crisp, felt corky. But this could be an artifact of its continued dampness. A couple of weeks later still not dry, and a greenish/greyish yellow now. Summing up, my results were a fugitive effect which, to me, had undesirable side effects - file under nitric acid and the like. It's always possible my method of application was not the same as the original poster - but, however carefully applied, possibly even with some sort of sizing to stop chemical penetration, which technique I did not explore, the water attracting problem of the Ferric Nitrate seems insurmountable.
  14. Eryri

    Caption this...

    As Romberg said, one of Man Ray's most famous images, and undoubtedly the inspiration, I would say, for the violin being discussed.
  15. Eryri

    Caption this...