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  1. A few samples of the swirlies I specialize in that I mentioned: My instrument is a 16.5 inch and I don't think I'll grow (or shrink), so I doubt I'll sell it any time soon. It's not like a really high dollar viola but it's got wonderful sound quality. As far as I'm concerned, it's mine for good haha. The pictures were done in pen so they're a lot bolder than I'm planning on. I can't wait to get started. I'm gonna start designing the patterns here pretty soon. Man, I hope these pictures show up.
  2. Hey there I'm not sure if this topic belongs in this forum but I guess I'll go for it I've had my viola for a few years now and as pretty as it is, I managed to put a few ugly scratches on it, (by accident of course). there aren't that many but they're kind of obvious. To me, anyway. I like to consider myself an artist, particularly skilled in swirly doodle looking stuff, and I was curious if it would be safe to use acrylic to paint swirly doodles on my viola. I've read several articles regarding painting on the bodies, so I'm definitely aware of the effects heavy painting