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    Centre seam

    I find jointing the back halves still a bit of a pain. For #3 it went OK, but at certain points the seam is a bit more visible, than in others.Nothing drastic though. Are there tricks of the trade to make them a bit less visible with heat, moisture, glue, ..? For the seam i used titebond original glue.
  2. Yes, excellent videos, especially the ones on scroll making were very detailed and extremely helpfull..
  3. Emilg

    First question

    Thanks Viola, Jeff, Carl, Craig, I could not post for a while, i'm probably still limited to 5 posts a day? Today i brought #2 to the experienced violin player. He will play it for 3 weeks and when i pick it up i will have my first lesson, thats pretty cool Soundpost adjustments and other setup changes will have to wait a bit, so #3 will get all the attention now. If things went right there are a few photo's attached. I tried to do some antiquing, but i still have to learn alot about that too The violin has some unintentional asymmetry (which is a good thing i read to my relief!) and the f-holes could be better, but overall it's not too bad for a second attempt i think.
  4. Emilg

    First question

    All my posts still need to be approved first before the show up, only the first 5 or 10 i think? Thanks everyone, so to sum it up: it can be different things and those things can change in time
  5. Emilg

    First question

    Thanks Jezzupe. Dwight, i'm bringing #2 to an experienced violin player tomorrow. He is prepared to play it for 2 weeks and give his opinion then, like he did my #1. I am a complete newbie to violins, but i will probably take some lessons with him to learn how to get good sound. And i will probably need a better bow as well. The strings are Warchal Karneols, the model is the Del Gesu 'Sainton' from the Edward Heron-Allen book, but just the outline.
  6. Emilg

    First question

    Thanks Martin, Addie, so it is more likely to be a setup problem than the (lack of) playing in, i will mess a bit with the soundpost and see what happens
  7. Emilg

    First question

    Bump.. anyone? I did read some topics about the playing in of violins, but to me it's not clear yet what happens (or can happen) to the individual strings. In my experience with the few guitars i've built the basses were not affected very much, but for the trebles it could take soms time before they started to 'sing', up to a year in one case. How does the E-string in particular develop during the first months? the strings are Karneols which are rated as warm.
  8. Dear knowledgable violin people, After having build a few classical guitars, since the summer of last year i found a new challenge in violin building. This forum has been very informative and helpful sofar, and I've been reading/scanning all topics from the beginning in 2001. After 6 months i'm still only in 2011, still learning new things just about every day. There is incredibly much to know about this little box with strings My question is about what to expect from 'the sound opening up'. My #2 is about 4 weeks old now, and all the open strings are ringing nicely. D and A keep sounding reasonably well up the fingerboard, but the E-string gets a bit harsh en the G-string seems to choke. Is it likely the E will lose some harshness after a few weeks/months and will the G string get more 'free' after a while? Thanks, Emil
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